Canada has imposed a ban on passenger flights from India, Pakistan for the next 30 days. 1

Canada has imposed a ban on passenger flights from India, Pakistan for the next 30 days.


Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra imposed a ban on passenger flights from India, Pakistan for the next 30 days.


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    1. @Enterprise of course. vaccines are not free. they don’t give vaccines all at once. It is called monopolization by pharmaceutical companies. Even my teacher who was once a pharmacist told me this. Everything for my money my friend

  1. LMAO

    So they FINALLY woke up to what the public has been saying for the last week.(India)
    Let alone the past year, for the rest of the hotspots.

  2. Another useless act to make it look like they’re doing something useful. The day after the Chief of Public Health essentially says “The virus has already spread to other countries, so shutting of air transport to India is irrelevant.” The answer is, shutting off flights from everywhere, to everyone.

  3. Too’ been a year and only now they implemented..just don’t get it..they’re so worried that the case increased but then they just implemented when the variant is already in the province.

  4. About bloody time but it’s not enough. Just shut the damned doors, will you? Doing it yesterday is not soon enough. Shut them to everybody!

  5. Dam all Canada related COVID videos been getting disliked bombed except this video.. I guess the Canadian government is finally doing something right.

  6. Oh c’mon! They’ll just get connecting flights from other countries, which is most of the time, even before the restrictions.

  7. As a non conspiracy kinda person…
    The timing of our “leaders” decisions just baffles me.
    So Pandemic for a year… now we understand the implications of air travel with an asymptomatic virus?

  8. Can you imagine if Justin was a farmer, and someone told him his horses were escaping from an open door in the barn , and he waited over a year to finally close the barn door??Failure as a leader and failure as a farmer…wow!

  9. I’m shocked they had International flights coming in all this time, while we quarantine in place, and live alone, etc. Too little too late. But can’t go to a Provincial Park.

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