FBI Investigating Postmaster General DeJoy Over Campaign Contributions 1

FBI Investigating Postmaster General DeJoy Over Campaign Contributions


The Department of Justice and FBI are investigating Postmaster General Louis DeJoy in connection with campaign contributions of former employees. The Washington Post's Jacob Bogage has details.
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    1. @Maddie Scientist Because no one seems to care about the RULE OF LAW it’s up to us to rain them in

    2. @J L Agree, but it’s a process and the President has no control over it, except for who he puts up for consideration.

    1. I agree…….he is a classic Trump bootlicker. Which means he is a danger to the country. If Trump had won, they were planning on destroying mail-in voting, and this creep would have been in charge of that. Fire him.

    2. The Biden administraion’s ho-hum approach to justice is infuriating. They’re playing with 18th century courtesan rules against 21st century fascists.

    3. @Kelly McCain yeah, they also want to close USPS completely and let the private businesses do it.

    4. @Mainely because if they didn’t they’d risk losing supporters cause the first thing youd see is fox news and all the other right wing outlets laying into him saying he’s overstepping or destroying x amendment or removing x freedom like they’ve been doing at any stupid thing they think they have an angle on. But it all inevitably is just another tan suit like with Obama.

    1. @Ken Carpenter exactly, I guarantee you there’s some corruption involved with the USPS board and Dejoy

    2. @jerry jerry Hunter, with his substance abuse issues and struggles to live up to his other surviving brother post accident still has out performed Eric, whose only access to survival was employment- and servitude- at the hands of his despotic father. But I digress; having a father like DJT could have proven more traumatic than surviving a mortal vehicular accident, efforts to live up to Bo’s standard and getting hooked on coke- not unlike Don Jr or his opportunistic “girlfriend.” Watch Kimberly’s performance at the 2020 RNC “convention” and tell me that wasn’t fueled by coke.

  1. Trump’s assigned Post Office hit man needs to go. Too bad he destroyed so much USPS equipment and now the mail is much slower. More Trump-era damage to rectify.

    1. You’re so stupid dude… And what else on that INDOCTRINATED list of Trump things that need redone do ya got? Ya, I’ll be waiting on that.

  2. In my state, not knowing the law doesn’t matter. If you broke the law, you broke the law and shall be duly punished. And even if it later turns out that it was all a mistake by a federal agency, you’ll still be out the court costs. From experience. Don’t know what it’s like in other states.

  3. You have to love the investigations of dejoy. Equal justice is coming for all orange club members.

  4. Biden should just throw this guy out as he was illegitimately appointed to obstruct the election and grift for his company. Tell him to GTFO and get a lawyer.

    1. Agree but Joe can’t. The PO board of directors has the authority to remove him, not Joe. He’s working on it. There have been some new appointees that Joe installed. Hang in there.

    1. Grace Porter, in the past 53 years there have been 28 years of Republicans, and 25 years of Democrats. The have also been three indictments of Democrats, and 317 of Republicans (so far) so maybe the Republicans are more corrupt, or more brazen, or just dumber.

    2. Baba Ganoush, Benghazi was investigated ad nauseam for two years and the bottom line was that Clinton was exonerated, and the Republicans in Congress were responsible. Gowdy ended testimony when it was revealed that Clinton had asked for funds to increase security, and Congress denied the request, the house had just cut the security funds for the embassies again.

    3. Nettie Standiford, DeJoy was using his employees “bonuses” to siphon funds into political campaigns. Forcing employees to “contribute” to campaigns is illegal.

  5. Well I didn’t know that I couldn’t park there but I still got a ticket.
    Put the man in jail already! It takes between 30 and 45 days to get my medication.

    1. DeJoy won’t go to jail
      If he snitches on Donald Trump, he gets a get-out-of-jail-free card

    1. Breaking news is when ANY of these numerous investigations going on leads to an indictment and I’m hoping Gaetz is the first one up.

    2. @TommyK well you know what they say
      If you could rationalize with trump supporters there would not be any trump supporters.
      It’s as simple as that.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff having fun going video to video just to hit the dislike button as if that means anything? But yea manipulated

    1. @Uniquely Lily and then DeJoy immediately said after that, in a very arrogant way… “get use to it” !!

  6. So nobody is investigating how DeJoy had a vested interest with his delivery company? If you want to investigate corruption? Then look at who makes the biggest profit.

  7. Shouldn’t they be investigating him for his blaring conflicts of interest and attempts to dismantle the USPS from the inside out???

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