Branson On 'Unity' Launch: ‘Welcome To The Dawn Of A New Space Age' 1

Branson On ‘Unity’ Launch: ‘Welcome To The Dawn Of A New Space Age’


Sir Richard Branson spoke to press and spectators after the successful landing of the ‘Unity’ spacecraft in New Mexico, saying he wants to “turn the dream of space travel into a reality” for generations to come.

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  1. And see how many billions to shoot a rich person into space for a few minutes versus 1 billion people around the world that are starving to death. What a guy.

    1. @George Flowers And that’s what’s really both tragic and hilarious – they wouldn’t believe even to their own eyes.

    1. @Jorge Mancilla We all know you hate marxism. You can take a break because all of FOX shares your hatred for it.

    2. @John Clarke
      I hate the stupid people, even in Left or right!
      You don’t know me, how dare you, and say things about me?
      Stupid people!🙈🙈🙈🙈

    3. @Jorge Mancilla How dare I? You’re always ranting about marxism. You have ONE issue- you hate marxism, hence your utopia comment. You repeat the exact same garbage constantly and then you have the nerve to accuse others of being stupid. Yeah, we get it. You don’t like Marxism. I don’t like broccoli. Jesus. smh

    4. Imagine a world that didn’t contain brainwashed turds like Jorge mancila who would gladly lick the boots of every rich guy out there.

  2. Cool… But what’s the point? It’s not like billionaires will be doing science or exploring anything.

  3. One of the KINGS in the new era of KINGDOMS and SLAVES! Billionaire BOYS with TOYS……CONGRATULATIONS!!

    1. @13bustah by not spending all efforts to leave Earth and spend all that money on food, housing and health care.

  4. “Cool story,” said the single mom working two jobs to make sure her kid has enough food and clothing.

    1. @Happy the kids see you’re example too. Absent father is what they learn about…. how NOT to behave .
      courage & strength to you 🤗💪☀️

  5. More destruction to the ozone layer and air quality. Use all your money to help fix problems on our planet instead of making them worse.

  6. Just another Billionaire wasting money and looking for Time on social media to promote his business .He is showing the rich are just getting richer while everyone else is starving, this shows when the world is suffering billionaires are more worried about a 1 hour trip to space and back then using the money to help others

    1. @DAVID ANDERSON 😂you don’t know that for sure though. There are NO guarantees in life when it comes to moving vehicles.

  7. Down here on Planet Earth 🌏 we would like to be able to have a place to live and food to eat.
    Try living on Social Security Mr Virgin Space!!!!!

  8. Just think how many people on this earth could have been housed and fed with the cost of that flight. Branson charging at least $250,000 per person. Greed extends into space.

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