1. Why isn’t the Wagner groups leader sanctioned to the max? Why isn’t he put on a word wide most wanted list? He’s worse than Binladen & should be dealt with accordingly.

    1. Oh he is. Also he seems to be vying for Putin’s position now, accusing Putin’s chosen generals of treason which is really a not-very-veiled attack on Putin’s management of the war.

    1. What are you calling for? And why are you still watching cnn after they lied on purpose about iraq

    2. If we beat Russia they come back the next time Republicans are in charge. If Ukrainians beat Russia they never come back.

  2. That Putin can just say, “the West started the conflict”, without any evidence or talking about any specific action, and the people just nod.

    1. @moorefacts probably because people have read what the west has historically done. You’re literally on the video of a US military general, the military who has started the most wars in the last century.

    2. I don’t support the war but Please help me to understand, Do the west keep their promises on any treaties that they sign with non-western countries. Let us start with The Minsk agreements? What did the former German chancellor and French and other leaders say, ” we were not committed to what we signed, we just wanted to buy time by supplying Ukrain with weapons” So tell me who is to be trusted here ? The west once promised Russia, “Don’t worry, NATO won’t expand an inch to the east after German reunification and they asked Russia to disband the Warsaw packed”. So tell me, how can Russia trust any treaties it enters with the west. So tell me, when the people in Donbas were being killed for 8 years non-stop, why didn’t the west and UN suggest a solution where the Russian speakers in Ukrain and Ukrainian speakers would continue to co-exist under on UKRAIN flag while respecting each other and working for the common goal of teh country rather than fading or forbidding the Russian language and culture and also pushing the Russian speakers to the corner.

      If the west does it, it is good !
      1. The west killed Gaddafi because he didn’t want to use the dollar but gold; Libya was a country which was doinbg very well and was economically more stable than any other African and some European countries for that matter. However, after the SPECIAL USA-NATO special military operation, Libya is now a lawless country with constant fighting and many people have been displaced and moved to Europe as migrants and some die while trying to cross the sea. So tell me, why don’t you blame the west for the this but you blame Russia which is trying to protect the Russian speakers in Donbas.
      2. The west killed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein on 30 December 2006. The USA special Military operation has made more harm than good for the people of Iraq. Why ? Because Saddam was out of control for the western leaders and they came up with a false story about him having weapons of mass distruction, of which, it wasn’t true. Where is Iraq now? More terrorists in Iraq now than before, now law, bad economy and all this thanks to the USA and the British alliance. So tell me if Russia tries to protect it’s people in Donbas and Lugansk, why not but for USA and the West it is okay to just destroy countries whose leaders don’t agree with them and seem not ready to bootlick them. tell me please, is the world all just about the west ????
      3. Yugoslavia – the NATO and USA went into yugoslavia at full blast and bomed with no mercy the people of yugoslavia and later divided the country without asking the Serbians what they wanted. So tell me, it is okay for NATO to bomb and break apart a European country but it is not good for Russia to protect and support it’s people who share the same history and culture?
      4. Aghanistan and syria – and Yemen – it is okay for the Western to do anything they want in these countries but if another non Western country tries to protect itself and it’s people, it is bad! why the hypocrytism ?
      5. Africa – the Western countries enslaved us and mistreated us like animals for decades – they continue to mistreat us even to date by stealing our resources! When Gaddaffi wanted to stand up for the Africans, he was killed. When Lumubwa wanted to stand up for the Africans, they killed him. So tell me if anyone stands up against Western control and influence, this person should be killed but if Russia tries to stand up for it’s people and people with whom they share the same history and language, then Russians are bad and evil while the West are angels and saviors of the world ? why such hypocritism ?

      *I don’t support the war but don’t be hypocrits – You western medias! We are tired of being treated as the nobodies, we are tired of being looked down on – we are tired of being told what to do and not do!
      The west should wake up and realise that they are not the only ones on the planet and that time has past when you would control us! It is now time to make peace and respecting each nationality and living in harmony and not just using us for your own good!

    3. @Pogo History is nonsense. The judged bribe by outside people. Putin is creating a history for future generation. End of NATO genocide against weak country because Russia seems to easily destroy NATO”s influence in Ukraine

    4. @Eyak Len  the judge was not bribed, he had been tortured by Saddam Hussein’s security people in the 80’s and had many relatives executed by them. Saddam’s problem was he and his son’s were murderous bastards and they were being tried by the people they had been victimizing for decades.

    5. @Pogo the west killed Sadam and then rob the oil from Iraq. Now karma for the west. Many children & women in Arabs country died because of oil. God send Putin to punish what the west had done to Arab. Karma to NATO. Saddam never killed his own people bur the evil west killed & wounded million of Arabs. The west try to do the same to Syria but thanks God send Putin to save Syria

  3. Putin’s speech was in many parts an acknowledgement of failure and isolation. He focused on several aspects of society (professional and scientific education, industrial strenght, entrepreneurship) on rebuilding own strenght (which Russia currently lacks).

    1. @JMadison Russia is a backward criminal dictatorship with No freedom of the press, No civil rights, NO impartial judicial system and rampant corruption on every level of government.
      Population growth has been in decline for 20 years, capital investments in all sectors of the economy have stalled, and the coming year will be extremely hard for the people of Russia.


    2. @MarkYou just described Ukraine, not Russia. Russian trade is up, not down. Russia is 8-10x larger than Ukraine and its birth rate is climbing, unlike Ukraine.

      Its not Putin who just outlawed the major religion and banned all opposition parties – that was Zelensky in Ukraine.

      Quit projecting.

      You morons have forced the #2, #3, and #4 military powers into an alliance against us. Excellent thinking with those big brains of yours.

      How do you plan on defeating India, China and Russia simultaneously?

    3. @JMadison I dispute your assertions about Russia birth rates and trade, latest data from WTO is from 1st quarter of last year, shows a drop in Russian trade of 1.7%
      India is a democracy and has FREEDOM for its people and doesn’t invade neighboring countries.
      Nobody wants to immigrate to Russia, Dictatorships and anti-democratic governments never finish well. You’re a fascist and I am not, so go volunteer to join the Wanker Group and fight against the people of Ukraine in the Ukraine if you believe Putin and his gangsters are in the right.
      Didn’t 100,000 young Russians run from the draft against Putin’s invasion.

  4. Putin and Xi have the same type of audience, the only difference is Xi’s people enthusiastically clap, while Putin’s fight just to stay awake.

    1. @hbgriss oh you talking about the refugees that get 2200 a month from Biden? You sure he’s the president of the USA?


    3. @Michele Well, if you had seen all my You Tube comments, you would realise that I know full well what the US is capable of, and one has only to see how those white men not so long ago, crossed ‘the pond’, with the full intention to take the red man’s land for himself, and he would destroy anything, or anybody who was in his way. Thus, a whole group of different peoples, cultures and languages, many of them lost for all time, and above all, a Temple of God through unbridled forms of nature, then decimated and desecrated by the barbaric white men of the time. Indeed, it was the white men it was said that were to be the leading race in these times, as all humans were meant to be led to live purely in God’s Will, but men’s greed, gluttony, lust and avarice infected his thinking, until man was a caricature of his former self, for he became worse than a rapacious beast, so that few of mankind know any longer of humility, honesty, steadfast faith, and purity. All the karmic storms are gathering ominously, and soon they will burst forth upon every race, every people, and all nations. Woe betide mankind!

    1. Biden is posessed by Ukraine Madness. The White House will have to explain why Ukraine Thugs received so much and the Russian speaking Ukrainians were left to suffer.

    1. They know what they’re seeing. I’m sure more than a few of them were around for the Soviet Union days. It’s all a show.

    2. I thought they looked rivetted. It was same when Lord of the Rings came out…people were simply spell-bound. Maybe that’s what Putin’s does at his speeches, he employs an hypnotist first, before walking out, and the hypnotist tells them how really interesting and charismatic the speaker will be, and wise too, so you should follow his every word and everything he says and does, to protect the Motherland. And whatever you do, don’t answer back!!!

  5. I served under 1st Lt. Hertling in Ft Polk, lots of respect for this man. Always great to hear his opinion with what is going on across the pond.

    1. @don knox I liked the way he said that Lt Colonel were the best years of his service, as an ex serviceman I immediately warmed to him, made me smile. You served under him when he was just a Lt and when you say he was a good officer, I can believe that. My instincts from these interviews (that I have watched) is, I could follow him to the ends of the earth myself, after a few years in the forces judging officers just becomes instinctive, also very rare for an officer of poor quality to reach the rank of Lt General.

    2. It looks like american general is a quality mark of the expertise. Since the start of Russian invasion I’ve heard lots of interviews with american generals for unbiased opinions and they are always insightful and pretty close in their opinions (when professionals have same facts they always give close assumptions). Seem to be quite moral human beings too, and that is quite different to how it is in Russia. US army are not a bunch of butchers waiting to jump in the bloodbath, hopefully the democracy and this Good Samaritan culture will prevail. Persevierense is the name of the game. And I hope that modern day democrats are ready to grind down tyrannies, that will not be easy.

  6. The fact that Ukraine attends nearly all the meetings of Western leaders (G7, NATO, EU), is welcomed in the Hall of Westminster as well as Ukraine now tieing into the EU electric grid as well as all the free movement of Goods & Materials across Ukraines western border with wealthy neighbours …All this activety , and the contacts the evacuated Ukrainians have made…..makes Ukraine Western now. Putin or no Putin. No going back now. Slava Ukraini

  7. i was laughing when i saw the old guy sleeping through his speach was legendary 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🫡🫡😴😴😴😴 i think even putin looked sheepish as he approached his speach

  8. Putin’s speech was pretty much about telling his people to get ready to live in isolation.
    Back to Soviet Russia, let nobody in and nobody leaves.
    We’re on our own now comrades.

    1. lol if you want to go to russia, you fly to turkey or china and then take a flight to russia. pretty fucking easy..

  9. 😂😂😂 Love that we doubt that they believe we started it. They have been asking NATO not to keep pushing east since 1998 but we think that is just propaganda.

  10. “In this hope, among the things we teach to the young are such truths as the transcendent value of the individual and the dignity of all people, the futility and stupidity of war, its destructiveness of life and its degradation of human values.”

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States, January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961
    Address at the Opening Session of the White House Conference on Children and Youth, College Park, Maryland, 3/27/60

    Military Service: United States Army
    Years of Service: 1915 – 1953
    Rank – US-O11, General of the Army;

    Battles & Wars
    Mexican Border Service
    World War I
    World War II
    Battle of the Mediterranean
    North African campaign
    Operation Torch
    Battle of Port Lyautey
    Tunisian campaign
    Allied invasion of Sicily
    Allied invasion of Italy
    Western Front
    Western Allied invasion of France
    Operation Overlord
    Normandy landings
    Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine
    Battle of the Bulge
    Western Allied invasion of Germany
    European Theater of Operations
    Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force in Western Europe
    Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces in North Africa
    Supreme Allied Commander Europe
    Military Governor of the U.S. Occupation Zone in Germany
    Commanding General, Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

    Navy Distinguished Service Medal
    Army Distinguished Service Medal (5)
    Legion of Merit
    1961 – 1969; Chief of Staff of the United States Army

  11. In the last 5 years alone, the 200 most politically active companies in the U.S. spent $5.8 billion influencing our government with lobbying and campaign contributions. Those same companies got $4.4 trillion in taxpayer support – earning a return of 750 times their investment.

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