Hear retired colonel’s concerns over Putin pulling back from nuclear arms control pact

Retired US Air Force Col. Cedric Leighton and former US ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor weigh in on President Vladimir Putin's declaration that he is suspending Russia's participation in the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty. #CNN #News


  1. 18 January 2023, a Ukrainian high priority VIP transport mission Eurocopter EC225 carrying Ukrainian’s most senior minister as well as many of Ukraine’s most highest ranking deputies, and State Secretary all onboard crashed into a nursery resulting in the death of all passengers and children from the nursery. If Ukraine can’t even guarantee their highest Minister a safe, short and simple 8 minute flight, how can they possibly accomplish anything? Besides blowing up their own nurseries, causing harm to themselves. Rest in peace, my condolences and prayers to Ukrainian children affected by their leader’s incompetence.

  2. To operate F-16 safely from Ukraine, they would have to resurface all runways because the undercarriage of the F-16 is not made for rough surfaces. Logistically this is very questionable because the Russians would pick up on that with their satellites. The A-10 is a flying tank and would be shot down easily by the anti-aircraft capabilities of the Russians. The best aircraft would be the Grippen from Sweden, but at the moment they are not a NATO member thanks to Mr. Erdogan.

  3. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious Putin wanted us to think about China and North Korea when he mentioned England and France.

    1. ​@Aaron Ataman Minha paciência chegou no limite não aguento mais essa seita de tupiniquim querer que eu fique de 4 para negar sinal de Deus 😡🤬😳

    2. All of them have been ongoing problems for us without Russia prodding.
      There have been problems coming with China for quite a while. China has its own agenda apart from Putin’s War.
      In the long term China is even more dangerous, but Russia needs this good smackdown.


  4. The US will stand with Ukraine , the Ukrainians will die alone.
    Diplomacy is a job, how do you evaluate Job performance? Results? Well when the results of your work are More Nukes did you fail at your job or not?

  5. Y’all know what’s funny.
    My mama called her senator, Moscow Mitch, and the nice lady confirmed that Putin sent Trump a jar of hummus made of Russian chick pea.

  6. The ingredients needed to create fusion,,need to be constantly monitored and balanced,,this costs LOTS of money,and believe me,Russia hasn’t done that,Hence,the yield is reduced to almost nothing.

  7. Putin declared he would not be the first to lob a nuke. China also vowed the same so who will be the first. After all, we can always believe our leaders, can’t we?

  8. Try to imagine the United States, after being attacked by the military forces of the Empire of Japan, adopting a “defensive” military policy, i.e. fortify the United States 48 contiguous states – especially the west coast, fortify the Hawaiian Islands, fortify Alaska, declare an intention to intercept any Japanese military ships or other weapons platforms caught east of the International Dateline or within 100 miles of Alaska.

    In the history of this planet, has any war ever been “won” without at least the implied threat of counter-attacking the aggressors? Or am I missing something?

    1. USA dropping the nuclear bombs on Japan was intended to scare Russia, Japan was never a threat to USA, pearl harbor was an inside job like 9/11 needed to justify the military moves made.

      All the world wars were actually wars between the West and Russia, it’s been covert/ proxy wars, even today Ukraine is actually USA in disguise vs Russia.

      Viva Russia

    2. Didn’t US win in Iraq??? And North Korea??? Killing millions of civilians 🙄 The only way a super power win the war is to kill as many civilians as possible… That how US fight their wars. Hiroshima and Vietnam being prime examples.

  9. Western allies led by the US, UK, Poland, and Germany need to put a Peace Keeper force around Kyiv, Lviv, and the border with Belarus, basically the entire western half of the country. Doing this will ensure Ukraine’s safety and free up the military to fight Russia on the Eastern side.

    1. The minute West nor US enter Ukraine… It will be the end of US and Europe! Putin is no joke! He would rather die with the whole world then facing defeat

    2. “Peace keeper” force of NATO soldiers in Ukraine will be presented by Putin as direct NATO involvement in the war. Something NATO will avoid at all costs.It cant and wont happen.

    1. That’s a Ukrainian saying actually. “When the Russian is threatening, you know you’re safe. If he’s quiet… expect trouble.”

  10. “At the beginning of the special military operation, I was worried that NATO does something to occupy my territory. At this point, I’m beyond scared that it doesn’t.”

    A common Russian saying…

    1. @Alexander Pepkin it may have been disbanded, it might not have existed if Putin hadn’t invaded a sovereign nation. But his bumbling, stupidity has now assured NATO will be around for generations to come. There’s multiple nations begging to be admitted to NATO, I don’t see any nations running to Russia’s aid & most in Europe are cheering every time a Russian tank is destroyed

  11. Col. Leighton and former ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Taylor, more arms, training and firepower is no solution to Ukraine’s’ problem. Negotiation with Russia is the only way out.

    What makes me wonder is everyone is talking about tactical-level warfare between Russia and the West in Ukraine. Ukraine and its Western allies lost the war before it started at the strategic level. Ukraine will never be able to pose any threat to Russia in the next 50 years because it has lost significant human resources and infrastructure; hence, it’s an utter failure at the operational level. It hurts to see Ukrainian women’s children and elderly going through what they did not ask for and don’t deserve. There is no solution to this war; 100 or 1000 tanks, F-16s or F-35s, would not deter Russia from stopping its offensive in Ukraine. It’s about their survival; it’s not about capturing territory; it’s about cleaning their backyard of NATO-supplied missiles and equipment posing an existential threat to their security. The only way forward is negotiations, and the world is responsible for saving Ukrainian civilians who are not a party to Mr. Zelensky’s blunders or Mr. Putin’s paranoia.

  12. i think our western nuclear policy should change so that if a none nuclear power is threatened either directly or indirectly with nuclear weapons by a nuclear power… and they meet the requirements (i.e. are stable state and meet certain credibility tests… financial… democratic.. Human rights… etc… ) then they can be supplied by a defensive nuclear arsenal. Now, this isn’t to threaten said states adversaries ; rather it is to deter those adversaries from nuclear sabre rattling and any chance that they may miscalculate with a nuclear escalation in the belief that the US and co will not respond if they attack those nations.. its a very real danger… this wouldnt include Taiwan or Ukraine.

  13. May God bless you Mr. President!!! Thank you for your wonderful speech in Poland today!!! 🇵🇱🇺🇸 Brothers in Arms since 1776…keep the Ruskies away from us!!!

  14. Since the US finds Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine so repugnant and awful, and that is right – why is it still cooperating with the Russians on the International Space Station? The decision to allow Russia to participate in the Station years ago has certainly come back to haunt the US, since the Station can not operate without Russian support. The US should try and find ways to keep the Station going without Russian participation. It is embarrassing and shameful that the Russians should still be there.
    One argument for the Russians being on the Station was that it would help foster good relations between the US and Russia on the Earth, working together on a common goal in space. Well, after 25 years and billions of dollars later, we can see how well that worked out.

  15. This guys tells us how serious everything is in Ukraine.
    Meanwhile, other pundits tell us something we don’t already know. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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