Former Russian diplomat breaks downs Putin’s decision on Nuclear Arms-Control treaty

Boris Bondarev was a Russian diplomat for 20 years and resigned in protest over Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Bondarev joins CNN's Kate Bouldan to discuss Putin's declaration that he is suspending Russia's participation in the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty. #CNN #News


    1. ​@Studio
      😄 Indeed, the poster appeared to be poking fun at Putin, basically making him a ‘parody’ of his “girlfriend” who makes threats [presumably about leaving him] which she does not follow through with.

  1. Bondarev strikes me as giving an honest, even accurate, assessment. The public tends to rally around their leader, much as we did re: Iraq.

    1. He was being honest about the Russian economy part. I hate to hear the “experts” say their economy is struggling when I see very differently. My Russian friends who live abroad are all considering getting remote IT jobs in Russia because the pay is so good right now. For this reason I don’t think Russians are struggling. Eventually this will hit them too but I don’t see it for awhile. Hopefully a general would’ve taken him out by then.

    2. ​@MediocreMan What was the difference between Iraq and Ukraine?

      1. Iraq was Bush’s second invasion and Ukraine was Putin’s second invasion after Georgia.

      2. Bush used propaganda and exaggerated claims about Iraq having WMD’s the same way that a Putin uses the Nazis to invade Ukraine.

      3. Iraq used to be an allie of the United States then Bush and the US flipped on Iraq and Sadam Hussain. Ukraine was a historical allie of Russia, then later became flipped as an enemy. Both the US and Russia invaded their own former allies.

      4. Bush believed that the War in Iraq would be easy just like Putin believed that Ukraine would easy.

      5. When the US invaded Iraq, it bombed Baghdad and broadcasted the bombings on live TV with no mention of civilians casaulties. Similarly, Russia shows its citizens footage of Ukraine with little emphasis on civilian casualties.

      6. Bush used private mercenaries like Blackwater in Iraq, the deaths of these mercenaries were also not included among official casualties. Putin uses Wagner mercenaries, their deaths are also not categorized as official Russian military deaths.

  2. My question is whether Putin can order a nuclear attack on his own, or whether it takes coordination among his generals and will they acquiescence?

    1. Technically there is supposed to be a system in place, basically carried over from soviet times. But realistically, if Putin wants to shoot a nuke, he has a strong enough grip on power to get it done.

    2. America is in a tough position.America doesn’t want to kill Russian people so what is America to do if Putin let’s the nuclear genie out of the bottle.???? What will be the European response???Maybe China is just sitting on the sidelines waiting to pick up the pieces and take control ? I guess we will have to wait and see what happens but I would advise don’t bet against America.

  3. Did Putin increase the hourly rate for supporting his campaign of genocide with even bigger lies?

    Наша сила заключается в нашей скорости и в нашей жестокости. Чингисхан повел на бойню миллионы женщин и детей — обдуманно и со счастливым сердцем. История видит в нем исключительно основателя государства. Мне безразлично, что скажет обо мне слабая западноевропейская цивилизация.

  4. I don’t get it. I’m not a great representative of the “flyover” states. But I don’t understand why money and compliments and fame is worth destroying so many souls.

    1. He’s a narcissistic sociopath. He only cares about himself, he sees everyone & everything else as things to be used to get what he wants

    2. @Don Armstrong Because the clergy has never cared about money and power. Read one fking history book. CMON!
      Dont forget to add young alter-boys to that list.

    1. He replaced all his 1000 staffers , before the full scale invasion, became paranoic with Covid , he travels in armoured train, he hides in bunkers, has body doubles .. he is afraid to die.
      Even Xi warned the psycho about the use of nuclear. Mutual Assured Destruction is in place , for years, for the one using nuclear first

    2. @scottkeene2939  And I’m sure you’re to lazy to actually look which 2 nuclear treaties the US broke with Russia. “Source” “fake news” It’s available on the internet for anyone that puts effort into research and reading. 🤡

  5. I still remember Putin being so angry with Bush he was practically shitting his pants over it. Bush was building/approving the research on bunker-buster nukes. So now you can’t even be safe underground.

    1. Putin also was angry at Bush’s invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, saying if we can attack another sovereign nation on the pretext of stopping a nuclear Iraq, we are willing to attack Russia just the same. Look for a documentary called “Putin and the Presidents”….

  6. He wants to win…he can not. He has gone over the edge of Truth…compassion and love will win. . .death to war

    1. The russians are fighting the united states in case you didnt know and by your own standards the us deserves more than a dozen nukes for meddling in another foreign country. Remember? Or was it ok to destroy the rest of the mid east because Obama huh.
      Thats a lot of blood on yours obamas cia hands.


  8. What a brilliant human. So spot on. Even Putin’s boys no he’s a madman. Gosh it’s refreshing to hear the truth, I should know, my credit score is 738. Remember to report all non democracy conversations to tipster hotline.

    1. God bless Putin and the Russian troops in their fight against the Deep State Globalists and their installed puppet Zelenskyy 🇷🇺❤️🇺🇸❤️

  9. CNN acting like the US didn’t sabotage a peace deal early on in the War and chose not to go with the peace deal and continue the war 😂. Yes, his economy did take a hit, but not as much as everyone wanted. Apparently wanting a peaceful outcome and negotiating a deal makes you a Russian and Putin sympathiser. Greedy and childish honestly.

  10. *”Menya Zavut Boris Bondarev… I was Russian diplomat, but now I have good job at CIA building with big window… It very nice”….*

    1. @Global Bite someday maybe but not in our life time. We’re still strong economically and militarily
      Got any extra blood I’m a bit low?

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