Johnson On Controversial Voting Laws, GOP Opposing Jan. 6 Commission 1

Johnson On Controversial Voting Laws, GOP Opposing Jan. 6 Commission


Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the rise of restrictive voting laws across the country and GOP senators' efforts to oppose a commission probing the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. He also responds to the latest cyberattack and explains the risks it presents to U.S. security.

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    1. @Laura Walker Just goes to show it wasn’t Antifa. If it was, all of the Republicans would have voted for Jan 6th commission. They are so obvious.

    2. @Reasons Reasons I never said any of those policies were against the Constitution… it’s currently legal in the United States to be HOMOSEXUAL duhhhh

    3. @The Tweatles If you aren’t a homosexual, I bet your children are, those comment you leave ooze of self-hatred, just remember Republicans have LBGTQ meeting groups.

    1. Wish the Patriot gop like Cheney, Kitzinger and Romney would be the main type of gop. Those folks care for Americans & love America. I like them for being honest & holding up their oath to our Constitution!

  1. There is no place in our government for Republicans so we either need to start arresting them or kicking them out of the government

    1. @B Bhima thank you. Republican party is full of criminals, Liars, pedophiles, and just plain evil people

    2. @C D you’re so brainwashed you’re almost funny because Republican party is trying to destroy this country and their whole party is full of liars, cheaters, and pedophiles

    3. @C D tell me the last time the Republican Party passed a bill that helped the American working class

  2. Just removing mr Mitch from the GOP will be a very big step to go anywhere in the senate

    1. Looks like you obviously missed the memo Elizabeth…Democrats support BLM and TRANS-KIDS

    2. @William H Music 2021 no the dems don’t support BLM, no one said they did, nothing wrong with trans-kids at all.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis US embassies across the world are flying the black lives matter flag on the buildings

    4. @William H Music 2021 it is in commemoration of George Floyd, it is NOT a mandate that they do it. Guess you don’t understand what respect is.

    1. An insurrection the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet didn’t fire a shot.

      An insurrection where the only person shot was an unarmed woman.

      An insurrection where the police confiscated zero weapons from the “insurrectionists.”

      If un-ironically throwing up an ARMED border around part of an American city and declaring independence isn’t an insurrection, then neither was January 6th.

    2. @Laura Walker

      Democrats: A riot in which the only person shot was an unarmed woman, and the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet didn’t fire a shot, that’s an “insurrection.”

      Also Democrats: ” Burning, looting and murdering for months, as un-ironically throwing up an ARMED border around part of an American city and declaring independence isn’t an insurrection. It’s just “fiery, but mostly peaceful protesters.”

      Go pound sand.

    3. @Ignacio Couce there were weapons confiscated from insurrectionist at the riot, from their cars and hotel rooms. There was NO armed border around any city.

  3. they are setting themselves up in the states’ legislatures to simply “call” the election in favour of who they want – obviously the GOP
    our votes will simply NOT count – at ALL
    they need to be removed, and dealt with

    1. @lindsay jennifer However, I still plan to vote. I hope we flood the polls with votes so that it is noticeable that the people are speaking loud and clear.

    2. @C D yes, of course they keep blocking your comments because you’re a poor little persecuted Q anonist.

    3. @Mainely LMAOOOO You guys are such idiots and are a microscopic portion of the population. Thumbs up!

  4. “We’re increasing election integrity by lowering the burden of proof the Courts require too overturn elections” – Republicans.

    1. 46 out of 47 countries in Europe require photo ID to vote, including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which Bernie Bros and Warren Gals love to hold you as models of governance they would like the U.S. to imitate.

    2. There are now dozens if not hundreds of videos of hate crime attacks against Asian and Jewish Americans.

      – Not one Trump hat.

      – Not one Proud Boy.

      – Not one Zionist attacking Palestine Americans.

      The perpetrators are all leftists, that’s the source of violence.

    3. @Ignacio Couce you don’t know if they are from the left. Guess you have NO idea who the leader is of the proud boys do you? He is Latino, not white, there are also black members in the proud boys. There have been white people who have committed hate crimes against Jewish and Asian people, so you trying to say it is the left would make you wrong, because you don’t know what side they are from.

    4. @C D guess you don’t realize that the left does NOT depend on MSNBC for FACTS we do our research and guess what? That research is correct. It is republicans from republican states that have said there was NO fraud NOT msnbc. Any fool could see that the AZ audit is a sham especially when they started looking for watermarks and bamboo fibers, what idiots. Well they are NOT happening in every state, and NO one is freaking out.

    1. We Americans were likely stupid and corrupt enough to have started it. The Russia and China just took advantage of our own stupidity and used it to their own advantage to undermine our democracy and destroy our country.

    1. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! Also GOP “Vote no to Jan 6th commission” You aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, are you, 4 week old, empty channel troll?

    1. The few that weren’t might have been enough to reach the 60 mark. In fact, that would have been reached if not for McConnell’s activism and possible death threats to their family from the far-right GQP fascist cult.

  5. the seditious efforts to overthrow democracy continues, these republicans are not going to stop until they are held accountable and punished.

  6. Let’s be realistic when he says we need to put together a commission to make sure this never happens again whether they be Trump supporters or any other groups…..just say other members of the GOP. Those are the only other people that would do this. Don’t be afraid to say the Democrats wouldn’t do this.

  7. I think it’s traumatizing to the nation and demoralizing that they haven’t been held to account.

  8. Not having a Jan 6th Commission is either ignorance, denial, stupidity for obstruction. I vote for obstruction !!! It’s not just arrests that we need – – it’s getting to the bottom of the reason why, and who was responsible at the top of the pyramid.

  9. “we’re going to arrest and hopefully convict everyone involved”, but let’s not investigate, to find out who they are.

  10. Mitch Please! He knows exactly why the downed the 1/6 commission
    Any further look into the event would bring light to some of his colleagues and the 45th Joke of a President.

  11. All these talking heads showing up on CNN. and MSNBC — when they need to figure out how to get time on Network News such as ABC, CBS and NBC. Which are still the News Channels most Americans watch – and where they’ll get their message to those who they really need to reach.

    Preaching to the choir is fun for the choir, but not sure how much it really helps.

  12. President biden should act immediately and get this Johnson sec general in his cabinet to assist in solving this insurrection problem. First action of the day is to get lt general Flynn be placed under military arrest for inciting military coup against a duly elected president

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