Schiff On Latest String Of Russian Hacks: ‘It Is A Real Proliferation' 1

Schiff On Latest String Of Russian Hacks: ‘It Is A Real Proliferation’


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, discusses the latest string of cyberattacks by a Russia-linked group. 
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    1. @Renegade But the Russian Bounty story was fake news, you DNC plant. Even the CIA said there was no credible evidence.

    1. Nobody told them they had to use a password. Besides, Windows 3 on their 286 PC is state-of-the-art. Now plug in the 14,400 dial-up modem and pay the nice Russian people. Make sure they fax a receipt.

    2. They need to train their employees better not to click on the link in email to make sure their office email account stays active and fill out the form they find with their username and password, or click on a link to download a virus into the company’s computer system.
      Too much surfing going on on corporate computers.

  1. Trump cheers on the Russian hacks like he cheered on his brainwashed Capital Building attackers.

    1. @Move on Over A huge cyberattack happened against the federal government back in December, Trump of course blamed Chy-na!

      These cyberattacks happened quite a bit under while he was in office, he just downplayed it. Kinda like he did with COVID.

    2. @Move on Over You think Solar Winds happened under Biden? I agree, he is responsible now but you guys make this sound like it has only happened under Biden which isn’t true. And Trump downplayed everything that happened on his watch.

  2. Well now that the Kremlin’s traitor puppet is on his way to prison..This was to be expected..

    1. @Nimbus Nimbus IV Why are 45 and the republicans the biggest traitors in the country’s history since the Confederates?..

    2. @INCARNATE So you answer questions you dont know with accusations? Typical leftist. Speaking of confederates, what political party put a stop to all that?

  3. Trump to Putin: I thought the Golden Shower you offered me meant the walk in shower was made of gold.

  4. Russians ain’t no dummies when Trump was in Moscow during the Miss Universe in 2013 they got him on tape.

    1. They didn’t need to blackmail him with a tape from his Russia visits, they had apartments in his buildings.

    2. The pee tape that the dnc paid russia for? No it was fake like everything else they been telling us. Like Fauci and his “science”

    3. Exactly. It’s the long-awaited Pee pee tapes from the hotel room the Obamas stayed in during their Moscow visit.

    1. garyoa1 – oh I remember Ukraine.
      I remember how Biden was tasked with helping Ukraine.
      I remember how Russia took Crimea under Biden’s watch.
      I remember how we sent Ukraine blankets and food curtesy of the Obama administration and how trump sent them weapons.
      I remember it all very well.

    2. @Gabe Dudley Apparently, even harder for delusional “right” wing minions that like to get fleeced to serve their Chosen One.
      Remember, you guys don’t have “truth” all you have is “alternate truth”.
      You’re living a lie.
      I’m sorry you allowed yourself to be conned.

  5. We are being attacked… we have the right to defend ourselves, and we have the right to attack back to stop future attacks…

    1. @A Fridge Too Far
      That you can’t see what is happening because your eyes are fixed on the ground isn’t my duty to correct… there is no proof that will suffice to correct self imposed blindness.

    2. @Mistair Arts Ok, so in other words you have no proof. Didn’t think ya did, but I just wanted to hear you admit it. Thanks, have a great night

    3. @A Fridge Too Far
      Nothing I say will change your mind… not to mention that I don’t have to prove anything to you.

    4. @A Fridge Too Far
      Look up the term Straw Dog… Say… aren’t you a GOP shill spreading BS? Well OK… you get to be what you are and I’ll be who I am. Doesn’t make either of us right… or , for that matter…and doesn’t make any propaganda worth listening to… You want Mr Orange face to come back from LA-LA land…What did he actually accomplish for you? Tell me that… How many people died because he was incompetent… lots… Do you even care that he was incompetent… and has been most of his life… He’s your guy… I know… but that says a lot about you too…

  6. Yeah it seems really strange that after Trump leaves his office all the s*** that he leaked to them I really think that it’s because of him that they’ve been able to hack into the systems of the United States. Too many secretive meetings and GOP and cahoots with them and they’re just too many questions

  7. Just the fact that Biden has NOT said that Putin assured him it’s not coming from Russia, makes this administration 1000% better than the last one.

  8. Let’s just remember that last year Trump allowed the largest hack in US history to occur, and he never did anything about it because he “trusts Putin”.

  9. I don’t understand why the US just doesn’t declare open season for cyber warfare against Russia ?

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