1. @Dozie D ​ Truth is…Twitter is worth FAR-LESS than it’s even “estimated” to be… but all the EXPOSURE of how these big corporations MANIPULATE their markets should be interesting…MAYBE you’ll learn something…MAYBE NOT..

    1. @Variant Ways Yes, and that is why it was galactically stupid of Elon Musk to waive due diligence. It is also why he is not a peerless and unbounded business genius. If Musk had done due diligence like any true business genius would do, Musk would not be in this mess.

  1. Musk could give me a billion, and he might only fret about it for a month. Some people have way too much money.

    1. Dream on… He’d rather send a Tesla to Mars costing a huge amount of money then give away a billion dollars. LOL I’d like to hear of him helping his employees?! Instead he’s telling them covid is over cause they have to go back to work, or they are fired. His employees doing all that work should have more of what he thinks is his money!

    2. I think the “present federal government ” should step in and stop this Mad Man . Strip him of all his assets and give the money to the homeless so they can turn their lives around and close all of his company and make his employees homeless …. ” Long Live Socialism ” !!!! …… and for all the 12 yr.olds out there reading this …. it’s called satire !!!!

  2. Its not about the money at this point. Its about his ego. He cant let his fans know how stupid this decision was.

    1. @Variant Ways
      So here you are on a CNN video telling people not to watch CNN. Sorry son ,this conversation is over I don’t do crazy.

  3. The fact that he thought he could “fix” things at Twitter was a stupid idea to begin with!
    He should have stayed in his lane!

    1. @Barbara Ann no but all auto manufacturers have stopped the future production of petrol engine cars and have changed to electric. I’m not a huge Elon or electric car fan but it is singlehandedly because of him. I think changing cars to CNG is more efficient and cleaner than electric. But electric cars you can control remotely and the government loves control

    1. @Vale Visa what is the selfishness..he donates much and is a great source of income for Americans as well as a great be job by creator…what do we you want from him

    2. @gacj2010 What i want from him ? I want him to be a decent human being and not a greedy billionaire who amasses for himself the wealth of a million people.

  4. Bargain Basement Tony Stark might have to keep a promise? Wonder if the judge can get those self-driving cars for Tesla owners, too.

  5. $45 billion for twitter? Lol…I know he’s thinking the same. He asked for it. When freedom of speech backfires.

    1. @Michael Blumenreich You think so … You believe everything these people say .. He will get the best of them

  6. I lost respect for Musk a couple years ago. I bought a tesla and it was not worth the cost and we had trouble charging it on roadtrips(slow chargers, long lines, limited availability) also, when he tweeted, “democrats are so divisive and the party of hate” my first thought was is he drunk?!?!?

    1. Yea it was the total opposite.
      One thing I disagree with you is the cars, they are worth every penny and more there’s nothing like teslas. I own a model y performance and would never go back to any type of gas car it would just be stupid.

  7. I guess in the end, Elon decided that it just wasn’t worth $45 billion to get Trump back on Twitter.

    1. @Laurel Anderson Of course, but the real punishment will be the humiliation of making such a rookie mistake and puts in question his business acumen.
      Just another rich guy without ethics, integrity or values. Common. Not special as he likes to have others think he is.
      Exposed…that’s his real punishment.

  8. It has been a while since I laughed this much 🤣 Lesson 1 there is Reality .. and lesson 2 there are people who are just scam bait 😛

    1. @Concord Business Development and you have 3 subscribers . That’s some serious clout for a business developer . Lol 3 .

  9. People who are born into wealth and privelige rarely face consequences ever. So when they don’t get their way it is always a shock to them.

    1. @Jeff Brown I think what he means is that Musk grew up the son of a Millionaire, emerald mine magnate. He was chauffeured to public school in a Rolls Royce.His father fronted him money for his early business ventures and failures. Part of his image that he created was that he was self made, which isnt entirely true.

  10. Narcissists – their egos placing themselves in battles they cannot admit to losing. Musk and the Twitter deal… Trump and his election loss. They only way to teach these people lessons is to hold them accountable for their actions.

    1. @jimmy 8 let creep you out by saying it is that deep when you’re six feet under… take things more seriously darling lmao

    2. So Musk should have bought Twitter? But you wouldn’t have agreed to it. So what do you really want?

    1. I’m not tired of him at all. I’ve become a biigger fan! The more it seems lefties dislike him…

  11. This may go down in history as one of the most hilarious, public falls from grace in history. Elon’s reputation is already significantly damaged from this business-move. This slip-up makes his decision-making skills appear a bit less impressive.

    1. @MakinA \ Wake He’s right though. Rudy went from “America’s Mayor” to a national laughingstock.

    2. @Variant Ways But, the contract accounted for those types of things. Musk has no basis to legally back out.

  12. It just boggles my mind why Musk would publicly damage the reputation (not that it was already somewhat damaged) of a company he promised to buy, devaluing the asset and creating instability within the organization in the process. This might be the worst purchase in the history of business if Twitter is successful in enforcing the deal.

    1. Simply because they bruised his ego a few times fact-checking his tweets. Since then he’s been like a cartoon villain vowing revenge – and now he’s engineered his own comical cartoon failure. He needs to stick to what he’s good at.

  13. For those who don’t know, the only reason he chose $54.20 per share was to have “420” in the price. His childish stupidity caused him to overpay since day 1.

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