1. @Chris James Brian He is a disgusting creep in every conceivable way but the lusting after his daughter is definitely the cringiest.

  1. McCarthy is out there lying about California increases in gas expenses and all the poor hardships of the so overly taxed, but wants to ignore this and wants more, still supporting Trump’s return. McCarthy should never be elected again!

    1. McCarthy is the same as Trump
      they’re both lying two-faced snakes! Out to destroy democracy . And Turn it into authoritarianism. So Trump can play Godfather and control his mob. Who must give their loyalty to him and not the country.

    2. @Dicky Jones what polls you looking at . He’s currently at 54 % approval don’t think trump ever got that high . He ended up ok 34% before he left . Happy to be corrected

    3. @Ish modz Biden’s approval rating is about 37% which means only psyhotic democrats support him. The rest of America don’t like it.

    1. @Andrew Chan lol don’t talk about a president lying when trump told over 30,000 lies during his presidency. Up to a dozen times each day. Trump has lied more than he’s told the truth

  2. Jan 6 happened on live shows as millions witnesses. Something does not fit given US intelligence and armed power is one of the best in the world. Trash those who mark this violence as a peaceful protest, and many knows those who.

    1. @OverDrive804 because Unfortunately for them demographics are changing and people want issues taken care of and not ignored. I’m all for fiscal responsibility and right to bear arms, but we can’t keep ignoring mass shootings, climate change or American poverty (wealth gap) and lack of accessible health care for all. Their platform was no longer appealing to enough voters to stay in power. They had two choices, adjust their platform and probably lose a couple elections, or turn to propaganda to fire up the extreme right that trump invited into the voter base with his aggressive rhetoric. If they take their lumps and renounce trump they will lose a third of their base. Personally I think the dems and republicans need to split their parties. The lock arm voting of the right is holding us back from solving problems and the dems are already two different parties under one hat.they actually “vote their conscience” with out needing permission from their majority/minority leaders.

    1. Trump supporters care about the truth only if it fits with their twisted minds
      Trump supporters love cops only of cops go along with the maga cult
      Right or wrong doesn’t exist in their world

    2. @Grapevine Perfect comment.. These officers are poring their hearts out and all they still are doing in this comment section is bashing them and us.. This goes to show how heartless they truly are.. These are police officers they claim to back period but now look at them.. Calling them actors, saying it wasn’t that bad etc.. Hurts me so bad to listen to them and what they went through, protecting Congress people that say, oh, wasn’t bad, they looked like loving, hugging tourists..

    3. @Andrew Pinson everyone including you knows this is to get tRump charged for the insurrection he caused by his big lie and refusal to accept election. _(Insurrection definition is – an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government)_

    4. @UC_LqchW98146-asE-g5pF0g were they trying to turn the country into a dictatorship? With an idiot crook as dictator?

    5. @chop shop There has been more than a dozen Presidents who disagreed with the election results at least for a short time. He disagreed longer than he should IMO. The video of his speech right before the riot at the capital was to be peaceful. Unfortunately like a lot of politicians he used the word fight in the speech. So they will have a hard time convicting him of that. However they will accuse him of it and drag him into court because of this and hundreds of other things they have come up with. ANY REPUBLICAN WHO DARES TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN THE FUTURE WLL RECIEVE THE SAME TREATMENT – provided the democrats own Congress. Now that the republicans have seen how it is done, I am sure they will return the favor if the roles are reversed. Unfortunately this is politics.

    1. @eric ford I guess depending on your level of intelligence that might be the place someone focuses in this conversation, misspelling indeed

    2. @Tao Stop whining boy and lets get Pelosi and Chris Wray under oath in front of congress. Let the public question them about Jan 6th on live television. Why are you afraid ?

    3. @Dicky Jones it’s amazing to me how the greatest Patriots in America are the ones who hate its actual ways the most.

    4. @Dicky Jones and I’m also not lost on the fact that you don’t address the real issue when you reply to my comment you move right past them because you know there is no true response to what I’ve said to you

    5. @Logan M Right really do enjoy lying.. lol.. Don’t you people have a forum you can post to talk about maga fact like Jewish space lasers?

  3. These are the people republicans where trying to silence. It’s disgusting how can anyone vote for them at this point

    1. @Marvin Guigar If President Biden is as lame as you (& your ilk) claim and ran an ineffective campaign because he was “home in his basement”, how do you not conclude that Trump must be truly pathetic? He received 7 MILLION fewer votes than someone you people believe is horrendous. 2 + 2 = 4 and President Biden whomped on the orange disgrace.

    2. Why wasn’t the police more prepared? My gosh it’s the White House just more political show from the demorats

    3. @Bryan destroying buildings ruined cities , chop zones same thing . Which in turn those cities allowed it to happen, it ends up destroying states. It is a snowball effect .

    1. @Tommy Thompson it will show that the republicans dont care about the citizens of the us and they dont care about the constitution it will show the treason committed from the inside of the capitol it will show the face of every traitor.

    2. @Hugh G Rection The Trump tat gave us the best economy in history, controlled borders to save our children from drugs and the virus, called out fake news and started peace in the middle east. That Trump

    3. @Yael J. Murray lol….you are aware the House of Representatives isn’t an investigating authority? In fact if there were true crimes as you so claim then why isn’t the DOJ investigating it? Sorry you can’t see the forest for the trees…..this is all political and in the end will lead to nothing. Just watch!

    1. @MAGAtards are fake patriots And the morons believed him. He went from his bullet proof podium and ran straight in the opposite direction. Cowards start the trouble, but never put themselves in harms way.

    2. @✝ BossJD 🎶 Trump never fought for anyone but Trump. Oh and old rich white men with wrinkled up balls.

    1. @eric ford The patriots are the ones that lost the election and attacked the capitol right? That’s your logic.

  4. Truly amazing that these same people that attacked the capitol were lead there by THE PRESIDENT OF THE US.. it honestly blows my mind !! Its unacceptable and Trump needs to be held accountable for instigating this horrible attack.. period!!

    1. @Chris Chris Trump promoted a “voter fraud” hustle for months that culminated in the planned storming and rampaging of the Capitol by organized racists, domestic terrorists and social misfits for the express purpose of doing Trump’s bidding of hijacking the lawful democratic process of certifying Biden’s election victory. Trump belongs in prison.

    2. I agree! And Bernie needs to hold accountable for the shootings at the congressional baseball game!!! And Obama for his supporters burning down cities year after year!!!! These politicians have to stop instigating anger and fear!

    3. It started before he commented on it. The misinformation, including the words you’re saying are dangerous. Why were the magnetic doors unlocked from the inside? Why?!! Who did it?? Who called for it? Who?

  5. How about a camera on Hawley, cruz and Jordan as these heros tell how they were betrayed by war criminal Trump and his attempted coup.

    1. @Eric Standefer Fake News….. There were riots true, buildings were burned yes… But by anarchists that came from out of state supported by right wing hate groups wanting the BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTSand PROTESTERS. TO DEVOLVE INTO VIOLENCE AND START A RACE WAR… ACROSS AMERICA… Sorry your lie and your ARSONISTS HAVE BEEN IDRNTIFIED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT…. WHICH THE GQP TRIED TO DEFUND IN DETROIT NOT THE DNC.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis “confiscated”
      Lol and were there any actual charges for these “confiscated” weapons you halfwit?

    2. Bernie Stalin and Pol Pot Biden were fine with “The Summer Of Love” in cities all across the country.

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis You shared me a news article 🤣😂 no pictures of the firearms no nothing, just an opinionated news article 🤣 that’s your proof 😂🤣 I can’t stop laughing at you 😂🤣

  6. If they were just a bunch of Trump supporting “tourists” then why weren’t the Republicans excited to go out and greet them?🤔

    1. Just like cnn abandoned their building as “peaceful” protesters crashed through the glass front. Lmao

    2. Please, you are for sure uneducated. Please look into the creators and modern supporters of the KKK. I dont know any Trump supporters that gave eulogies at funeral of a Grand wizard of the kkk and event went on about how that man was a role model and a mentor to them. It’s time for truth to be the craving of investigations,not biased hate.

    3. His comment doesn’t sound like he is a democrat. After all, fbi documents we declassified reflecting the truth that the Russian hoax was exactly that and who was behind the plotting. Oh, and the fact that Trump also cut oil import of oil of which we have had that restarted in the past 5 months, and that our keystone pipeline contract was stopped,yet biden helped Russia start and continue the building of their pipeline…..sounds like the democrats are in bed with Russia.

  7. Back the blue only when they are killing black people. Republican response to these OFFICERS experiences is telling.

    1. It’s more proof law enforcement was meant to control people of color. Controlled by white authority.

    2. Strange how there is no outrage over Ashli Babbitt being killed. 6 Months later and the public still has no idea who the officer is who shot her. If she was an unarmed black woman and he was a white police officer. The media and special interest groups would have demanded all of his information and ruined his life within days. That’s all while burning more American cities with the blessing of liberals.

    3. @Pedro Hippocaus Why pivot to Chicago when we’re talking about Blue Lives Matter and Republicans hypocrisy.

    4. @Andrew Pinson I work with people who went from “Blue Lives Matter” to now saying these officers are “playing politics”. So im not trying to “appease” anyone im talking about blatant Hypocrisy. Also if you check 4Chan/Reddit/Twitter multiple Republicans are trashing these officers and downplaying their experiences.

    1. @Marian Lincoln there was bad people there ,who they were is what this commission should be trying to find out,I’ve said all along those people should not have gone in there,some use the excuse that their taxes pay for it ,that’s just plain stupid ,your taxes also pay for military bases try entering one of those without permission and see what happens to you,the capital police did let them in ,why it turned violent I don’t know,why did pelosi turn down national guard troops when there was signs of possible trouble?they blame it on trump ,his speech wasn’t Evan over when it started and the people there could not have Evan heard his speech, unfortunately your not gonna get answers to these questions because this is a kangaroo commission,if they wanted.a real commission they would not have rejected some Republicans ,they only let the ones on who hated trump,yeah sounds real fair to me!

    2. @James Eagle he’s doing better than the dozens of people trump paid to tell fake stories about them seeing election fraud in affidavits

    1. @OverDrive804 I’m a former lifelong Democrat and a Donald Trump supporter. THE SEDITIOUS ACTS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY DESERVE INVESTIGATION AND A FEW HANGINGS FOR TREASON

    2. @James Ross The only one who died DUE TO was Ashley Babbit. All other deaths were UNRELATED. The suicide was a chicken easy way out, a COP out, pun intended. Another cop had a stroke…unrelated. All other deaths took place outside the building. There was no 2nd Amendment militias with guns a-blazing. If there really was an insurrection, there would have been a massive amount of weapons present. Massive. Terrorists don’t forget their guns at home.

    3. @Robert Alexander I’m a former lifelong Democrat And DONALD TRUMP WON THE ELECTION IN THE BIGGEST LANDSLIDE IN HISTORY.
      Democrats are losers, cheaters and traitors to America. SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS

    4. @Jax I don’t know if I should laugh at you because you are trolling or the fact you are part of a cult.

  8. These men testifying today are true Patriots. God bless your path to healing and may justice be served. 💔

    1. @Andrew Pinson Trump knew he lost, but keeping the big lie going nets him money and angers his supporters. He wants his supporters angry.

    2. @Andrew Pinson You Keyboard Warriors are a trip. Next insurrection, we need to dispatch you trolls to subdue a mob of racists with your trenchant comments. That’ll show em!!!

    3. I bet if it was instead democtats that did this at capitol hill antifa and blm would destroyed as much they could.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas I have repeatedly stated that what happened at the capital was wrong. Numerous times. I am in my house, not in Washington, so this is my means of having my voice heard. The left and the right does not want to hear people who disagree with them. I do not give a damned. I will not be silenced by the woke crowd or anyone else. I have state numerous times that I am not a Trump fan, and that I see nothing wrong with investigating the 1/6 event. My beef with this is that I know what is going on and it is NOT an investigation it is a political witch hunt. Since most viewers have probably never viewed politics outside of CNN or FOX they are clueless. People need to ask lots and lots of questions. Most people should have seen what is going on before the first person even started answering questions.

  9. Regardless of what those who oppose continues to do now, these people will go down in history books as heroes that gave up everything to stand up for Democracy, as well as putting a direct interruptive halt/wakeup call into a divided nation that started under the D * T watch. Heroes: L.Cheney, A.Kinzinger, and the Cap. Pol. Officers (Fanone, Hodges and Dunn) including Sargent and W. Vet., Gonell. And this is just the beginning towards getting to the truth that lead up to that day, all what happened during that day, and what happened after that day

  10. this is what being an American is. NONE of trumps cult are “patriots” let alone true Americans.

    1. @Peter Griffin <<< calls someone pointing out a fact without even naming any races a racist. Idiots everywhere

    2. @Chuck Rambo No, facts would be discussing the cuIt you’re in or how you sheeps committed an insurrection to protest a lie told to you by a con who has done nothing but take advantage of you from day one.

    3. @Chuck Rambo But it’s very entertaining to watch the absolute bottom of the barrel, least inteIIigent and most un-patriotic people in America continue defending their deplorable behavior and actions.

    4. @Peter Griffin you called someone a Racist even though the comment didn’t mention any races at all. Yeah you’re a genius

    5. @Eric Standefer Yeah, you’re a Trump supporter and Trump supporters are notoriously racist. It’s not complicated or a mystery how I came to that conclusion, so stop being sIow if you can help it.

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