Trump DOJ Tried Using Grand Jury To Unmask Twitter Account Mocking Nunes

Former top Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann and Washington Post White House bureau chief Ashley Parker react to the effort by Trump’s Department of Justice to try to identify the person behind a Twitter account dedicated to mocking Trump ally Rep. Devin Nunes

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    1. Democrats want to get rid of the constitution they think its racist 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣

    1. Lmao!!!! That was my first question when I saw this.
      Be honest, between being his mom or his cow, who would not prefer the be the cow. His mom was forced to live under the same roof with the wimpy little whiny spoiled brat.
      Regardless if she deserved it or not, I am still going with the cow.
      Chances are they exploited their laborers who were able to keep the barns clean for the cows.
      We know prince Devin couldn’t do it.

    1. @Paty M. you do realize the Dems own cnn and msnbc. You have the Dems reporting disguised as media. Talk about the Fox guarding the hen house. You must be very young and brainwashed by Marxist universities.

    2. @Paul I am GOP, and I voted dumb 45th. And I regret it! I am not afraid of recognize when I make mistakes. I work to right my wrongs, put the big girl pants on and move on, work to win another day. With the TRUTH. I am ashamed of our representatives. I could not swallow more Fox or 45th s**t. We have to work to do something, not keep crying over the spill milk. We are no saints either.

  1. This is without a doubt the most saddest and pathetic thing I’ve ever heard all day. They use the DOJ to find out who’s behind a parody account ? And they call libs snowflakes.

    1. Whatever they say about libs. Its because they are really the yellow snowflake we see at the fire hydrant.

    2. @David Gray They make those type of false claims to justify their own law breaking and lies. They create their own reality and environment for their own benefit and advantage separate from actual reality.

    3. @E Garza Republicans have been sticking the 2nd Amendment in all of our faces blaming liberals that they are trying to abolish it while the Republicans are in fact slowly trying to strip the 1st. Without the 1st amendment, the 2nd doesn’t mean sh*t.

    4. @Philoctetes dang, sorry to hear that. they spew freedom of speech, but then use every trick in the book to get people in trouble.

    1. Here’s Johnny …. No doubt. I’m proud of his great use of resources for such pressing issues

    2. @Ron K Yeah I agree with you!! What’s scarier than that is he STILL has the access along with many other crazies in that party that wants revenge for losing/talking bad (the truth) against their god Trump!

    1. It is time for Nunes to shut-up and disappear if he knew what was good for him, lest he becomes a target himself. He’s accorded himself quite tightly with the Trump administration and there’s potential for him to be sucked down with that ship. Remember, this is a foundering ship that threatens the whole Republican Party as we know it.

    1. The doj needs to be totally independent and not subject to political pressure. With threat of losing jobs.

    2. @E Westchester I heard that account is really milking it…..

      😂🤣😩 I’ll see myself out

  2. Nunes wanted the Twitter account unmasked for 1 reason. Retribution. Luckily we elected Biden.

    1. Exactly. He needs to bully them into submission, and he is frustrated that he cant find them.

    2. It would be nice to use the DOJ to unmask bullies and predators who attack CHILDREN! Not crybaby Repugnicons!

    3. TrumPutin’s “useful idiots” are more and more useLESS. Shouldn’t they be reading “blogs” or something, now? Instead of crying over Diaper Don LOSING!😱😭🤯😱😭🤯😭😭😭😱

    1. @James Ricker and he seems like he would like his freedom…so he would continue the “snitch” ladder….. 😉

    2. He’s quit because he’s under investigation for spying for Russia and collusion with Russia to undermine the USA elections when he traveled to Italy and said he wasn’t there.

    3. My fellow Americans, who’ve experienced the condon tump years in excruciating anguish as I have…
      I do believe we are seeing indications that these corrupt clowns, may all be getting their day in court in the not so distant future.
      It’s a beautiful development‼️👍🏽

  3. I for one am just deeply grateful that Devon Nunes brought the Twitter account of ‘Devon Nunes’ Cow’ to my attention as otherwise I would never have discovered this account which has given me so much joy.

    1. This! Had the dummy just shut up, the account would have had a few thousand followers and died off in weeks. Instead he made it, and continues to make it, national news.

      No wonder our enemies loved Trump and Co…. They get outmaneuvered by fake cows on Twitter🤣.

    2. Something tells me Nunes told the world about that account b/c he wanted & loved the attention it brought him! Let’s face it that’s the only way Moones could ever get attention!!

  4. I have an uncle who’s a CA Central Valley dairy farmer, and he says that Devin Nunes doesn’t know which end the milk comes from.

    1. @Sumeet Sandhu He can shovel it, but he’d much rather speak it. Less strenuous don’t you know.

    2. His deep, deep red district will always re-elect him regardless, mainly because he brings home the pork so effectively for his district.

    3. @bellesogne These conservatives couldn’t live without living off the public tit. And they act like they dislike socialism LMAO. Just examining their districts you’d understand why they want less going to urban districts. Why? Because they want the majority of those dollars going to rural districts because they couldn’t survive without the tax dollars of urban centers, especially large cities contributions.

    4. Maybe next time he and his neighbors won’t vote for him. We’ve been trying to oust him for years.

  5. I thought it was revealed that his mother was the one who made jokes about him (and also his cow) ! He is such an embarrassment, how can anyone vote for him ?

    1. All Trump was doing was using the ministry of truth to investigate all thought crimes, no biggie.

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  7. Trust Devin Moones to milk this cheesy episode until it all goes sour. He’s udderly capable of it.

  8. We have a saying here (se estás mal muda-te) since he is Portuguese descendent I wrote in Portuguese.

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