Brett Hurt On Texas Voting Restriction: ‘It’s Fundamentally Anti-Democratic’ | MSNBC

NBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by former Dallas Mayor, Ron Kirk and Data Dot World CEO and Co-Founder, Brett Hurt to discuss new restrictive voting laws in Texas.
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  1. It’s ironic how much the government’s trying to control people in Texas, considering they call themselves The Party of small government….

    1. That’s because the GOP never actually believed in “small government,” but “their government.”

  2. Do you see any protesters wairing armor no ,this is the way to go not like Jan 6, good luck

  3. Cancun Vacation without Consequences 🐀🐀🐀

    Time to Prevent Voting. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Just like the citizens of the Willis Tower; their own personal voting station for a few hundred people while old 90 year olds have to queue for 7 or 8 hours

  4. that’s the plan…if everyone votes, then
    the party formerly known as republican
    can never win…
    so limit the voters to only those who will support them

    1. naziism? Communism? nationalism? Autocracy? Am I leaving anything out? ohh yes…”good ole boyz”!!!!

  5. I wish I could afford to move to California or Washington or even Canada. I gotta get out the south.

    1. The GOP already gerrymandered the Congressional districts to the point where no one can win as it is. Texas already manipulates the number of machines and available polling places in urban areas, so why are the extra moves even necessary? Since they already control State House. State Senate, Attorney General”s Lt. Governor’s and Governor’s offices, why pussyfoot around with thinly veiled voter suppression efforts. Just pass a law that states if you don’t vote for whom we want, what we want and the way we want, then you just can’t vote.

    2. @Wynell D Jenkins This can only be called craven power hungry swamp fever politics. They will fail and in doing so will extinguish their party.


  7. What I dont hear anyone say is the ability to hold corrupt politicians accountable. What these politicians are doing is protecting themselves from their own constituents.

    1. Good for you, but the rest of the country is looking at Texas and others and shaking their heads.

  8. If there are any fellow Texans on this thread please take note of the following:

    1. Massive effort and energy going into unnecessary voting restrictions.

    2. Efforts to end legal training, proficiency training and background check requirements to carry a firearm.

    But notice what we’re not seeing:

    1. No winterization of our power grid.

    2. No actions towards making our power grid redundant.

    3. No state funding for youth jobs programs.

    See where their priorities

  9. America has been descending down a slippery slope for several years now.
    The country no longer has any aspirations of progress.
    Its problems transcend mere stagnation.

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