Residents describe what it’s like living in town targeted by Russia

At the frontlines in eastern Ukraine, Russian advances are forcing many civilians to evacuate. CNN senior international correspondent Sam Kiley reports from a town many fear could be Vladimir Putin’s next target. #CNN #News


  1. “When we come to a minefield. Our infantry attacks exactly as if it were not there.”

    Field Marshal Georgi Zhukov explaining Russian Military Strategy

    1. @Zeyad Saeed no, according to all the Eastern Europeans y’all colonized and forced to serve Germany and the US!!

    2. @green beanz ye, i don’t think Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldova, east Germany were happy with the soviet union.

      The living standard of these countries in comparison to the soviet union, is pretty clear.

      No one forced anything on anyone except the soviet union in the hungarian revolt, ukraine’s nationalist in ww1, romania’s communist dictator.

    3. After putting the START-3 treaty on pause, the Kremlin is ready to make changes to the nuclear doctrine, in which the preemptive strike of the nuclear triad is at the forefront.
      Immediately after the denunciation of the DSNV, the new doctrine will be adopted and approved. The main objectives of a preemptive strike will be:
      1. Poland.
      2. US military bases in Germany.
      3. French nuclear and TNW bases plus two nuclear power plants.
      4. Great Britain.
      5. Belgium.
      6. Turkey.
      7. Spain.
      8. Romania.
      9. Czech Republic.
      10. Aircraft carriers and naval military bases in the Mediterranean.
      For a massive nuclear strike (in addition to bombs expired in Western media publications), more than 250 hypersonic missiles with TNW carriers, more than 45 Sarmat missile complexes, up to 350 Avangard and Zircon missiles are already ready. TNW has been prepared for Iskander K complexes, Mig-31K aircraft.
      In addition, by the end of March, S-400 complexes and a number of missile defense and air defense systems will be deployed to Minsk and the border regions, as well as the number of Iskander K radars and complexes will be increased, since NATO is targeting Belarus…..

    4. @Zeyad Saeed wrong, when the USSR fell, the US, Germany, France and the UK forced Eastern Europe to join under the threat of nuclear annihilation and since then Eastern Europe are basically slaves to Western Europe and the US, why else would they be a 3rd world country when the US and Western Europe are living like spoiled kings in countries with little to no natural resources?? Russia is the liberator if you ask any real civilian in Eastern Europe!!

    1. @Big Roy
      “If you feel so strongly, go…help.”
      I feel strongly that you cannot satisfy a woman.
      That doesn’t mean that I should go help you.🙄

    2. Why did Obama not do anything at all when Russia invaded Crimea in February & March of 2014? Why didn’t ANY of Western Europe not do anything? Why did the mainstream barely cover that invasion? Hmm 🤔. Now, Russia and the CCP of China 🇨🇳 are in an alliance

  2. Those teenagers have the greatest smile amidst of war. We should learn a lesson here in Western world. Sometimes when we dont get a new phone we become miserable. But they are still grateful with a big smile

    1. ​@Big Roy the move to Russia don’t get on this phone and support Russia when you’re leaving and NATO country that should be illegal and you should be named as a terrorist when Russia comes a-knocking I guarantee you going to have like a little bit aren’t you

  3. Did they also do these interviews with Iraqi citizens during the massive American bombing for Saddam’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction during Gulf War II? I do not remember well….

  4. Our President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! You can’t even imagine how great the ruler is, we appreciate and respect him! This is the second Stalin, the second Ivan the Terrible! Putin is our king! People who cowardly fled the country, traitors to their homeland “Mother Rus'”. Now these traitors will live with you, eat on your money and commit crimes.
    Kievan Rus would never want to join the West and NATO, betraying its brothers. Kyiv is occupied by separatists!

    We will revive the USSR, I believe in my country! And I have a lot of respect for our president!!!

  5. In india day by day fear of gujarat type communal clashes democracy in danger peoples are feared UNO intervention is necessary please protect the secularism in india and FBI investigation is necessary through the UNO please protect the secularism in india and FBI investigation is necessary through the UNO please protect the peoples in india

  6. In karnataka state day by day fear of gujarat type communal clashes law and order is totally collapsed democracy in danger peoples are feared.please to impose the President rule in the state and to protect the peoples in karnataka state

  7. Why aren’t we going to Ohio to see what it is like to be targeted by another type of war. I think we need new media for sure smh 🤦

  8. Huge Respect to Ukraine! What a Nation! What a Brave People! They say NO to Russian imperialism. The say NO to Russian Invaders. They say NO to Russian war criminals. They say NO to Russian baby killers. They say NO to Russian Terrorist. They fight for their Independence. They fight for FREEDOM. they fight for their friends and family. They fight for everyone who enjoys Freedom. Huge Respect. Ukraine will win. Slava Ukraine.

    1. They say YES to nazis, they say YES to stolen American tax money , they say YES to starting ww3 so they can collect an easy pay day , they say YES to selling the guns we give them on the black market

      Take a closer look at reality you might be surprised what you see

    2. BTW russia is a paper tiger a joke they can’t even conquer a country the size of new jersey , with the amount of money / weapons we’ve given to Ukraine we could have defeated all of Russia, this isn’t about helping Ukraine this is about maintaining proxy wars to fuel the military industrial complex , same with ol joe shooting down 12 dollar weather balloons with 600k dollar missiles carried by 46m dollar fighter jets that cost tax payers around 100k a min to operate , this is a reason to rob you to fill their pockets and you applaud them for it and praise the Ukrainians for their bravery lol its disgusting that the government is using them and you for war and yall just fuking happy about it…..

  9. I like how these kids are saying that they don’t feel like they are in danger, while reporter from CNN is trying to convince them oposite. 🤣

  10. I love those teenage girls going for a stroll. They’ll leave when “it gets serious”. [surrounded by burned out buildings]! So brave are these people! ❤

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