British Ambassador To The U.S.: China-U.S. Alaska Dust-Up Was ‘Quite Unusual For Modern Diplomacy’

British Ambassador to the United States Karen Pierce joins Andrea Mitchell discuss British foreign policy and diplomatic relationships with the U.S. in the wake of the first meeting between the Biden administration and Chinese officials. “Both Russia and China have seen the current situation as an opportunity, as a competition to reset the rules of international affairs and they like pretending it is the end of the West. And I think what they are seeing with the Biden administration is that the narrative isn’t going to stand up anymore," Pierce says. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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British Ambassador To The U.S.: China-U.S. Alaska Dust-Up Was 'Quite Unusual For Modern Diplomacy'


  1. Watch this whole meeting from the EU. The US team didn’t want to resolve any international problems. The US team just want to score TV ratings.

    1. You should know the struggles between Biden and Trump is far from over! The only thing that matters to Biden is Trump not China! And for Trump, he keep targeting Biden!

    2. @Ergzay Lol!. It was Blinken who gave the speech first, and fired the first salvo. The Chinese delegation just fired the last.

  2. If you know anything about the diplomacy or international affairs, this is not how countries play diplomacy.

    1. it more closely resembled a chat between officers on a battlefield before battle. only america didn’t realize it.

    1. Ya, totally rude. Not even the kind of friendly gesture to replace handshake. No food too. Zero hospitality.

  3. Lots of lies & smears from the Brit. There’s NOT going to be any trade deals between China & UK. Boris better hope Biden is friendly.

  4. Does US want to continue doing business with China or instigate conflict ? If US wants to do business then why keeps mentioning about Xin Chiang,HK and Taiwan? Do you let Hawaii to be independent ?

    1. Yeah lets not say anything when dictators murder journalist , like what Bunker Baby Diaper Don did , defending Saudi prince .
      You got the theatre part , the talks to the cameras , real deals are made behind closed doors , after that you get to see the signing of the deal .

  5. ouch, the Anchorage experience for Blinken must be stinging…

    to be told off to your face, in front of reporters, and in your own living room, too.

    worse, at their own invitation..

    the attempt to make it the American show, at the expense of China, backfired big time.

    Blinken and Sullivan were no match to the 2 seasoned Chinese diplomats

  6. “中國人不吃這一套”: “China wouldn’t acquiesce in your trick (of bluffing and talking nonsense).” It is supposed to be followed by a bar fight.

  7. The diplomatic talk wasn’t diplomatic at all, not a way to do business, lol, not on anyone’s side, just as an observer

  8. The dominance of the so-called western world is on the decline. It will happen whether you like it or not. China will be the country that will dominate.

  9. Summary of the video
    Reporter: Will Europe support the US in fighting China?
    Ambassador: Sure they have a lot of problems, and we don’t want to upset the US, but having trades with China is also important

  10. “The end of the West” is an extreme narrative and I doubt very much the Chinese or the Russians subscribe to it. The truth is that the West is in decline, steep for the near future due to Covid shallow for long-term. The influence of the West will continue to decrease; this much is certain. But the time frame is not certain.

    China equating the USA in gross GDP by 2028 or 2035 is not significant. When China doubles the USA in gross GDP, say in 2040-2045, the shift will be more significant.

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