Inside an Ont. ICU witnessing the weight of the fourth wave 1

Inside an Ont. ICU witnessing the weight of the fourth wave


Avis Favaro visits an Ontario ICU that’s quickly filling up with young, unvaccinated COVID-19 patients struggling to survive.

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    1. @Al’s Room don’t worry if I need the hospital I’ll use it then.. I paid tax for it too, that’s common sense

    1. What a stupid thing to say…
      What the hell are you making up for a conspiracy now?
      An Ontario ICU trying to save morons like yourself (At this point, they should just be turned away to die IMO…), and you somehow turn it into some sort of hate for Conservative voters in Alberta…

  1. This Doctors and Nurses are human being they have there owen life and family they are not “Robots ” they need a break come on .Thanks for what you are doing RESPECT .

    1. They are just doing their jobs. No need to worship them. They are getting paid insane amount of money to do this job

    2. @kamran shekh Taking care of the stupid isn’t part of their job, the antivaxxers mocking them, then when they’re in the hospital begging them for help

  2. Vancouver Coastal Health slandered my name and cut me off of my heart medication because I had the “nerve” to inquire about a past procedure. Personally, I would not shed a tear if Vancouver General was burned down to the ground.

  3. It’s almost as if instead of spending money to keep everyone home, we should’ve spent the money on upgrading our terrible Healthcare system and creating temporary covid treatment centre’s.
    But what do I know, im just a lowly citizen.

    1. anarchy would be better to letting our current government in power.. and im not even an anarchist yet id have to admit that it is true.

  4. BUREAUCRACY MEANING: system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

    1. LOL You can’t even listen to a 3 minute video without getting confused?? But I bet you do your own research! HAHAHAHA

    2. @Lightningrodofh8 I actually listened to the audio. It is quite easy to conclude with such an opinion as OP stated with the wording. Both can be true. However, acting like a fool such as yourself illustrates your character, or lack thereof.

  5. I know that 8, or 7 patients doesn’t sound much to you , but so you know in maple right icy there are 2 vent capacity , RCH has 20 approximately, so do your math before expressing opinion that there are not too many cases

    1. Once they are in the ICU, it’s too late for therapeutics. All they can do is make their death less painful.

    1. @john macdonald We already know what we will find. They just showed it on video.
      Oh well, only the unvaccinated are dying. Self correcting problem.

  6. There seems to be some fairly compelling evidence that early treatment with certain drugs is having a dramatic effect on the severity of Covid-19 in certain parts of the world that are implementing early treatment. Maybe it is time Canada steps up it’s early treatment response to this disease

    1. Yes treatments are the way to go. And the cool thing treatment have been available since day 1. But big Pharma lied about it. Once this all comes out big Pharma will be bankrupt.

  7. I do not see why our socialized health care should pay all costs in treating unvaccinated patients anymore than auto insurers covering all damages caused by drunken drivers.

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