Brianna Keilar fires back at RNC chair’s false claim

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel falsely claimed that CNN is ignoring the fact that President Joe Biden has not held his own solo press conference since the start of his presidency.
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    1. @Tobias Birmingham Exactly! working on what? Signing the endless executive orders that he is told to sign. 25th amendment will be enacted within the year.

    2. @The MBodiFit Project – All those orders have done -is set us back into crisis and economic failure. Total buyer’s remorse thus far!!

    3. @The MBodiFit Project then the VP will be in place and then the Speaker, Trump has no chance anyways, if that is what you want

  1. I think cleaning up the mess The Other Guy left behind is slightly more important, don’t you?

    1. @Ash Roskell you are so indoctrinated beyond common sense you need the government controlling you. I can see why your defending the corrupt democrats. But yet I wonder if you can name one thing the democrats have done for America in the last 12 years? That’s Obama 8 years. Their attack on Trump for interfering with their corruption the last 4 years. And now with the your hero the puppet Joe. I will even ask what has Joe done in his 50 years for America. Besides make his family rich with corruption. That one don’t count.

    2. @William Hodgden calm down and go have another cup of the Trump cult Kool-Aid. and remember that your bunker boy Trump told you to send him a check. So get off that checkbook now!

  2. I kinda like that the President is keeping a low profile, especially after 4 years of Trump’s nonsense , arrogance and bigotry.

    1. @Dawn Rodriguez dawn I do not hav time to fix what my cell write wrong, my cell is set in defferent languages at one , so some time

    2. @Dawn Rodriguez because he protect the secund amendment the rigth to keep rifles, that is why you do not like and hate him because he is pro babies life because he talk about comunists socialis are shuting mouths of 19, 000 conservative voices .

    3. Hay lady u are so dam stupid about every thing Biden is doing trump is the best presadent we have ever had sence ragon

    1. @Johnny Numbers ahhh feeding your soul with mainstream media, enjoy you indoctrination cocktail.

    2. @Henry ClarkCNN??? Everything she said is verifiable and dated, please tell me where is the lie?? Just point me to 1 lie she told and I believe you.

    3. @Jacco Bastings Republican nowaday are automate mecanitron that consume news-feed from the right-wing propaganda machine and “react” in unisson without a blips of clitical thinking… Trump really obliterated what little was left of decency in these individuals

    1. @Dollar Short Daylate did you watch the whole clip. It’s so hard to not throw insults when very foolish things are said

    1. @sorry. – you are right here is a better and a real news item:
      The New York Magazine : 7th Accuser of Sexual Harassment by Governor Cuomo

      Reporter accuses Gov. Cuomo of sexual harassment: ‘It wasn’t about sex. It was about power’

      A female reporter has claimed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo touched her inappropriately and made her feel uncomfortable in an attempt to impose his power on the young journalist, making her the the seventh accuser to come forward with claims of sexual harassment against the Democratic governor.

      “I never thought the governor wanted to have sex with me. It wasn’t about sex. It was about power,” Jessica Bakeman wrote. “He uses touching and sexual innuendo to stoke fear in us. That is the textbook definition of sexual harassment.”

      The New York magazine piece written by Bakeman, titled “Cuomo Never Let Me Forget I Was a Woman,” offered a first-person account of sexual harassment allegations against the embattled governor, who is now facing calls for his resignation by high-profile Democrats.

    2. @Jet FighterF22 Yes, but what’s your point? Letitia James is already leading an investigation, and many Democrats have called for his resignation. Unlike Republicans, Democrats consistently hold each other accountable for the good of the party. Republicans do whatever the guy with the biggest check tells them to.

    3. NY Daily News: Governor Cuomo has come out against Cancel Culture as he defends against claims of forceable touching ( New York Penal Code § 130.52 ) and sexual harassment by 7 women former aides and a reporter . Cuomo believes that those calling for his resignation are promoting Cancel Culture. However he did call for Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice, to drop out of consideration for the Court because Cuomo believed Kavanaugh accuser before she even testified before the Senate . Cuomo even demanded that Kavanaugh take a lie detector test as well. Additionally, Cuomo released a statement in 2018 which called for the resignation of then-Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over a magazine article’s claims — a demand now resurfacing amid his own sexual misconduct allegations.

    1. @humbugs100 Awhhh! Biden wont let me have another issurection, he wan’ts to pretect families and children and create jobs and not give money to the wealthy. If we don’t rise up again him we might all be safe and happy. DH

    2. @newmove Children, you mean the Millions of children that are being saved from Sex Trafficking. Biden has nothing to do with that. Also. he has destroyed thousands of jobs. They are not going to give money to the wealthy, they keep it for themselves.

    1. @Ver Coda You totally lost most of them when you used the word “nadir”. But thank you for posting the information. Its good to know that fox cant do to other countries what it has done to America.

    2. @Baaliwood Fox lies right to your face. Every day. They have guests that lie right to you face. Every day.

    3. @Christopher Lane also do your self a solid. Fox news has always been this way. Same with msnbc. Cnn was actually a good news source till 2008ish when zucker took over but they were doing terrible in the ratings and he changed the station into what is now. A political bias opinion station. Go research it.

    1. Sara A. : Exactly! And he’s talking to the press almost every day! Including the Communist, “Chiynah,” loving F*x, “journalists.” They’re just whining that Joe’s not using a, “format,” they can pick on, because they’ve got NOTHING in the face of Joe’s success to pick on him for, except green eggs and ham and Mr Potato Head, when Tucker Carlson isn’t lecturing America on how we should be more like China, for crying out loud! Cicero said, when history repeats itself, first time is tragedy, the second time is Farce. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the world’s second Fascist Qult of Karens, formerly known as the GOP, until someone turned them all Orange . . . 🤦‍♂️ . . . 👍✌️

    2. job done??? lol…. aoc got a bar at the ‘other’ capitol building and peelosi is having her time like, “good sunday morning” or “open biden”???!!! peelosi wants to open biden??? ‘ZIPPER’!!!!

    3. @lanskamson : “Pee”??? You don’t wanna’ pull on that thread, with trump’s reputation do you? We’re still looking forward to the pee pee tapes. Anyway, you write like a 12 year old with anger issues and a learning disability. Must suck to be you? 😋

    1. @deb did you guys forget trump pardon all his friends that got charged because they were all crooks….he pardoned steve Bandon who was also stealing from MAGA 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. @cattycorner “completely clueless”…. how so?
      IM more educated, more informed, more experienced, more worldly, more intelligent, more accomplished and more successful than YOU or anyone you will ever know in this lifetime…..
      I mean, come on…. you’re some small town hillbilly rube trailer trash…. but yet those far superior to you are “completely clueless”?
      yeah, okay, HOW SO?
      elaborate instead of just reacting so emotionally and cowardly

    2. @Stephen Kershaw Wow… another Dense low level achievement from another insecure guy.
      Still not as dense nevertheless Trump should be proud for your effort.
      And please, Keep telling us how fantastic you are and how small we are compare to you. It really help us understand what is the problem. Thanks

  3. “He also didn’t have a transition and is still trying to get his damn cabinet approved”, and deal with the mess of a vaccine roll out no plan left by the last administration, and getting RELIEF to the american people….

    1. With no e v i d e n c e, C N N and the f a t l a d y reporter claim they “tell the t r u t h.”

    2. I waited and waited for Covid 19 Vaccine that Trump and his minions promised. The current administration has been in office less then 2 months. I got my 2nd. Moderna vaccine 2 days ago. I was told that anyone who had any side effects from the vaccine, usually happened after the 2nd. Dose. So far, so good. As to President Biden not having enough press conferences, maybe he’s been a bit busy ensuring everyone gets their vaccines. When he talked about mobile units going to underserved areas, I was elated. That’s something I never heard from trump. In fact, all trp talked about was the “stolen” election. I also feel very confident that this administration, and the Press Secretary, will tell us the truth, that means facts. They aren’t going to underestimate the intelligence of the people they serve. All of us.

    1. @O gauge Santa Fe and BNSF Yes, because mocking someone’s physical appearance is _always_ the way to express your point in an adult way.
      Grow up.

    2. @O gauge Santa Fe and BNSF You keep posting the same reply to different comments and not addressing the point being made.

  4. My reaction is probably the same as many Americans: Who cares? It’s not like he’s been absent, and considering the mess he was left with he’s been pretty busy.

  5. *I hate when Fox News talks in third person LOL “The media is bad” YOU ARE THE MEDIA TOO! LOL*

    1. @Frank Solis it’s like elmo from sesame street who talks in 3rd person lol I even noticed that Trump talks in 3rd person too lol “the media doesn’t like your president” when talking about himself lol


    2. Fox by their own admission is fake news. The parent company, News Corp officially labels and classifies Fox News Channel as entertainment, proof that they are fake news

    3. @Meedeeuh Areliars no one is obsessed with anything oh, that’s you as a hyper emotional drama queen exaggerating. And by the way Fox isn’t real news it’s fake news by their own admission, they officially classify the Fox News Channel as entertainment and take no responsibility of people cannot tell what is real and what is not

    4. Fox, along with OANN, Newsmax and others, is a broadcast tabloid. It’s rubbish consumed by the Nation’s conservatives.

    5. @Stephen Kershaw trucker Carlson doesn’t deliver the news. He gives his opinion. Like so many others on other networks. An opinion is far different then news. You don’t have to offer proof of anything, if it’s just an opinion. And my opinion is; that’s why it’s so easy for people to be lied to. Accepting opinions as news facts. And I don’t care what network it is. Chris Wallace is father was one of the best newsmen ever. When he interviewed anyone, he drilled down until he got an answer. Chris is the same. Chris is news, Carlson is opinion.

    1. @Meedeeuh Areliars As opposed to Trump who played golf twice as much in 4 years than Obama did in 8.

    2. @Meedeeuh Areliars You mean Trump. Trump in 4 years played golf twice as much as Oboma did in 8. Reality check.

  6. Oh give me a break Fox, as far as I know, Biden hasn’t called the press “the enemy of the people” yet either like your cult leader did.

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