Putin blames West for escalation in Ukraine as war approaches one year mark

CNN's Matthew Chance and Sam Kiley report on the Kremlin and how Ukrainians feel nearly a year after Russian President Putin's invasion of Ukraine. State Department spokesperson Ned Price also joins CNN's Jake Tapper to discuss the war. #CNN #News


    1. Just watched the speech, I feel quite odd knowing that everyone in the west is a Nazi. hmm, I never knew I was a Nazi.

  1. If you want to see good war coverage the cbc (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) crews go right out with the troops into the fight …..pretty ballsy

  2. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Doubling down on failure will only cost more lives. Negotiations are long overdue.

    1. Pfutler don’t care about poor Russian lives. He only cares about him and his inner circle (until he calls a special window operation on them too.)

    2. Negotiations are long overdue if Putin apologizes for what he’s done.
      If he doesn’t apologize he needs to get HAMMERED for as long as it takes.

    3. @r vanden that’s the mindset that will see Ukraine turned into a rump state. People ignore the fact that the invasion was preceeded by Nato and America refusing to give security guarantees to Russia. The irony is that Ukraine is now trying to achieve by war what could have been done by a signature.

  3. This is like a mugger who shot their mark blaming the victim for fighting back during the mugging. “If they hadn’t struggled I never would have had to escalate the situation!”

    1. Right? Like how can Zelenskyy think he can just murder his own people for years and then blame others for escalating? #fuckthealgorithm

  4. Stalin delivers a speech to a large audience in the Kremlin. Suddenly someone sneezes.
    Stalin: Who sneezed?
    Everyone is shaking, and no one dares to confess.
    Stalin: First row, rise and leave. You’ll be shot.
    Stalin: So, who sneezed?
    Stalin: Second row, rise and leave. You’ll be shot.
    (Ovation, shouts: ‘Hail great Stalin!’)
    Stalin: So who sneezed?
    A man rises in the back row, shaking: It was me, sorry…
    Stalin: No big deal. Bless you, comrade!

    “Change name from Stalin to Putin” for effect.

  5. People in Putins audience look so happy. They must be happy because if you are not then you take a trip to lucky 13 hotel floor window and challenge the Isac Newtons Theory of gravity or face the Wagner hammer.

  6. Yeah, the wolf blames the sheep. Ants fight for land and terrain area. Human beings need to go beyond such crude mindlessness. Are you listening, China? But asking politicians to be peaceful and wise is (apparently) asking too much. So people keep fighting (as the politicians safely eat their fancy dinners.)

  7. Our President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! You can’t even imagine how great the ruler is, we appreciate and respect him! This is the second Stalin, the second Ivan the Terrible! Putin is our king! People who cowardly fled the country, traitors to their homeland “Mother Rus'”. Now these traitors will live with you, eat on your money and commit crimes.
    Kievan Rus would never want to join the West and NATO, betraying its brothers. Kyiv is occupied by separatists!

    We will revive the USSR, I believe in my country! And I have a lot of respect for our president!!!

  8. Things have changed for Russia, a year ago, the main question of war was “Will Russia take Ukraine?” now it’s “Will Russia take Bakhmut?” (a city nobody heard before) , Sláva Ukrajině 🇺🇦 from Czech Republic 🇨🇿

    PS: thank you USA for being Arsenal of Democracy once again 🇺🇲

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