Brexit Reignites Conflict Between Catholics And Protestants In Ireland

NBC News' Matt Bradley reports from Belfast on how Brexit is reigniting age-old tensions between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland.

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Brexit Reignites Conflict Between Catholics And Protestants In Ireland


  1. “सरसों तेल, और जापान की रेल”

    दोनों की स्पीड बराबर करके छोड़ेंगे मोदी जी

  2. Looks like the religious right and the religious left are going to destroy each other… More power to religion.!!!!! CARRY ON.!

    1. It’s not so much religion as it is nationality. Much like the US, politicians here peddle in misinformation and then direct to a less educated demographic who then react to it violently. This is the same for the republicans as it is for the loyalists. So in essence it’s more a case of politicians misleading the public, then referencing the public to justify their action or stance.

  3. Orange, of course refers to Dutch stadholder William III (William of Orange) who was also king of England, Scotland and Ireland.

    1. Yes, that was way back when all European royalty married one another to consolidate armies and seek revenge and power over one another. Especially if their religions clashed. My, how times have changed….

  4. You always speak of it as simply a sectarian conflict. It is a colonial problem. The native Irish were stripped of their rights, their land by planters sent to Ireland by the English government. In 1918 the majority of people in Ireland voted for a 32 county Republic. The descendents of the colonial planters in the 6 counties refused to accept the democratic will of the Irish people. The British Government bowed to this minority and so followed Irish partition. I want a 32 county Irish Republic but its not worth shedding one drop of blood for.

  5. This is ridiculous. My god how stupid does the yank audience have to get? You can’t explain Northern Island in a paint by numbers, sledgehammer over the head…I mean is this clip for real?

  6. Of course Americans see problems abroad. But they are about to have a very similar thing with dems and reps.
    Maybe it will go away if you ignore it.

  7. If the Troubles are re-ignited by Brexit, let the finger point at the man who owns Brexit…..Boris Johnson: a man who made baseless claims and false promises purely for the sake of his own ambitions. Let justice be done upon him.

  8. It’s so sad to see this continual animosity between catholic and protestants in Northern Ireland.

  9. Over… over… simplified explanation of the situation in Northern Ireland. Go to other news outlet for a better understanding of NI. Not everything is about the USA or it’s president.

  10. It’s not quite as simple as it’s been presented here. Belfast is Belfast – you can go to plenty of other places in the North where, bar low-level disputes and tensions, Catholics and Protestants get along very well for the most part. Most of the North voted to reject Brexit, after all – including a great many protestants. The DUP are claiming otherwise, because the DUP would Love the legitimacy of speaking for all protestants – but they don’t. I’m sorry, but this clip just fails to accurately sum up the situation in the North.

  11. Bet the DUP feels like it’s gotten screwed…. they helped the Tories stay in power a couple years and now the Tories are drawing NI out of the UK

  12. I’m not sure the remark horns is not welcome here as anything to do with this? He was talking about the color of the ex-president Donald Trump? It was a joke and nothing to do with the Irish or the Scottish

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