Canada support U.S. investigation into origins of COVID-19 1

Canada support U.S. investigation into origins of COVID-19


Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau says the federal government supports the U.S. investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

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    1. @Kris Gill maybe you’re right. Wuhan has a virology laboratory. Just so happens that’s where COVID-19 started…

  1. This lady doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously. I’m not a conservative, but I agree with the dude asking questions. The origins of the virus isn’t a partisan issue. Why is she acting like it is?

    1. @Gaul Eiter Hans Not stuffing her purse..much more sinister then that I’m betting. This woman fears for her safety im and not from the virus.

  2. All they had to do was ask Trump, he told everyone exactly where it came from a couple of years ago.

    1. Trump has no clue how to get dressed. You think his answers are correct. Wow how stupid can you be? Go live in the states please.

    2. A withered 47 year con job is currently occupying the oval office and he doesn’t even know why. America was prosperous with Trump in office.

    3. @Edmund Kemper Just remember, Joe Biden wasn’t elected. He was installed. Like a toilet.

    1. @wysetech2000 You are the one that needs help!!! Can’t even understand a simple sentence!!! Buy a dictionary if you are having such problems reading a sentence!!

    2. Do you know that scientists use mRNA to synthesize diseases carried by insects? You can find that information at any University or College. I bet you didn’t know that pesticide poisoning has the same symptoms as COVID, and that pesticides can enter the body 4 different ways.

  3. Funny how everyone is rallying around jittery joe now and not believing Trump when he brought it up at the beginning

    1. @J H Because, despite being mocked repeatedly, Trump was right about everything, including the fact that the Nov 3rd election was fraudulent. Trump is the legitimate President.

  4. Why can’t a single Canadian politician answer a question? All they do is babble some unrelated nonsense and call each other names.

  5. Oh wow the keystone cops are on the case. It will be like a bad rendition of a political “police academy”

  6. Love how she reads that off a piece of paper. What a sham government we have in Canada.
    A bunch of crooks who can’t answer a question. Fire them all.

  7. Patty go back to graphic design. Useless. Probably couldn’t even design the Japanese flag either.

  8. That’s funny cause I thought the origins were from the wet market and any other theory was just far-right conspiracy?

    1. No we’ve always thought this and anyone who says otherwise is a far right conspiracy theorists…lol

  9. Trudeau’s cabinet minister who is answering the question, but not really it is all blah blah blah deflect deflect deflect! It’s time for the Schoolboy to lose the election.

  10. I thought the King of Virtue Signalling said that it was racist to ask where the Kung Flu came from…

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