1. Having Russia as a neighboring country is like having a neighbor who is constantly trying to break into your house to loot and mur der everyone inside.

    1. But happiest countries in the world are Russia’s neighbouring countries until some joined NATO 😂

    1. @Bill Hicks Good job on replying to the points. You really have a lot of sound reasoning and I’m sure you are really doing well yourself turning others from their prior perspectives with your well reasoned replies.

    2. Rusya zaten özel bir askeri operasyon başlatarak NATO’ya cevap verdi. Ve batı durmazsa tekrar cevap verin.

  2. Actually every country in Europe is now checking its defense capabilities and upgrading significantly. Especially the countries on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Putin’s strategic vision was short-sighted.

    1. “Riddle Of The Sands”, I was just reading it yesterday again. It’s about this exact scenario. Great novel!

    2. Bud, its not a joke to question ability. Please, i say this in my kindest manner. Do not let Canada Green light an objective. If our parliament makes an amendment to the definition of Peace. All your states will Learn our Counties ability to play hockey. This propaganda of updates is nothing compared to Canadians becoming orderly. Trust me, “You people”(Don Cherry) don’t want public servants… Fu$king Hiell, the Scary thing is this can happen in favorable weather. Five battalions live on Tik Tok, will send everyone talking about The GDP and establishing the ethical reapplication of trade. FYI, We are lucky this prime minister got a landslide win only because Canadians thought this isn’t the right House.

    1. @Nikita Pentii Said one that left civilian in Afghanistan and soldiers died in one of the most chaotic retreat because someone didnt listen to the plan. Bet you want to go more than 20 years huh

    2. @Paspa be worried about NATO “nuclear bases” in Finland now 🇫🇮🤣🤣 If only Putler just stayed out of Ukraine in the first place, peace would’ve remained since 2014. But Putin never wants peace.

  3. It just blows my mind that once upon a time not so long ago Germany was the evil to be defeated while Russia fought along side us, and now the roles have reversed. Makes me wonder where we’ll be in another 100 years and makes the whole thing seem so arbitrary.

    1. ​@Yuri give it up Yuri. You’re in every comment. You’re trying to wage war on the world for ideologies.

  4. Kaliningrad is a small Russian Port in the Baltic Sea surrounded by Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. Good luck Russia !!!

    1. @escalliteit’s not mutual, neither side knows. Otherwise the entire nuclear deterrent is compromised and a surprise attack could take out one side’s nuclear arsenal before they can respond.

  5. I just don’t get it. Russia is such a great country. Just look at the mass of people leaving the US and other countries to gain citizenship in Russia. Right?

  6. Putin already said there is no comparison between Nato and russia, nato is far ahead in terms of manpower and resources. So if russia gets humiliated you know what they will do at the end 🔥

  7. We should have let General Patton have his way at the end of World War 2. very useful information

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