Why Oprah’s Meghan and Harry interview drew 17M US viewers

Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey was a cultural earthquake, with upwards of 17 million viewers measured by Nielsen's TV ratings scale.
CBS, citing Nielsen data, said the two-hour special averaged 17.1 million viewers on Sunday night in the United States.
The interview also aired in some other countries on Sunday, and will air in other markets on Monday, so the global reach is even greater.
In the fragmented US television landscape, 17 million viewers is a massive figure. For comparison's sake, CBS averaged 6.5 million viewers in prime time the previous Sunday night. The interview was also higher-rated than the most recent Emmys and Golden Globes award telecasts.

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  1. Its laughable reading the comments that say Megan and Harry shouldn’t air the dirty laundry or defend themselves but yet the Murdock Tabloids can write attacks and be relentless towards them.

    1. @Michael Mikita Yes you have said because you are clearly incapable. Now run along. you arent very bright and dont seem to know what reality is.

    2. @G J oh of course – not that fox or newsmax would do such things. like go after a dog…… more utter hypocrisy…

  2. Same thing happened to Diana she was sducidal; This is the third woman this family has done this too: Bravo Meghan and Harry for protecting the personal family especially the kids

    1. do you think while the world is suffering in a Global crisis of control and division that these 2 prats putting themselves first is helping anyone, Harrys mum would have kept quiet until next year whilst being a humanitarian helping the public,

    2. @YOU CAN DOOO IT !! are you somehow under the impression that things are suddenly going to be sunshine and roses next year?

    3. @Grace Gunn Me-gain was a third rate american actress with little. She married for all the wrong reasons.

    1. We gave Piers the boot a few years ago. He couldn’t make it here. His opinion is not valued on this side of the pond.

  3. Piers Morgan sounds more like a spokesman for the queen than an interviewer. He kept cutting off his guests, shouting

    1. @dz7 A Yes it is. Under british law you need two witnesses and it needs to be a legally registered venue. So the term married is a legal one. Now either she meant they shared their vows which is patently different or she didnt get married.

      the big deal is that it is one of a whole range of statements that were not credible. She also said she didnt know anything about him, what the royal household would be like – if thats the case then she is either a liar or her husband was derelict in his duty. She isn’t exactly a sterling witness for someone making accusations when the fundamental one was a patent lie. The title of prince is given on a 100 year old rule by the Queen – nothing to do with skin pigmentation. The story also changed as to when this conversation/ s happened – in the early days then it was when she was pregnant.

      Im not sure having fame thrust upon you is your fault. A boundary? she denied she knew them even though there are picture of her with her step siblings over years. She claimed she barely saw her dad yet stated she was with him on set every day for a decade. Thats not judgement in my opinion thats dishonesty

      Her claims are claims and the palace cant retaliate. Harry had gotten treatment without issue and as a result plus being head of several mental health charities the claim that he didn’t know what to do just seems farcical.

      His mother died by not wearing a seatbelt , being driven by an intoxicated driver into a wall at illegal speeds. Hardly a predictable parallel.

      The two credible cases of her bullying staff until they left didn’t get a look in – of course those accusations were dismissed as not true. So it is all a bit unbelievable.

      Take away those and you aren’t left with much – someone made me cry… I watched a Disney DVD and the press are rude especially when you wear diamond earrings from MBS and again claim you dont know he had murdered someone and fly around the world on private jets shouting about global warming.

    2. @dz7 A So what? They are rich and privileged and have gone half their life without paying for anything and now they do – hardly the worlds greatest struggle is it? Most of your comment is simply a rehash that they will have to find money to keep the lifestyle they are accustomed to – statement of the obvious.
      Whining you have been cut off when it was their decision is hardly anyone elses issue.

      The point is that they have done this what appears to be dishonest – or disingenuous at best – to generate publicity so that they can earn enough to maintain an indulgent lifestyle. That is not a requirement to ne a “decent functioning member of society” – and I think making potentially false accusations and bullying people out of a job is hardly a sterling example to start with.

    3. @michael murray I don’t think she denied knowing her father. She claimed she didn’t have a close relationship with her sister. It’s eye opening that her sister did change her last name to Markel after Meghan started dating Harry. Boy, that Disney DVD of Ariel has really got your goat huh??? I hope you can have the funeral on that soon 😂🤣😂 (just jokes…try to have some humor about it). If you want to encapsulate Diana’s whole life down to she died of a car accident then I guess there would be no other parallels.

    4. @michael murray Just for the record, you drew the conclusion of earning money and being a decent member of society. Not I. My comment is more in relation to if you know mentally you cannot bear up under the monarchy AT ALL in a healthy way, it is best to get out. They have to take care of themselves mentally and need to at least give two children a good foundation to be “decent functioning members of society.” That’s all anyone should want to do in life. Again…money has nothing to do with this aspect.

    5. @dz7 A She said she barely knew him when she clearly say him on a daily basis.
      she said she didnt know her step sister and brother at all.
      She claimed she was married when thats not possible
      she claimed that her son was differentiated on skin colour which was a blatant lie.

      If you forgive all this and want to be non analytical and non critical then thats your choice patently.

      no it hasn’t “got my goat” don’t be childish – it was rather pathetic and was padding out a list of not very impressive grievances – someone made me cry…. oh Lordy…. – if you find a 39 year old woman comparing herself to a cartoon character impressive then it says a lot. In a world where there is real suffering and anguish drivel like this is nauseating. You clearly find it credible and worth sharing with the world. Poor Meghan – no voice as she travels the world giving interviews and promoting whatever she wanted. …

      I agree there are parallels. She used the press when it suited her to humiliate people in interviews and inherited massive sums of money.

    1. Just seen it here in the UK…was abit over emotional, but on the whole, wasn’t as bad as one was expecting… I think Oprah did a good job and I would think all will be well… Anyway time for a cup of tea.. 🥱

  4. Jeez… first Diana, now Harry. He may be a “prince”, but as a man prince Charles ain’t shyt.

    1. @Sarah Messer “PARIS: The driver of the Mercedes Benz that crashed and killed Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed Saturday night was apparently drunk at the time of the high-speed accident, Paris prosecutors said today.
      Investigators said that Henri Paul, the Ritz Hotel’s number two security man, had a blood alcohol level of 1.7 grams per liter of blood � more than three times the legal limit. Paul was not Fayed’s regular driver, who was instead used as a decoy for the paparazzi that were hounding the couple.”

      So he wasnt a professional driver. He was drunk. He had been taking sedative drugs. He was speeding she wasnt wearing a seat belt.

      This has been in the public doman for 24 years – what wrong with you? Perhaps use the $5 to buy some kind of educational material.

    2. @Sarah Messer In 1999, a French investigation found that Paul, who lost control of the vehicle at high speed while intoxicated by alcohol and under the effects of prescription drugs, was solely responsible for the crash. He was the deputy head of security at the Hôtel Ritz and had earlier goaded paparazzi waiting for Diana and Fayed outside the hotel. Anti-depressants and traces of an anti-psychotic in his blood may have worsened Paul’s inebriation. In 2008, the jury at a British inquest returned a verdict of unlawful killing through grossly negligent driving by Paul and the following paparazzi vehicles.

    3. @Emet Azrael Yakuben yeah I thought it was supposed to be off with your head if you disrespect a prince

  5. Please remember that Oprah, Harry & Meghan are promoting their new mental health initiative. Harry endured unbelievable mental trauma as a child and absolutely should protect his family from the horrid hatred that seems to consume the Monarchy as well as a large part of our worlds population! So very important to talk about mental health wether we like it or not!! I commend their bravery!!

    1. I wish more people would concentrate on this aspect of the interview especially these days when so many are experiencing mental health issues.

    1. Not really he hates Trump. I guess you throw labels at people only when they don’t share the same viewpoint as you?

  6. Piers sounds like he is describing himself. The USA has a very racist History as well. No one wins we are cruel towards each other.

    1. @Jide1000 well duh.. You lost so why are you still bothering me? Do you always contradict yourself like this?

    2. Indeed. Isn’t it funny that to flee the racist royal family they moved to the most racist country in the entire world?

  7. Piers Morgan is continually bitter because his “friend” Meghan never invited him to the royal wedding

    1. What a crock of crap this is. Oprah used H and M and they used her. They made money doing this. It just WASN’T NECESSARY OR HELPFUL..

    1. @Ford 250 what was the major takeaway from the Harry and Meghan interview? What was your opinion on Harry and Meghan revelation about what was said about their son’s skin color? What did you think of their claims of race playing a major role in the vitriol?

    2. @Cookie Boo Personally to me they are not good for our younger generations who are not yet capable of being an individual thinker. H&M themselves focus too much on color hence spreading to others. In life there’s always 2 side. The other side is quiet. Watch William and Kate will gained more love and respect from their people/Commonwealth Country/EU/Asia Monarchy/Saudi Monarchy. Some but not all US Red States.

    3. You’re in denial @Ford 250and if that’s the way most people in the UK think, it’s good that they left.

    4. @Cookie Boo You’re too much there for your own good. With that said I wish you all the best life can offer. Take care. Be safe. Stay heathy.

    5. @Ford 250 I recommend that you be more open minded to the pain of people of color and perhaps get yourself a few Black/Brown/Other friends who can provide insight and perspective. Racism is not some made up thing that people of color spread to other innocent unsuspecting young people. Racists teach their children to be racist. The racist media profits off of it. It’s a very real and insidious thing.

  8. Hats off to Harry for taking action with all the love and consideration he has for his wife and child…….I married a man with some native blood, and lost my prejudice family because of it…….which means i lost nothing………GOOD FOR YOU HARRY!……be prepared though , because it will not change for the better unless you are accepting of the fact that you have taken a stance for a better life without the yoke and you are free to breathe and make your own life choices!

    1. All smoke and mirrors. No feud whatsoever. They’re protecting their perverted interests. The left sure loves a good victim sob fest….

    2. Yet Andrew is a sex trafficker, but Royal and tabloids protect him. Harry will not regret leaving a toxic environment.

    3. @Troy Hardie The left ? No, you are talking about yourself. It is called “projecting ” The so called “right” sells you victim hood, and you buy it hook line and sinker. Get an education. I am white, you failed at your privilege.

  9. Piers Morgan forget what he did to Micheal Jackson in his interview with him, that’s tells alot about him he should keep quiet.

    1. …and don’t forget he was buddy-buddy with Donald Trump, until he cancelled him!!! He is a boot-licker!!!

    1. Given her track history I cannot wait for her to expose her true self and be found out. The American press is so much worse when it comes to hounding celebrities and invading privacy so it won’t take long.

    2. @HunterBiden’sGun I don’t need them to know me or ever care about me. They are a family looking for a happy life here and I wish them well.

    1. A delusional system of superiority and purity.
      Costly to British citizens to maintain their Royal Pains in asses , snobbery and
      Racism a hallmark.

    2. @Anne Gable Just like people all over the world, that have formed bad concepts of others or cast
      Blanket dispersions.

  10. Megan and harry and Oprah. Nothing than sillier in the middle of a pandemic than watching multi-millionaires in their Malibu mansion whining to a billionaire about how tough life is.

    1. Racism is the topic of discussion bruh. Doesn’t matter how wealthy a person is, those of black decent will always have face that issue.

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