Can The Senate Subpoena The Manuscript For Bolton’s Unpublished Book? | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Can The Senate Subpoena The Manuscript For Bolton's Unpublished Book? | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. if the senate wont subpoena bolton, why would they subpoena his book.
    this is the stupidest god damned trial in the history of the world.

    1. Hayden Williams – Well McConnell just said he doesn’t have the votes to block witnesses so who knows…..maybe it WILL happen! But I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Simple just call Bolton, Pompeo and Mulvaney to testify in the Trial to have witnesses in a REAL TRIAL! 😎

  3. We can finally stop any pretence, that the GOP ever care about; Law, The Constitution, The Military, or even basic morality.🤔

    1. @Steven Grotte exactly. Your ideas and arguments are not popular and do not stand up against questioning. All you can do is try to silence your political opponents. Never debate or you will lose.

  4. It boils down to this, if Trump is innocent he should welcome the testimony of witnesses! But as the majority of people know Trump is guilty as charged

    1. @Götterdämmerung – actually Mulvaney put a hold on aid in 2017 and the White House planned to withhold the aid until the end of fiscal 2018 but backed off because CONGRESS pressured him not to. Check it out genius.

    1. Let’s give it time. I bet he’s got his clerks working OT researching so if he does things the right way. I Am hoping that when the time comes that he will subpoena the ENTIRE TRANSCRIPT from the SECRET Server so We can compare sequence and context of it to what Trump released. We didn’t get all of it.THere’s about 12-15 min. Missing

  5. CALL your Senators and DEMAND Bolton and others testify! American democracy is still worth fighting for!

    1. @Weston Shortnacy Given that Trump’s approval rating is below 50%, combined with the shear incompetence he has put on display throughout his “presidency”, and he lost the popular vote the first time around and has been bleeding support from moderate Republicans and Independents.

      Oh, lets not forget the number of Democrats that have been elected compared to Republicans since Trump entered office. During elections where Democrats generally do poorly.

    2. @Drake Fire RIGHT ON!!!!!!!

      A 71 year old white, male, American, CONSERVATIVE, twice college graduate from REAL colleges, NOT FAKE FRAUDULENT trump university, & a Vietnam Veteran!

  6. *It never ends, does it, MAGAtrash?*
    *Traitor Trump is **_constantly and consistently_** in the center of filth, degradation, perversion, dishonor and failure.*

  7. Jay Sekulow his last words was that we are setting the bar low for impeachment Donald Trump has set the bar low for the Office of the President you have a president is a criminal he’s guilty and the American people needs Justice we the people of the United States of America we need to see the evidence to set our mind at ease

    1. No freaking way would I actually want to SEE the pee pee tape. I just want to know if it exists. I’d never get over seeing that person naked. It probably looks like someone took silly putty out of the egg and left it on a dashboard of a hot car with the sun blaring through the window.

  8. The GOP have made their choice, they have chosen ”party before constitution.”
    Make sure your voter registration is up to date, and valid for 2020.


    1. @Logan McLean … Well vote for her. I am republican but changing to independent after the damning evidence and actions. If I was voting republican again, It would be for Bill Weld first but Romney secondary. But if Trump makes it to the final debate, I will have no other choice but to vote for what ever Dem makes it to the finals. Trump must go .

    2. Florida Crypto R
      The Biden burisma case hasn’t went mainstream yet. But once more details get released, you’ll understand why republicans are begging for a biden testimony. There’s legitimate reason to ask for a investigation

    1. ElSmusso, there are “many” people do not understand the concept of Authoritarian and what happen during the Holocaust, Hitler etc. If they did they would see that this is the type of society that the Trump Era (Jim Jones, brainwashing) has led us to. People have deliberately been uneducated so that they don’t understand and therefore haven’t voted. Black people in particular should “never” miss showing up to vote when so many Died for them to have that right. People don’t understand and some simply don’t care which is exactly why we have career politicians serving at the pleasure of the President and not for the People of the USA. Please vote. WE need term limits and to get rid of Jobs for life (Supreme Court Justices) selected by the President and approved by a bias Congress or Senate. Ger rid of the electoral vote and have nothing but a popular vote.

  9. “Bolton is the tool for the radical left.” – Fox News
    “We are honored that a fellow voice of Fox News for 11 years will be the new NSA.” – also Fox News

  10. Bolton himself is leaky. No doubt about it. He’s been begging to be forced to spill it. What are the repugnicants waiting for ? Oh. Yes. Those cowards are afraid of the trump mafia.

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