Breaking: At Least Seven Dead, San Jose Gunman Identified 1

Breaking: At Least Seven Dead, San Jose Gunman Identified


NBC News' Pete Williams reports the San Jose gunman was identified after police officials report at least 7 deaths.
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  1. Ye haw , your still number 1…gun control, no we believe in mop and go….. America’s exceptionalism

    1. @David Kim do we? Or do we value a person’s inalienable right to protect themselves, their family and others but a small fraction of people abuse that privilege?

    2. @Scott Harrison what color is the sky where you live,,try reading, if you’re county hasn’t burnt all the books

  2. This is pure conjecture on my part but it sounds to me like he decided to settle accounts before he killed himself which is also known as suicide. They should also check in on his relationship with his next of kin because him destroying his house points to him not wanting anyone to benefit from his death. In the end, this type of madness needs to stop in our country regardless of politics.

    1. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH you are a Comanche yes. That is your heritage. America is the country that we all live in which makes it all of our country. There is a difference between citizenship and heritage.

    2. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH after looking at your little troll channel that was created 6 days ago I would say I am a chief over one single little sorry warrior that is named: Set With Squaws.

    3. @Doug Ohaver
      You have neither.
      My NATION is Comanche.
      Indoctrination of Indigenous people is Over European

    4. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH I have a very small small part indian in my heritage. Mother’s side, a small tribe in Minnesota. My great great whatever grandfather was from a small town in France called Porior , he fought for the French during the French and Indian Wars. I am so proud of who that man is was whatever. I was in a PTSD program up in Hot Springs SD right in the middle of the Sioux Nation. Was introduced to their culture what an honor, they are part of me and I am a part of them. You are blessed.

  3. Toon in tomorrow for a new shooting and MORE DEAD!!!!!!!!….after the break

    1. @Rurouni Kenshin they ignore everything else so why not? The only reason they focus on these types of shootings is because of the suburban upper middle class white kids who get scared by this stuff but not scared by the 60 people shot every weekend in chicago because they dont have to deal with that

    2. @Rurouni Kenshin like how they didnt cover the 30 shots that happend in the No-go zone in minneapolis while they were having a moment of silence for floyd

    1. @Reason Excellent, so you oppose the ar because its smi auto, and not because its an assault weapon? As for high cap mags, nobody can legally possess them in California. Key word being legally.

    2. @Reason and yes there’s a lot that needs to be done as far as mental health is concerned.

    3. @Sarah Breisch – lmao! I think I know you, but went by a different name about a year ago. Anyway…thanks!

    4. @studentdrake: I’m not sure about that magazine law my friend. On March 29, 2019, the District Court for the Southern District of California ruled that law was unconstitutional and sales of magazines of 10+ rounds resumed.
      And I don’t oppose semi autos. I oppose people under 21 being able to legally buy them.

    5. antidepressants are proven to be placebo and to cause suicidal ideation and violence by their makers.

      now those folks on psych meds…can pack heat legally? wutt wutt?

      background checks to carry. or…we…are….all…at….risk as we see….daily.


    1. Yea let’s take away their guns and inspire them to build a bomb and wipe out 4 city blocks instead

  4. you never know ,.. sometimes in this world some people drive others off
    their cracker ,..I would be interested in what that union meeting was
    about because obviously the topic greatly would of affected the shooters

  5. Other countries would call this a senseless and preventable tragedy. In the good ol’ USA, we just call this Wednesday.

    1. @Bob Smith I think I’ll just get out of here before you start telling us how jet fuel can’t melt steel beams lol

    1. Working conditions are driving people nuts.. in my city we had 2 mass shootings at Miller Brewery and Kroger.. both were allegedly done because of racism and management not doing anything about it…

    2. @louieDsypo It’s scary. I work at a Union shop cooperative market in produce in Massachusetts. People have been under stress for over a year, it’s a marathon mentally.
      Every now and then we get a tweaker but I’ve been keeping an eye every time someone comes through the door since my department is the first one customers go through.
      I worked for 18 years in a local bar starting as a doorman. I’ve been in doorman mode since last March. I’m not really concerned but keeping watch is in the DNA these days.
      Our union brothers and sisters stand together, especially for the families of the victims. It is time for every labor union to step up for same gun control legislation starting with the current House bill.

    1. @edwin nieves – Isn’t it actually brainless to not know that it’s against the law to sell a gun to a mentally unstable person?
      That’s been a law much longer than 4 years.
      You should change your name to “brainless”.

    2. @Scott Harrison again they need to make it harder to buy guns sticker gun laws being a gun owner myself and brainless is when you bring politics into something that has absolutely nothing to do with the video that makes you brainless but then your master trump taught you how to be brainless

    3. @Scott Harrison Trump Republican Greg Abbott of Texas scheduled to sign a bill to allow anyone over the age of 21 to carry a gun WITHOUT A PERMIT! Now WTH are you talking about Scott Harrison??

  6. How to reduce violence: Make the society less stressful, and discourage selfishness from an early age.
    The US does the opposite, and lament people are violent and impulsive these days.

    1. Proper gun control is what’s needed, only in America do we constantly hear of mass shootings, and it stems back to the fact Americans have such easy access to firearms.

  7. I am sad for the victims and families (in this last incident and earlier ones). Much can be said, but the global bottomline is: “Everybody for him/herself” cannot be the foundation for a sustainable society or nation or world.

  8. I’m sure he was one of those GOP voters that hates Unions, but they gladly seek employment at firms that have Unions because they know it’s a better workplace, better pay…and better job security.

  9. Welcome to America, where we settle disputes, grievances, difference of opinion, and lane changes with a gun.

  10. Gun laws doesn’t work when someone has a plan to a mass Shootings.
    Co-workers Respect.
    Is the answer, STOP bulling

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