McCarthy gave Tucker Carlson all Jan. 6 security footage, sources say

CNN's Lauren Fox reports that multiple sources, including Fox News, say that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his show producers access to all of the US Capitol security footage from the Jan. 6 insurrection. #CNN #News


    1. @💀My True Crime Library💀 You know, it’s really pathetic, when someone believes their side is better, when in reality neither side is doing the right things for the American People. Biden, is a horrible leader, & is doing anything for anyone. Look at Ohio.

    2. @Angela E oh please. You would rather live in a theocratic fascist society then a functioning society. That’s pathetic.

    3. @💀My True Crime Library💀 Just bc I don’t agree with you, doesn’t make me the enemy, but hey, you’re allowed to think the way you want…for now..
      Not once did I ever mention God or religion. You have a problem with interpreting what other people are saying, or commenting, & you seem to project your thoughts, onto other people.
      Good luck with your bowing down to your gov’t.
      I’m sure you’re going to want the last word, so have at it. I’m done with your craziness.

  1. How did Kevin have the authority to give security video of the capitol to some actor, Kevin should be charged criminally.

    1. @Mike MichaelD Donald Trump met hundreds of not thousands of people by that time and probably had a lot of women by then also. Very easy to understand why he said that.

    2. @Mike MichaelD And I see that you have no idea to what an insurrection is and you have absolutely no problem with Joe Biden having classified documents all the way back from his time as a Senator. Can you possibly be anymore biased and uneducated with your idiotic comment.

  2. He needs to be removed from the speaker of the house he just violated his oath of office. His behavior is unconscionable no more secret information should be given to him.

    1. @Reuben Handel The secret info the Dems left and the unselect committee didn’t want you to see. Did you think they was going to show you things that showed Trump to be innocent of all the BS Liz and gang tried to smear Trump with? We all know ANTIFA and even FBI PPL dressed as Trump MAGA supporters to smear Trump. It was they who planned J6 and instigated the PPL, not Trump. Now it’s all out in the open and we see the DC swamp in action.

    2. @Brad F lmao American security?? 🤣 this administration does not give 3 F**KS about “national security ” when they let a damn Chinese spy Ballon fly across THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTRY.! These people are crying about releasing PUBLIC FOOTAGE cause it destroys their Jan 6th bullcrap story . If Jan 6th was a TRUE INSURRECTION, they should have no problem showing ALL the footage.

  3. You’d be surprised the reasons why. Wasn’t the former republican speaker sitting on the fox board, making millions. Paul Ryan. It’s all about making $$

  4. To give that kind and that much of footage to someone who is obviously going to propagandize it is infuriating.

  5. McCarthy says he is being “transparent” by granting FOX’s Carlson exclusive
    access to security tapes on the Jan 6 insurrection. Transparent? Who’s he

  6. The people have the right to know,. There’s no issue with sending videos to be displayed for the public as we aren’t getting any information from the press secretary!!!! All we get is the president takes everything very seriously. We voted for a transparent administration and we have the right to know. The real question is why is CNN still broadcasting!

  7. Come on CNN give it a rest. The truth needs to come out. The Dems complaining that the footage wasn’t released to all when they refused to even release it to anyone is comedy gold.

  8. In life in general, the weak and cowardly lack fortitude and usually resort to sneak attacks and other weasel like tactics to gain an unfair advantage!!!

  9. This is great I’m glade McCarthy giving Fox new’s the Jan.6th footage now the American people will know the truth

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