1. USA foolish foreign policies , they thought they rich in 90s from selling weapons they can do what ever they want. And they want to be the good guy and the communism is bad. They are just tired of racist against black people so now communism is the new enemy. Ukraine has always been pushed by USA to fight Russia since USA use propaganda to break apart Russia (Soviet). Its the US of A who wants to be the good guy and bully others through sanctions to because they think they are better than everyone else. USA still cant help being racist. And that concludes, USA its a country of Tyrants.

    2. @wamblue The only anti American is Biden he turned down his own people in Ohio that need this money really bad to go to another country and give to them its treason, meanwhile President Trump is on his way to Ohio ironic right, Biden is a corrupt traitor

    3. uKRAINE HAS ONLY A LITTLE Artillery, at least NATO must give longe-range missiles, it necessary to quickly transfer longe range missiles to Ukraine untill Russia has found antidote for the Himarse…/././//

  1. The moment Joe said “Ukraine is still independent and free” one year after Russian tanks rolled in. Man that hit deep. 🇺🇸🇺🇦✊

    1. ​@Trial by Wombat i remember we disagreed on a couple things in other videos and swapped insults lol… im glad to see we agree on this. 👏🏼🤝🏻

    2. The Putins power is already falling apart , only a small wind is needed for Russia to completelly fall apart into small states, if the United States
      provide Ukraine with fightings planes (fighters) with Polish volunteers, and tanks, then the war in Ukraine will be won tomorrow and the Putin regime will collapse and the collapse of Russia will begin , the United States and Europe should not be pulled, they may miss their chance….,,..,,..

  2. My thoughts are with those heroes, fighting and suffer huge loss in Ukraine.
    This is not about war, this is about democracy. Support democracy, no war! Go Ukraine! Fight like you never fought before! Stay strong! Stay strong Ukraine!

    1. @Ros Smith He never had a stutter. I can show you videos of him going back to the 70s that prove otherwise. That was a lie to make you empathize with him but if you were knowledgeable you would’ve seen through the lie. Knowledge IS power.

    2. ​@Jao Bidan
      Uh, you realise that stutter isnt something you cant work on? Biden always said he had it the worst when he was a kid, and man, seriously, Biden was always well known for his support for people who have similiar problems, even on YT you will find videos of Biden talking about it from like 10+ years ago. You think he would devote decades durning which he would actively support people with stutter, just in case he became a president? Please, it’s ridiculous.

    3. @Pan Cytryna Your problem is that you’re buying the bullshit. He had no stutter…ever. Just like he never had 4 degrees, aced the bar exam, finished top of class, had an IQ of 147 and so many other effin lies. If I were to list even half of them, it would exceed the character limit.

    4. He knows how to provoke and escalate into a all out Nuclear War. Stupid ignorant people don’t realized what they are getting into. Don’t push an insecure suicidal maniac to his corner. He might just do the unthinkable. I hope you’ll ready for the Sixth Mass Extinction of life which will be humans.

  3. This President reminds me of the America l remember. God Bless this man and everyone behind him. I wish there were more people like him in the U.S and the world with a caring, humanity heart like his. At his age. I believe this is beyond politics. May God have mercy on all of us during these hard times all around the world.

    1. Are you kidding me Biden is one of the most corrupt career politician in America and there are plenty more just like him try and remember what he did with Afghanistan then try and imagine him saying it was a great success and you will get a clear picture of what you can expect in Ukraine its not going to be the fantastical outcome you are imagining

    2. Hell no don’t let him fool you and everyone else. I’m a U. S. Army Veteran and would not serve under this corrupt incompetent old fool coward who’s been a failure and embarrassment for the U.S. It’s been chaos on all front foreign and domestic since his Administration took over. He and NATO created this war. Putin warned Ukraine not to join NATO. He warned UK U.S. and the West not to expand NATO Eastward and they simply ignored him. They crossed his redlines.

  4. One of the best speeches with a strong message. God bless President Biden, the US and Poland. Their strong support for Ukraine great and I’m very grateful for the leadership of President Biden und Duda.

  5. A strong speech by President Biden! Bless all the countries helping in this unnecessary attack. The war crimes, I hope they are brought to justice. To the children transported to Russia, I pray they are safely returned. 🙏 Innocent children! Thanks to the countries supporting Ukrainian refugees. Bless the heros fighting and those who gave their lives. To all volunteers, medics, doctors, people who donated, you are all heros! My love to all of you! ❤️

  6. Thank you president Biden, thank you the USA and NATO for your support towards Ukraine.
    Long live Ukraine with love from Cameroon 🇨🇲

  7. Absolutely right I want to thank the people of Poland for taking in the people of Ukraine! May God bless your nation!!

  8. God bless Ukraine! God bless Poland! God bless to those heroes who fought and are still fighting for their sovereignty and FREEDOM!❤

  9. Freedom is in Polish blood, we been fighting for this for so long time, so we understand Ukrainians very well. I wish for Ukraine victory, from the bottom of my heart ❤

  10. An important speech at a critical time, well-prepared and well-delivered for a man who is not an elegant public speaker. Joe Biden made me feel good about being an American this week.

    1. You have all reason to be proud of being American. We love you ❤We love Biden, your support to Ukraine, democracy and the free world!

  11. “We will fought this war as along as it takes “ respect the sovereignty of every nation .. What a statement from Potus!!Greatest speech in the 21 st century 👏👏

  12. That’s gotta be one of the best speeches my 68-year-old ears have ever heard…It really hit home and had me in tears…
    May God bless you all, …May God protect our troops, …May God bless the Heroes of 🇺🇦Ukraine🇺🇦,… and all the others that protect freedom around the world…Thank You, 🇵🇱Poland🇵🇱….Thank You 🇺🇸USA🇺🇸……❤& respect from 🇨🇦

  13. So glad this man is on Ukraine’s side! Amazing address! Thanks to big hearted Poland, and long live Ukraine may your victory be swift!! 🇬🇧🥰

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