Foreperson reacts to Trump’s claim that he gets total exoneration in GA probe

Emily Kohrs, a foreperson of the Atlanta-based grand jury that investigated former President Donald Trump's attempts to overturn the 2020 election speaks out about the probe with CNN's Kate Bolduan. #CNN #News


  1. Only if the Grand Jury that can issue indictments agrees with the recommendations of the “Special” Grand Jury. I’ll believe it when the indictments are issued.

    1. Would be fantastic when he spends some time in a showcase cage for ALL TO SEE trumpet pouting 😡 for his freedom. Will his sentence in this CAGE be enough for his CRIMES? How can the American people trust the rule of LAW if trumpet gets away with all of his CRIMES? Trumper and George Santos should get married in a showcase CAGE their LIES and Deceit to the American people.

    2. ​​​@Mcl Black Thanks! I’m starting to think you’re right. He’s a slippery eel… but still an eel. Funny how you guys seem to hide under a rock until you sense any kind of flaw, then you dry your tears and pounce! But only en masse – too afraid to do it without a crowd, huh?

  2. Why keep asking questions you know she can’t answer. There is WAY too much at stake. What if she accidentally said something that put the credibility of the jury at risk, the case at risk.

    1. @The Rock we are more interested in how Hunter ended up on the board of Burisma or why billionaire Chinese investors gave Hunter millions of dollars?

    2. @Joey BoX0RoX   @Joey BoX0RoX  Probably not. Probably not even severely making grounds for recusal in this day and age. Half the country is salivating to have such an objective person in her position. But we can’t just SAY it out loud. That ruins the plan. If we get on TV and confirm to Trump that he’s been dealt loaded hands all along, we risk not being able to call his bluff with OUR hand of four queens ace high.

      So she needs to hush and quit playing over the shoulder of the smart conniving malicious people who want to win.

  3. “I don’t want to talk out of turn, and disobey a judge’s orders, but here’s a hint..” What a maroon. Why is she even on here?

    1. @Charles Fragoso Ronald Reagan. TV Actor turned Gov, then elected president. WHat rock do you live under?? FFS, go back to school.

    2. @The Rock Yes, he was. Ronald Reagan spent nearly 30 years acting in feature films and television, as well as providing narration for numerous documentaries both short and feature length.

    3. @therock8288  the point is he had previous government experience not that he wasn’t an actor previously.

  4. I don’t like the feel of this….she should not be doing this interview before indictments are actually handed down.

    1. ​@Man Animal The only way she could have told their names, is that all the other jurors gave her their names, which would be a pretty smooth brain to do, especially in high profile cases like this one.

  5. This woman should have kept the secrecy of the grand jury instead of wanting fame. but she isn’t different from a lot of younger ppl looking for fame/ fortune over doing the right thing

    1. Yup exactly, the huge smile on her face says it all. There’s very little upside to doing this and especially doing this now

    1. @LZRD84 the foreperson doesn’t choose the jurists. Your lack of understanding about the basics of this situation should make you re-evaluate your opinions.

    2. Judge is letting “bits” out, because the Left had nothing factual to say. This is yet another theater performance for the gullible believing the Left’s narrative. We’ve dropped 200 billion in Ukraine, yet, libs still can’t understand why nothing is fixed in the US.

  6. I don’t understand why she would go on TV without being completely clear about her obligations to the court and the justice system

    1. @Constance Deansays the person wanting to have a man arrested so he can’t run for president because you know he will win, Biden had a lot of help to get elected lol and there is proof unlike Hillary’s claims, if you are so confident he is as bad of a president as you say he is why not let him run and lose so people will see most Americans feel the same, because you know real Americans want him, a man with pride in his country and balls to confront our enemies, Biden just gets his son a cushy job working for the Chinese and ask xi to please be gentle

    2. ​@My gun is innocent she really didn’t say anything. What were you able to glean out of the word salad she spewed for 10 minutes?

  7. How is it even ethical for her to get grilled by the press, they should know better. Why do they keep asking her to answer questions they know damn well could jeopardise the ongoing investigation.

    1. ​@Davis Hold on… Did you just assume he is white because of his last name…. Bahaha 🤣🤣 Do not tell that to anyone named Brown. Funny thing is, you would probably be right both times.

  8. This woman is walking into trouble if she keeps carrying on like this. She is fodder for some media outlets to abuse

    1. You cant have a mistrial after a verdict, FFS. Americans seem to know less basic stuff about their own legal system than any other country in the world.🤷‍♂️

    1. @Janice Castellanos she seems completely normal by Biden standards. Even if she seems “off” …. She’s the picture of mental health compared to anyone in WH and their mouthpieces

    2. She’s smiling like that because she knows Donald Trump is fucked and is thoroughly enjoying it. Get over it folks. The jigg is up for DT.

    1. People want to judge her. We are not her judge or jury. I think people are more mad at WHAT she said instead of her being able to speak at all. We shall soon see…. People are so bias if it doesn’t suit thier ideological views. She didn’t do anything illegal . Posting on a utube forum isn’t going to change any thing she said…..😬 People will scowl at her for coming on TV and explaining her experience but will still listen to Tucker Calson everynight LOL… Hypocrites!

    2. @james wheeler Tucker Carlson isn’t sitting in a court of Law as a sworn in Juror. That’s a big difference. Did you just graduate 5th grade? Please learn the difference between being a TV personality & actually being a selected Juror in our court system. Smdh

  9. This gal is totally sopping the attention up with a proverbial biscuit. The saddest part is that no one said, “No I don’t think this woman should be foreperson of the jury.” She clearly doesn’t grasp the true gravity of the situation

    1. She graspes the materials very well.

      She following what Rules she was given.

      The problem is that CNN needed to wait to have this interview after the Inditment come down.

    1. I was worried at some point especially the way she swayed her here left and right, at other times I was impressed at her smile ..

    1. @Cecelia Denny People want to judge her. We are not her judge or jury. I think people are more mad at WHAT she said instead of her being able to speak at all. We shall soon see…. People are so bias if it doesn’t suit thier ideological views. She didn’t do anything illegal . Posting on a utube forum isn’t going to change any thing she said…..😬

    2. @james wheeler then this is something that the judge should have prohibited, but he didn’t. Though he did say what could and couldn’t be said. And I know a lot of lawyers are saying how wrong this is, seems the attorneys should have asked the judge to gag the jury. As for those complaining about only her coming forward, I heard she was speaking for the rest of the grand jury.

    1. EXACTLY. I see a room of clearly biased, illiterate, giggling buffoons—looking for a way to “GET THAT EVIL TRUMP!….unemployed, or “between jobs” in Atlanta (as Ms. Kohrs said she was fortunate to be when she happily got picked for jury duty). This brings us to THE WORD OF THE DAY….Unfortunately for Liberals who make fake Russian Dossiers and steal elections, today’s word is: MISTRIAL. LOL! Trump ’24–MAGAA!

    2. She says that no one else wanted the job. She was “between jobs” so time aplenty. She volunteered. 9 months and what a story to monetise.

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