Caught on cam: Repeated thefts at businesses in Victoria, B.C. 1

Caught on cam: Repeated thefts at businesses in Victoria, B.C.


Two local businesses say an unprecedented level of crime and repeat offenders in their neighbourhood are making it difficult to operate.

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  1. Warehousing criminals for months and months at the taxpayer’s expense isn’t a solution to crime. It make it look like it is, but it isn’t. The policy of releasing non-violent offenders is probably the correct course of action, but it has to be combined with other measures.

    1. If you noticed none of the criminals used guns in the crimes shown. If you have guns and criminals will start having guns too. Our streets will be nothing but shootings all day long.

    2. I love how Albertans imagine every confrontation is a spaghetti western. You out yourself every time. This aint Texas, and you’d probably lose control of your bowels to see how actual Texans are rolling right now with their new free open carry laws.

  2. This is what happens when hippies and women , influence policy. Sorry to break it to you but for harsh crime , you need judge dredd, not Jerry Garcia or Bob Marley

    1. Also workers have no rights at all looks it up! Canada has no pain and suffering clause no loss of life clause for workers if you get sick from your employer and he fires you!. You can’t double dip from WCB so essentially he has no punishment for firing you if you win your WCB claim

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