Breaking Down Meme Stocks And AMC's Surge 1

Breaking Down Meme Stocks And AMC’s Surge


Risk Reversal Advisors Principal, Dan Nathan, and Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO, Josh Brown, explain meme stocks and movie theater chain AMC's latest stock surge fueled by social media users. "This is very different from other pump and dump scams," Brown says. "In this scenario, people are literally celebrating how ignorant they are."
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    1. These people shorting the markets are the same people that own the news networks that made this FUD. These people play democrats AND republicans against each other.

  1. Hahahahaha— they have stimulus money? Millions that got this money have had to pay rent, past due utilities and buy basic foodgeezus huge disconnected messages…

  2. My goodness, I certainly hope to someday have the absolute confidence of a cishet white guy who didn’t have to earn it. Of course they happen to be wildly wrong here, so there is that. AMC is popping off because gamers weren’t done after GameStop. We didn’t come to save the movies, or even a video game retailer – we came to bankrupt hedge funds. They challenged us in a game that pays out in $USD instead of our usual in-game gold. We simply weaponized our portfolios to take aim at hedge fund money. This is financial activism and we aren’t kids. We are the ghosts of 2008 come to take our money back. We are the working class tired of seeing suffering every day because people can’t afford to simply live. We are the gamers, and the minorities, and the women, and the paycheck to paychecks. We are forcing open the floodgates to make wealth flow down to the people and that’s why won’t sell our shares – so those with less shares than us can get life changing money.

    The question you should be asking isn’t “How high can AMC go?” but rather “How many stonk rockets can they build?”

    1. I am not a gamer but I love your attitude of being “Occupy Wall street gamers” who intend to exact revenge on the hedge funds who screwed me, you and your over multiple time in 2008 by taking their US$ and giving them back “in-game gold”.

  3. Count me amongst the apes, as I wish to be underestimated. Who’s losing money here? Not me, I’m up 450% on AMC and 66% on GME. I’m up 57% on BB and 8% on NOK. Am I thinking about selling? NO, all the way! I’m *buying more* and averaging up.

    Remember the summer of Pokemon Go? This is like that but we’re all playing the stonk game instead. Do you think a stonk portfolio is somehow more complicated than a Pokemon index? It’s not. Like, we learn complicated new games for fun every day in our spare time, this one is no different except we get paid in real money and the rules are a bit stupider and more rigged against us than usual. We play stupid and goof around so much to hide the real data analysis we do. We read the stupid boring reports and charts and then put our findings into a format that’s more fun so we don’t feel like the life is being sucked out of us for having spent our free time doing such boring work. Also, it’s *very funny* to make experts go on tv and say our silly words.

  4. Saw a sign on a freeway overpass the other day to buy AMC. Thought to myself, “Too Late.”

    MSNBC caught in bed with Citadel!
    We are just Smooth-Brained Apes… Accept us and learn to live with us.

  6. This is propaganda to keep new investors from joining the short squeeze. If you believe this trash then you don’t need money.

  7. The stock market has a roulette wheel named Pump ‘n Dump. They insert do nothing company names and spin it to get their next quarterly play.

  8. Oh my god why do you CARE?? If it’s doomed to fail, and we’ll all get burned then stfu about it.

  9. “We need to be careful and watch these investors to make sure they don’t manipulate the market for profit.”
    Wall Street hedge funds:

  10. I love how you belittle us for trading. We know wtf we’re doing, this isn’t us just “playing on our phones” that’s insulting and incredibly offensive.

  11. I’m looking for a laugh coin in this video then I can give them. Lol, Hold my shares to the moon.

  12. But Steph, almost every stock on the American exchanges isn’t really “worth” the selling price. It’s a con.

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