1. Every single word was spot on excellent!!! Give the Ukrainian freedom fighters the tools they need to WIN…now…now…now!!! The expense may be great, but nothing compared to having to face Russian aggression in the future if the Russians take Ukraine now. We-the west-must do all we can to prevent Putin from achieving his imperialist ambitions. Glory to Ukraine!

    1. @Ran Sertu That is correct. I was against the Iraq War and Afghanistan War before there were American “boots” on the ground, and I remain against the wars to this day. Cheney and Bush lied to the American people to push going to war. WMDs did NOT exist in Iraq. All lies. Bush and Cheney are war criminals who caused many, many lives to be wasted. Having said all this, I support a strong defense of Ukraine against the Russian invasion and aggression. Glory to Ukraine and the Ukrainian freedom fighters!

    2. @James Wadsworth You only disagreed with the Iraq war, you weren’t rooting for Iraq and you weren’t cheering the deaths of US invaders. Perhaps because you knew USA was unbeatable

      You, like the anti-war crowd, only hoped America would stop itself. And the view was always to regard the US soldiers as innocent, fighting with no choice

      Not seeing the same anti-war approach when it comes to Russia. But fair enough if you genuinely think Russia is stoppable and won’t use nukes. CNN and others really try hard to give that impression

    3. @Ran Sertu My “approach” with Iraq and Ukraine are consistent being that I am against the stronger force or power in both conflicts. I was against the US war on Iraq then, and I am against the Putin/Russian war on Ukraine now. Do you understand? However, you are going way off course, my friend. I am not here to return to the Iraq War and discuss what I did or did not do at that time so many years ago and how it compares to what I do now with the war in Ukraine. I am here to voice my support for the defense of Ukraine in the current situation. Please take up your issues with the history of the United States with someone else. It is irrelevant now to the current situation. Do you understand? Stay on point! The point is that Russian imperialistic aggression and invasion of Ukraine is for the sole purpose of stealing their soil and their resources. Talk of NATO expansion and ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine are Putin lies to hide his true motivation which is Russian territorial expansion. Thank God for NATO and its allies who are committed to preventing this from happening. Losing is not an option for Ukraine and NATO and its allies.

  2. As a citizen of the free world, everything he said resembles what the west should do. Why prolong the suffering, if we can expedite the arms delivery to ukraine and give everything they need which shall help secure this victory for freedom sooner.

    1. @Green Bay You stated it, initially, in a way that made it seem like Ukraine purposely attacked Poland, and that’s not what happened. I don’t know what you’re even talking about with the Zelensky Russian artillery remark. It was a Russian missile, that Ukraine also has, left from their time under the USSR and Russian boot, and initially it seemed that one of Russia’s anti aircraft missiles, a Russian S300, (they’ve been using them in surface to surface mode to commit their ongoing war crime of targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure) overshot and landed in Poland. That’s the only thing I know Zelensky ever said. Not sure why you’d think a missile was an artillery shell, but I’m pretty sure Zelensky didn’t. By the way, changing your narrative in your second comment confirms you were lying, and you knew you were lying.

    2. @Green Bay Poland and Ukraine are like loving brother end of chat. Boris was spot on give Ukraine the tools to finish the job.

    3. I’m kind of surprised the hosts at Faux news continue their support of Putin & Russia.
      Hannity and Tucker Carlson are doing everything but waving the Russia flag.
      Any day I am expecting them to move their show to Moscow.
      No wonder they have NEVER EVER visited Ukraine as hosts from every other network have done.
      Don’t they realize that even Blowhards’ dumbest cult members support Ukraine ??
      What an embarrassment Faux has become to this country !! Sad.
      WRZ 2023-02-24

    4. Boris must have had the questions before this interview.
      Noone could have answered these questions more perfectly !!

    1. USA foolish foreign policies , they thought they rich in 90s from selling weapons they can do what ever they want. And they want to be the good guy and the communism is bad. They are just tired of racist against black people so now communism is the new enemy. Ukraine has always been pushed by USA to fight Russia since USA use propaganda to break apart Russia (Soviet). Its the US of A who wants to be the good guy and bully others through sanctions to because they think they are better than everyone else. USA still cant help being racist. And that concludes, USA its a country of Tyrants.

    2. As a Brit, please don’t play into his Churchill complex! We are continuing to support, we just don’t need him trying to bring down our government AGAIN.

  3. For those wondering why the host said “Mr. Prime Minister”, under US norms, anyone who has served as a US president, holds that title for life, and is always addressed as such (as long as they’re “on our side”).

    1. That’s not been my experience. “Mr. President” or “The President” is usually reserved for the current sitting POTUS, whereas they’re otherwise refered to as “President Bush”, “President Obama”, “President Trump”, etc. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a former President being referred to as “Mr. President”. Could be wrong here, just don’t recall it. It’s especially weird hearing him being called Prime Minister.

    2. A president has a very different kind of mandate to a PM so it makes sense. The conservative party could have a new PM every week of the year if they wanted! The Irish have made an art of rotating PMs to share the position and Italy’s PMs average lasting less than two years.
      It would be very silly to call them all ‘prime minister’ forever.

  4. I still like Boris even after all that party gate issue. He is very interesting to listen to. Not always perfect but his intelligence is very plain to see. Come back BoJo.

    1. that’s why when he was PM he gave Ukraine tanks and jets… oh wait he didn’t… do not believe anything this charlatan says

  5. Boris is the man! He doesn’t mince any words. Neither should the rest of us. Let’s all stop dithering and patting ourselves on the back and damn it, get the good stuff to the Ukrainians “now, Now, NOW!” Boris’ thinking is spot on. “If it’s going to be sooner or later, then let’s make it SOONER.” Geeze, I miss this man! Thanks, Wolf, for a good interview with Boris. Slava Ukraini! God bless the United Kingdom. From a Reagan Conservative in Utah, USA. BTW

    1. that’s why when he was PM he gave Ukraine tanks and jets… oh wait he didn’t… do not believe anything this charlatan says

    1. that’s why when he was PM he gave Ukraine tanks and jets… oh wait he didn’t… do not believe anything this charlatan says

  6. Boris speaks so much sense. I just hope that the decision makers listen to him and act NOW!
    Victory to Ukraine!

    1. So much sense, that’s why when he was PM he gave Ukraine tanks and jets… oh wait he didn’t… do not believe anything this charlatan says

  7. Always nice to hear clear headed, well justified and communicated analysis of the situation and very good opinions about continuation. I hope this interview gets US politicians, and that they’d understand that this is not the time for populist, Kremlin leaning politics. We all want peace and I hope everyone understands that now Ukraine needs support to win for peace.

    1. This fool killed the peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine, don’t be fooled to thinking he a good guy, he is not.

    2. Yeah, it’s heartwarming to hear one authoritarian denounce another authoritarian. Johnson is Britain’s Trump. The only reason he is doing these media rounds is to undermine our government to amplify his position and make a comeback – which btw he is using to sabotage the good Friday agreement which could lead to violence in Northern Ireland…

      He had the power to give Ukraine tanks and jets a year ago, yet he did not.


  8. We are journalists from Ukraine. Due to the exposure of corruption among officials in Ukraine, we are constantly subject to repression by the authorities. There is no freedom of speech in Ukraine. We ask for international support and assistance. There should be freedom of speech in Ukraine. Repression against journalists must be stopped. Thank you

    1. First things first – Russia must get out, all territories must be under Ukraine and then you can fix your internal issues. Right now it is a matter of whether you will exist and it’s imperative that the aggressors be stopped!

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