Hear a transgender teen’s plea to Idaho lawmakers who banned treatment for minors

The Idaho House has passed a bill that would make it a felony for doctors to provide treatment to transgender teens under the age of 18. CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to Eve Devitt, a transgender teen directly impacted by the bill. #CNN #News


  1. I think 🤔 it’s a good ban . Transgenders minor’s shouldn’t get that treatment . Most of them regret that surgery for obvious reasons.

    1. “[…] for a vital physical transformational process.” You know , you and some others in this comment section have gone above and beyond with the pseudo-science. And, if you don’t think about it too hard, it almost makes sense.

    2. @Thomas De Quinceypuberty hormonal shifts are not pseudo science. I certainly don’t know the science of after the fact, shifting the whole hormonal testosterone after so much maturation has already taken place. Maybe that’s why she sounds like a girl rather than a man in a girls body. I really don’t know, yet, from a common sense biological complex, there are certain transformational seasonal cycles of evolving growth where the best points of catching the curve and refocusing the ball to achieve one’s aim must take place, or thereafter has to be a tare down and reconstruction, like a remodeling, which is way more precarious and expensive.

  2. I’m so proud of you, Eve! From Saoirse’s mama. Saoirse was my beautiful Transgender daughter, who was poisoned with Fentanyl and lost her life in August 2022.

  3. Kids are not smart enough to know what is best for them. This has been known for centuries, Woke democrats flushed it down the toilet now here we are.
    Confused kids deserve love and stability while they grow up. If a kid wanted to light himself on fire would we allow that too?

  4. God bless the lawmakers of Idaho.
    The enablers of child mtltion and hormonal destabilisation will soon get the punishment they deserve. History will remember them the same way it remembers the enablers of lobotomy.

  5. It’s always the victim card, it’s always the suicide card being played to harm more young impressionable brains to do such irreversible surgeries.
    I know several trans adults who regret that transitioning surgery.

  6. No one under 18 should be having gender reassignment surgery. It’s too big a decision for a child to make.

    1. No medical procedure can be performed for person under the age of 18. Unless parental rights have been taken away by the courts. And they case the person under the age of 18 still has to get permission from a legal guardian.

  7. I used to support the trans cause. Then I listened to transactivists, their “allies” and the media. This is a crazy train with no brakes. I’m out.


  8. I’m not sure what to think about this. Transgender people, including teens, have the same right to happiness as the rest of us. But I wonder if a teen has the maturity to make a drastic decision such as transition surgery, even with the assistance and support of their family. That should be their decision, however, not the decision of the Idaho state legislature.

    In any case, I’m happy that if a teen feels the need for treatment so strongly, they still have the option of traveling to another, more enlightened state to receive it.

  9. This young man is confused and ill-informed. Look how fast he races toward a new outlook hoping in his mind that afterward the free fall may be even more disappointing. This may be a result of social media engineering.

  10. Jake, you’ve been targeted often lately but I admire your humanity and respect of another’s dignity in your cultural/societal issues.❤

  11. Why don’t you bring on the people who REGRET transitioning? Let us hear their story.

    People shouldn’t be in a rush to PERMANENTLY alter their bodies.

    Also, the statistics prove that the rates of suicide in the Trans community don’t change a bit for the people who go thru with the transition.

  12. “Is because we are the most vulnerable group to attack right now.”

    exactly. for right wingers, the cruelty is the point.

    face it, who really would be upset if the girl in this video used a girl’s bathroom?

    …these laws will backfire.
    they will not only drive businesses away, any military bases in states that ban abortion or trans kids will find the bases closed down as soldiers refuse to be transferred there.

  13. I cannot understand why anyone would try to foist their limited worldview onto others. It’s not okay, it’s just not. She is so right: this is about scapegoating.

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