NYC prosecutors' probe into Trump finances expands 1

NYC prosecutors’ probe into Trump finances expands


The Manhattan district attorney's office subpoenaed documents from an investment company that loaned the Trump Organization millions of dollars for its Chicago skyscraper in a sign that the investigation into the former president's finances continues to expand, according to people familiar with the investigation.

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    1. His sister is a former judge, so yeah… why not? I mean, all of america is corrupt, pay to play in all things. Why you upset about it? Just like hating on Trump? That’s a cult too ya know? Trump haters vs Trumpets. Ya’ll seriously need mental clarity and to reclaim your OWN SOUL POWER. Everyone is trained to consume and feed off the plasma screens tho. I get it. Best of luck with your recovery process Keith.

    2. Like one Trump appointed? Worked out well for him when he was trying to steal votes or stop vote counts.

    3. @Missy Moonwillow we are all cattle. These glowing screens you speak of are but aids for our collective docility. Regardless of what thought-pen we each are herded into, we graze on the same farm.

  1. I guess the loan wasn‘t „forgiven“. I guess, Trump rather said „I won‘t pay it back. Sue me“.

    1. At least one person has a clue…

      If one of the “poors” tried this they would be financially ruined, made homeless and forbidden to work ever again.

      Why? No future loans, no rental after background check and no employment in many states too, where I have to ask the question:

      Doesn’t financial hardship mean folks need and as a result want to work harder?

      It’s a system so devoid of reality some states have started banning the practice.

      Oh… they also ended most personal bankruptcy protections from you poors, but expanded them for the wealthy and corps.

      As I like to joke with other poors, there are many different ways to take a pay cut…

      End the 3 pillars of American financial oppression!

      Do you know the name of your oppressor?

    2. @Missy Moonwillow they are stepping into lucrative private sector sinecures, which they received in payment for selling you out.

      Don’t cry for them, they’ll be fine.

    3. @Missy Moonwillow so uh, you hang around cnn videos because you do not like or trust them. I’m curious, ever get a real hobby outside of lambasting a news agency? Who should we all get our news from? OAN? CNN recites events, they do not chase after opinions and nonsense. There is no mass democrat arrest or ongoing trump hero plan.

  2. This bank needs to be accountable too. I can’t pay a penny short, but they’ll forgive 100 million?

  3. Owe the bank 100 dollars they’ll take you to court, owe them a million they’ll take you to dinner.

    1. No. If You or I owe it they will drag us until we bleed. For others. It’s different because they will trade for something else (a favor) later. In the case of 45, fools the money and the timing of the exchange. Yes, there was an exchange . This world never “forgives” a 100 million dollar loss for ANYONE.

    2. I’m beginning to think it’s all about strategy. Simply put years ago a black person enters a bank for a loan it was no before the paperwork. Now you can use personal assets to secure business credit. Over a short period of time this can be expanded to millions that won’t affect you personally

    3. Very similar to the old saying when it came to repayment: owe the bank $1,000 you have a problem, owe the bank $1,000,000 the bank has a problem.

    1. @W T F ? You creatures throw darts at a spinning board of words and that’s the new theory. Every hour the story changes with you creatures. Have you recently donated your life savings to trump in order to stop the socialist agenda? Best to get rid of all of that money now before socialism comes and has to take good care of you in your new poverty. It always baffled me how people shriek in terror over broad support, “i dont want to pay a penny for people who dont work, so im donating all of my money to a guy who wont do squat but run his mouth about how he did great things someplace and made someones life somehow better just by existing beside that person for a brief moment.”

    2. He is a walking advertisement board for whoever he is associated with his name and they are cashing in on it, $100 million is a dropping the ocean when he has 75 million gullibles who believe and act on his every word.

  4. 100 million forgiven and here I am hoping for 1400 just to put food on the table.

    What a country we live in.

    1. @Craig Meace Wow! You either can’t mean that, the way I’m reading it or your so in your privileged bubble, its crazy!
      1. Not everyone has an Ivy League ed. Not everyone can be a Doctor or Lawyer. We need people like Waste Management workers and food store workers… Factory workers. They will never be rich but still need to be able to support their kids and pay their rent. They work hard and deserve to get paid a living wage. They deserve to be able to afford ivy league eds for their kids.
      2. As the min wage becomes a living wage, other wages go up, for people who have been at their jobs for 10+ years.
      3. Inflation… Yes… As in EVERYTHING is increasingly more expensive every year. From collage to gas in your car.
      4. Also… Worker productivity. We produced more goods and services every year. Yet are paid the same.
      5. Every non service related job tips and certainly not every person. It’s about 50/50.
      6. No one is “broken” because they have a different point-of-view than you do. That is just your insecurities about your own argument showing.

    2. @Craig Meace Once more… having a country filled with stupid people helps none of us and hurts all of us. Higher education needs to be affordable for the benefit of us all.

  5. Where is the IRS in all of this?
    They are department that would know where the skeletons are buried.

    1. They’re busy frying the little guys . They never audit the ultra rich . Ro khanna talks about this a lot .

    2. @Renee Holesovsky what better way to conceal a embezzlement..then
      With a Steve Mnuchin’s
      A rat from Goldman with a habit of eating
      All the cheese.

    1. @Rob Young How do you expect us to take you seriously when you can even present an argument without deflecting or playing whataboutism. The subject was Trump’s corruption. Go bait people somewhere else.

    2. @Jerry Zogler is that the best you have childish insults against a woman. Do you realise how pathetic you sound ? Just like trump having to insult women because he cannot articulate a intelligent response. Do you know that the civilised world actually feels sorry for the trump supporters that due to very poor education system in America you cannot see you are being conned.

    1. You have no proof..
      Unlike Hunter Biden’s laptop.
      Aah, yes.. you really think we forgot about whats on that laptop?
      Who’s the big guy?
      How did Joe Biden and his Entire family gets so much money from China and the Ukraine?

    2. @September Heidi Keep watching the “fake news”; before much longer there will be so much proof even the MAGA meatheads will dessert the former Psycopath-in-chief. Donnie is definitely, definitely going to jail!!

    1. @Grateful Fredly China Joe and his crack head son need to go to prison for treason against the United States of America.

    2. The trumpf clan is NO DOUBT hooked into the Mafia. I am guessing there is a LOT of dirt lying around! My own family member blew his own brains out, 2 years ago, $33,000,000 in debt to them…

    1. @Patrick Jordan that’s just my newly created vocabulary (have debts in millons or billions = ‘debt-naire’).

  6. Taxes took down Capone. Get it done how we can get it done. Either Justice is equal for us all or none of us. There’s no middle ground there.

    1. I’m with you on that one. Been saying that about Trump for years.
      We all knew there was a reason he wouldn’t hand over his returns.
      The FBI tried getting Capone for years. Taxes got him and hopefully they will sink the Trump Empire too.

  7. The people around Trump keep going to jail like Michael Cohen except Trump. I am confused about that.



    1. when u ignored the crimes of the past and i stead focuses them on what u prefer….soooooo u shouldnt be that dumb? or when they give u stimulus money thats when

    2. @Brian Blair and he also gave 4 billion + extra to pay a hostage ransom to iran and gave our internet and rights to china like some baffoon and everyone axes why….why? THATS WHY BCH

    3. @Genghis Khan Wei he gave 4 billion plus to iran for ransom payment and military grade weapons to the cartel , the fk u thinkin? u chinese gov or somethin?

    4. @Carlos Moran in this thread – someone suggests verifiable facts are evidence that you are ‘chinese gov’. This is the real cost o of the last four years, a generation of people that think truth is optional.

    1. You must be banking with Wells Fargo. Try switching to Deutsche Bank, and get Putin to co-sign for you!

    2. @Chanel Martina De Haro you do realize this happens all the time dont you. Its bigger companies moving money. Its like fortnite the game. They sell passes from disney and other companies. They dont actually give the money agreed. The allow promotional rights. Its all ways to not pay taxes on transition. Same thing Joe did overseas. He recieved money to swing things a certain way under Obama. It did happen but the money gets hid. You realize everybody with alot of money pays the least amount of taxes. Poverty pays more. Its loopholes they spin around. But you go after trump. Im wondering why your not going after facebook. It would be more money. Oh wait he proved demos were snakes so you go after Trump. Well if your really going to investigate trump. Then actually investigate. Biden. And no he wasnt. Then follow with Twitter. Then google. Facebook to follow. Gates has alot of money he snaked too. Nm your ok with cheaters. As long its not Republicans. Oh wait the only one investigated is trump paid by taxes. Well im sure id like my taxes to investigate Biden. Wait big tech business will not allow it. So i pay takes for hate crimes. Point blank. Nasty demos

    3. Maybe Banks really don’t like the profile of BIG losses there probably not gonna ever get back,just a thought.

  9. I’m just confused why everyone of my employers get a very detailed background check on me before offering me my itty bitty jobs, but one person get to hold a position in the highest office in the land for 4 long years without a background check ; I’m really confused

    1. White wealth and his father was a KKK member, which I’m sure Dumpy is as well. There are just so many fine people, on both sides.

    2. @Steakncheese VS Emerald I hear you retrumplican; just wondering why you’re on this Chanel listening to and responding to news about normal people. Go watch Fox News I’m pretty sure you’ll find more people that think like you there

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