Canada’s top doctor calls for more reliable funding for future health emergencies | COVID-19 update 1

Canada’s top doctor calls for more reliable funding for future health emergencies | COVID-19 update


Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Dr. Theresa Tam lays out four priorities to prepare for future health emergencies.

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    1. Yep hahaha your right! that’s why YouTube removed the dislike visibility so know one would know the truth… But we all know lol

  1. The only end to this nightmare is mass non-compliance. Giving up your freedoms in order to get your freedoms back is just a dumb concept from the get go.

  2. Health Agency of Canada:
    2020 — 15,787 deaths out of 588,939 cases = 2.68% overall case fatality rate
    2021 — 13,970 deaths out of 1,213,420 cases = 1.15% overall case fatality rate

    So, despite twice as many cases in 2021, deaths are 11.5% lower.

    1. Update to Riker Davis’ figures as of Dec. 10th:

      2020 = 15,787 deaths out of 588,939 cases (2.68% overall case fatality rate)
      2021 = 14,113 deaths out of 1,238,752 cases (1.14% overall case fatality rate)

      2.1 times more cases in 2021 but deaths are 10.6% lower.

    2. @Christian Van Schepen _Add to that the fact 95 % are over age 50 with at least one but usually more co-morbidities. The rates you quoted would be far lower when sorted by age._

      As of Dec. 10th, 97.32% of COVID deaths in Canada were aged 50 or older. Here is the breakdown by age group:

      0-11 years: 0.04%
      12-19 years: 0.03%
      20-29 years: 0.29%
      30-39 years: 0.73%
      40-49 years: 1.59%
      50-59 years: 4.35%
      60-69 years: 10.45%
      70-79 years: 20.90%
      80+ years: 61.62%

    1. @Jebo Teya I’d rather see a resurrected Vlad the Impaler be given a free hand to punish them.

      It would be poetic justice — a final poke for the poke merchants.

  3. We need an investigation into Health Canada and all their correspondance with big pharma. After all we are paying for it.

  4. After this many years, still no results…. Think its time to fire this “employee” and find a better one?

  5. Before Covid who knew that there were Public Health Officers in Municipal and Regional Government pulling down three hundred to five hundred thousand dollars a year to give out advice that so far has not been value for money and has made our lives more miserable, just think about that for a minute every municipality and region has to have one of these individuals who will only do the same thing as the Provincial M.O.H. directs and charge handsomely to provide it. How many Doctors, Nurses or Para/Medics could that money have funded?

  6. Enough is enough. When will this ever end? We need to stand up together and shut these guys down.

    They are all bribed, every single one of them

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