Republicans Push To Give Trump Allies Power Over Elections 1

Republicans Push To Give Trump Allies Power Over Elections


More than a dozen Republican state legislatures have passed new restrictive voting laws that would give allies of former President Donald Trump more power over election results. 
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  1. Free and fair elections for Americans to vote in American elections. Is that too much to ask liberals???

  2. I believe it was Stalin who said, “It doesn’t matter who votes, It matters who counts the votes”!

    1. @Celeste A. Hall I see what you’re saying to some degree, but why won’t anyone on the left admit that opening up all those options could introduce some opportunities for fraud. Or maybe I’m missing something (I don’t have strong opinions)

    2. @Celeste A. Hall tell me….why has not all this been a problem the last 200 years? but now becomes a problem the 1 time democrats go out of their way and change election rules just weeks before a national election

    3. @another day aboveground wise old man Gusto? Somehow you make it sound like you are texting on a jitterbug phone from adult day care. You arent wrong though the money train is going to end. That is why I love when they talk about “free” college and healthcare. The money has already been spent. Gusto is what we need. We will mount one of their severed skulls on your scooter sir.. And you shall ride victorious!

    4. @Celeste A. Hall Looking for fraudulent votes isn’t “cancelling”, neither is having someone prove they are who they say with voter ID laws. I do agree that poll limiting is bad.

      It may be the case that the election wasn’t stolen, but this was the MOST questionable and shadowy election in the last 50 years imo

  3. Citrus Galigula wants to burn it all down. If he can’t have it his way, then no one can have it.

  4. Hopefully the Republicans don’t send ppl in at 2am to feed ballots through the machines and cover up all the windows to let the public look at the “fair” process!!!

    1. @brent dillard If there are countless videos surely you can link a few. I don’t see any links. Where are the resources!? Where’s the REAL NEWS!? THE REAL FACTS? COME ON BRENT DINGUS!

    2. @Ry’s World I know. They’re all saying the same BS. “Look it up, it’s out there.” If someone was asking me a legit question for sources I felt passionate about as these dinguses do I would be all over sharing the REAL FACTS. So far, nothing. It’s always been nothing.

  5. “The votes aren’t important, it’s the vote counters that matter.” That’s kind of how Russia does it. Why not here..right? And I suppose they think all those disenfranchised voters will just do nothing. You know a lot of Dems in those states own guns too.

    1. Probably 1 little pistol. I’d love to see a Democrat that owns an assault rifle. Most likely none.

  6. Man all this guy does is whine! Just proves our point that Trump lives in these peoples heads rent free

  7. The more people vote, the less bs there will be in the end with ‘who won’ so.

    There is more bs now than ever on who has control of the voting populous

  8. Meanwhile everything ended up being true about Covid, and the election. People who were dead already votes were even counted . And letting people vote without ID is just stupid & encourages voter fraud.

  9. Rothschild said “give me control of a country’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”. It does not matter who you vote for or who the president is.. both sides are from the same coin

  10. Term limits please. ID to vote is not an unreasonable request. This so called reporter is nothing but a sensationalist.

    1. Cronyism gives the left/right party misdirection and they eat it up, their call anything otherwise as a conspiracy theory

  11. First time I appreciated the aspect of controlling the referees in the Republican Voting Laws. Absolutely scary. Could you later go into likelihood of Court challeges overturning this as unconstitutional?

  12. Something big is about to come out that’s going to really mess these toads up because trump is getting tons of bad news sooooo soon

  13. Ah yes, nothing says defending democracy like closing polling stations earlier, reducing the amount of voting stations that are open, and decreasing mail in ballots even though that’s what Trump does

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