Watch thousands of oranges go flying through air in massive food fight

Italians participate in the city of Ivrea's annual "Battle of the Oranges" where participants kick off the Carnival season by throwing oranges at one another. #CNN #News #shorts


    1. ​​​@Fearless9586 think the same as you?
      ma in che razza di inglese scrivi? 😬😬😬
      io invece di essere fearless comincerei a preoccuparmi , se fossi al tuo posto , eh? 😬😬😬

    2. Completely idiotic and disgusting. I hope no one is hitting the poor horses, they don’t have much of a say in this!

    1. I suppose they must be cheap over there. Like when the Spaniards celebrate the Tomato Harvest and throw them at each other in the street.

  1. I am astounded. Why can’t it be the battle of the GRAPES or something!? Also, those oranges are the size of grapefruit!!

  2. With all the hungry people in the world and Ukraine you’re throwing food at each other bus and each other’s eyes open in this foolishness what the hell is the world coming to

  3. Battle of the Oranges, La Tomatina, etc. How many disgusting food-wasting “traditions” are there? 🤨 I literally just got bought oranges and tomatoes today and knowing that some people waste them where I have to spend money on it is infuriating. 😠 Just because something is a “tradition”, doesn’t mean it has to continue. Slavery was a tradition. Child-marriage was a tradition. 😒 Maybe it’s time to stop doing stupid things for ridiculous excuses.

  4. I don’t take joy in this blatant waste of food. There are so many people who would love to have just one of these oranges to eat.

  5. Wow, so very wasteful, especially with high inflation/cost of living.

    Shame on everyone who participated in this stupid event…. Please don’t be offended…. I don’t mean no disrespect…..

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