1. Getting someone a date is indicative of intentionality, which stems from consciousness – a trait that an AI is devoid of and will never acquire.

  2. This isn’t even a real conversation… it would be more entertaining to see two A.I’s responding to another than this middle school chat…..

  3. Imagine if this AI type of dating app improves to the point that it gathers all your likes and dislikes (analyzes all your Google searches ever, what you’ve watched on YouTube/Netflix, movies/shows you’ve seen, etc.) then does automated chats for you and all you’d have to do is confirm it before you send it to the other person on an app like Tinder.

    You wouldn’t have to worry about what to say or how to say it. And of course, it would be clean and respectful.

    Would that be a good thing or bad thing? 🤔 I personally think it would be cool if they convos/statements made on your behalf were incredibly accurate.

    1. You might wanna considering incorporating AI within your tools for cultivating conversations – because being a “One Trick Pony” where always defaulting to “Flavor of the Month” Top of Mind topics as resource to foist into narratives…no matter how clumsily…is BORING.

  4. Will the artificial date be satisfied with artificial chocolates and artificial roses (?) If so, I’m for it.

  5. AI matching based on personality is promising, but it falls apart by trying to generate artificial communications. This might be one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever seen. Just wow.

  6. Even with the answer that it has potential, why would you prefer this as oppossd to a real answer from the person you will potentially date?…what could possibly go wrong?..hmm

  7. Now, realize that when one or both people are using AI to start conversations, it’s cheating. Seriously, neither will get to know the other and if a meetup occurs, then both will feel the other has lied to the other.

  8. So I used chatGPT to do the communicating for me, I explained the situation and it generated responses which actually worked. The trick with ai is explaining in a way the machine can understand you. I’ve also asked it to teach me coding and even guitar solos. It’s a wonderful tool used correctly

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