FBI survey evidence as probe into assassination shows signs of coverup

Haitian judicial sources tell CNN there are severe irregularities occurring throughout the investigation into the killing of Haiti's president Jovenel Moise. CNN's Matt Rivers looks into what appears to be an ongoing effort to obstruct the investigation surrounding Moise's assassination.
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  1. When normal law enforcement procedures are not followed it usually means a cover up.

    1. @The Globalist Channel Yes, I know. And the paper was with the same company as other counties. You and others are being duped into selecting merely one county, because there were more democrats and minorities voting there than last time. Trump sees these counties and states as possessions that were taken away, not by the will of the people deciding against him. And Cyber Ninjas are not trained forensic scientists to begin with. The bamboo conspiracy was began as a torch against China, his sworn enemy. Considering all routers are individual state properties, it would be impossible to win by 7 million votes as the other won by 7 million votes, which transates into 14 million across multiple states, jurisdictions and computer systems which are different from state to state.
      It just didn’t happen bud. Please just accept your choice for president did not win. It happens. It’s over, even if a couple votes were not correct. It’s past that time.

    2. Thats precisely what happened with the investigation into January 6th mostly peaceful protest.

    3. @ursaltydog what about it wasn’t mostly peaceful in comparison with the 13 continuous months of protests in the Pacific Northwest?

  2. The coverup started before the USA arrived. It sounds like they were trying to setup the USA to take the fall. This was an inside job and whoever did it, is still probably living in Haiti. The Haitian people must demand justice.

    1. @Matt Thompson You need to shut up because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    2. @Evan Brad Look up Francois duvalier and his name Papa Doc. Because 8 Mile wasn’t even thought of them.

  3. Sophisticated perps try to frame a patsy, so it’s important to be skeptical of the initial evidence… especially evidence that’s easy to find.

    1. If he had anything to do with the president’s death, would he have invited the FBI to have unfettered access to witnesses and evidences?

    2. @Eddy Dormilus Yes, when people think they smarter than the investigators. It happens all the time. Watch the movie “Clue”, it was the butler in the library with the candlestick.😲💩😷

    3. @Eddy Dormilus The appointed Prime Minister now President didn’t invite the FBI, it was the acting Prime Minister that stepped down, probably out of fear.😲💩😷

  4. Haiti is a rolling stone and an enigma of a nation. To begin to decipher her woes and propose a plausible solution that anyone can participate in I recommend reading my book titled “Roadmap to Haiti’s Next Revolution – Capitalizing Haiti’s Economy with Haitian Diaspora Remittances”.

  5. Well as an island person I could manfully say that we’ll never figure out why but the reason is obvious they killed that man for money and power🤔

    1. No, its because he came out against the shot.
      Same thing happened to the president of Madagascar. They both denounce the shot and shortly after they ded, or almost ded

  6. Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

  7. I think it definitely smells like a cover-up. Find out who gave the several erroneous orders and investigate them.

  8. There’s not only cover-ups, there’s also cover-downs….

    Criminals investigating criminals…

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