Don Lemon responds to Oprah's interview with Meghan and Harry 1

Don Lemon responds to Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry


CNN's Don Lemon says that he and many in the Black community are not surprised to hear Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle say that some figures in the palace raised concerns about the color of son Archie's skin.

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    1. @May Hem you’re too invested in this. Did I offend you? If the hairline stop before the ears it is what it is. Have a blessed day.

    2. Harry acts just like Diana and Megan, has Diana’s qualities. This is why he was attractively attracted to Megan.

    3. The Royals have best of the both worlds two beautiful daughter in laws. They nerd to embrace them, take the stiff personalities aeau and have fun. Megan is really a goof person. Stop looking at yhe wrong

    1. @charlene brown That seems to be the “end all” argument these days: pull the racism card and the discussion is over. Sadly the world isn’t that simple. Cultures and habits can well be partially based on racism, because the definition of racism has severely changed over the last decades. Fun fact: a growing amount of people seem to want to believe that “white” people can’t be discriminated against.

      But it’s very naive to think that those same cultures and habits can be changed overnight just because a small group of people wants that to happen. It took decennia or even millenia to establish those cultures and habits, so it’ll take quite some time as well to change them.

    2. That was 300 years ago!!! Fresh blood isn’t Isabella of France, Philippa of Hainault, Catherine of Aragon from Spain, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz??? What’s in your family tree

    3. Queen Charlotte was bi-racial (black). Queen Victoria was directly descended from her, who was a direct descendant of Harry.

  1. The moral to the story is; “Racism has no bounds,” no matter where you are in the world. That also applies to ignorance and hate.

    1. @Randy Cleveland the funny part is that Archie is white as snow and Meghan herself used to claim that she was caucasian on applications (and she does not look black by any standards). Archie is 100 percent white on his fathers side and 50 percent white on his mothers side so I don’t really believe anyone was actually concerned about color But is plays well in the Us, using the race card when you have done something bad. She has no less than 10 HR complaints against her from former staff (that date well before she even walked away from the family) for cruelty and abuse, the royal family had to apologize when she threw a fit and threw tea on the Australian envoys wife, they had to keep buying the press off when the stories about her cruel behavior towards staff were coming out etc.

    2. @Life is for the Living 20 blacha or whites – both should prove value instead of seeking excuses and justifications with relation to skin colour and playing victims which is completely idle.

    3. @Jord Boyd Let’s school you. The British are the kings and Queens of Colonialism of Some African countries, India, some of the West Indies Islands, U.S. (which broke from England) my point is England, France, the Dutch, Spain, Portugal all are guilty of invading the lands of Africa, South America, Asia robbing these cultures of their resources as well as their cultural heritage. Not to mention the forced labour both within the homelands and abroad. As a result much carnage and here we are in 2021 discussing this topic of racism, class distinctions, injustices and inherent IGNORANCE! Ugh!!! Tired of this subject

    1. His mother got away until she started acting like Megan is now then she had a bit of an accident . Megan probably would be best advised to avoid tunnels and always travel with Harry .

    2. Diana chose to get in a car with a drunk. She had a body guard (the only survivor), who did not do his job by checking that Jean Paul was sober. Diana did not wear a seatbelt. They were in a hotel and why wouldn’t you just stay where you are. Both William and Harry have the ability to watch both interviews of both parent airing their dirty linens on their affairs while they were married. There are tapes, Tampongate from Charles, Squidgy tapes from Diana that the boys can access. Their father is now married to his mistress. Fergie, while a Duchess was caught sucking on some mans toes at a poolside. Quite frankly I feel for the Queen. I will say, I think William has so far done a great job of breaking the cycle and I hope he can be a great asset to the country as his grandmother has been. Those that want to leave just go, be happy. If you want to trash your family in public, it’s your kids that are going to research and read about it. So choose your words or it might come back and bite you.

    3. Hollywood is going to eat Harry alive. Poor kid has only been in America for little over a year and already he is trashing his family. Not a good look.

    1. He is, on the advise of a lawyer, keeping quiet. If he receives anything, it is from the Queens personal money. He has been stripped of royal duties.

    2. @Tobi Isiba I don’t understand your comment. Harry and Megan made the decision to give this interview with Oprah. It was obvious it would be watched by millions and would be widely reported on. This has nothing to do with the Andrew case which is being investigated by law enforcement.

  2. Willam and Harry’s great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother Elizabeth Kewark, was of full Indian blood. Her daughter Catherine went on to become Lady Diana’s ancestress around the 1830’s- through a lineage of the British aristocracy.

    1. @Queen Sha’asia Beautiful Earth Did I say they weren’t. Obviously the likes of Michelle Obama and Markle disagree with you or they would be proud to wear their hair au naturel.

    2. @Queen Sha’asia Beautiful Earth well according to her cv in the film industry she did claim to be white!

  3. The US has exatctly the same cast systems, the legacy admission in Ivy, the father son job transition. No big difference.

    1. Wrong! In the U. S., we admit our mistakes a d move on. We always try to be the best we can. In Great Britain,it’s totally different. No wonder the Pilgrims left your country. Well, Harry is like a Pilgrim now:) His kids will always remember that a d thank his parents and God for their freedom .

    2. @Dildb Deka I,ve yet to see the Brits separate children from their parents & keep them locked in cages?

    3. There you go, Lemonade needs to calm down before he has a stroke! He’s really on his hobby horse and without the other side of the story he lets his subjective antipathy get the better of him.

    4. @Starry Eyes Thats what black people have been saying “Ket is live.” The comment about Don Lemon is nonsensical. There were free “black” people (indigenous) in this country all over before slavery was brought here. There were free black people during slavery. Does that mean slavery wasn’t the horror it was? Does that mean people shouldn’t complain and protest over being treated poorly because it’s better than 50 years ago? I’m gonna assume you have no color making a comment like that.

    5. @Buddy Roe JR I don’t know….removing mailboxes when people were voting by absentee ballots. Closing polling stations. Opening polling stations tens of miles away from where rural people live so voting is more difficult. Look into what native people have to go through to vote on reservations and comment again.

  4. Black White and Us documentary touched on this. White families in the Midwest that adopted Black children and didn’t realize the world we live in until someone they loved was affected by overt and covert racism. They tried to fight for their children with loved ones who don’t see that there’s serious issues.

  5. Harry has a track record of making racial and insensitive comments about a fellow British Army officer of Pakistan ancestory. The royal family made him apologize for his comments. So I wonder who the rascist in the royal family?

  6. Maybe it’s magenensFather ,since he’s involved with the Media.And he’s betrayed her once before. Maybe He’s the problem for all this. I Don’t Believe the that the Royal Family is Rasist

  7. CNN is not anymore a respectable international news source. It is another version of Oprah. Bring old faces back please!

  8. Keep in mind this is ” their truth” as oprah loves to say, we do not know the other side of the story, I know the drama created on this show is for ratings but calm down.

  9. Most of her statements have been proven to be untrue. She didn’t get married secretly, she had a relationship with her half sister until 13 years ago and not 19. Her son couldn’t become a prince until Charles became king and not because of his color. She’s lied so how can you even believe anything she’s said. That interview was about an entitled rich person, no two entitled rich people calling themselves a victim. To just gloss over some of the things she’s said and then focus in on racism is disingenous and gaslighting. Shame on you Lemon.

  10. Don lemon needs to look at the facts and contradictions of that interview. He needs to put his journalist head on, not his race baiting hat. If nelson Mandela can call the Queen a dear friend then that’s good enough for me.

  11. Quote from Tony Montana… “WHEN I SAW YOU, I SAID… SHE’S A TIGER” “SHE’S NEED TO BE WITH ME”

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