'We have a solution to the pandemic': N.B. Premier Higgs tells unvaccinated 1

‘We have a solution to the pandemic’: N.B. Premier Higgs tells unvaccinated


As New Brunswick reported a one-day high of 63 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, the province announced that it will require proof of vaccination starting next week to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

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    1. @Rob Gillan The most credentialed, educated, and experienced in their fields testify that it is extremely difficult to design an inoculation against a co rona (cold) vi rus. Animal trials have been disastrous… for the animals. This time is no better. Research the recent Is real study. Bad news indeed.

    1. @Suzìe Sharp I am awake, covid has come to purge the gluttonous, the decrepit, the smoker, and the weak. Only the strong shall prevail.

    2. @Babababa That’s so weird that nicotine might actually help prevent it. It’s like cystic fibrosis; you would think they’d be at a higher risk but their disease makes their cytokines lazy thus reducing the odds of severe infection. There is a caveat that CFers still lose FEV1 post covid thus speeding up the degradation of lung function.

    3. @BadOmen2 Kudos to you eating a balanced diet and staying in shape. But that is no guarantee you will not get Covid or be a spreader and not even know it, as you may get Covid and not even know it because you are in tip top shape. It is highly likely you will not succumb to it, but with your habits, it is possible to get it.

    1. @Dad of War if you go to the Canadian Covid Care Alliance website you’ll find plenty of science based information there. Clinical trials for iver.mectin and everything.

    2. @StealYoGirl published Aug 10 in the Lancet , an Oxford study.jabbed individuals carried 251times the viral load in nostrils compared to unjabbed.

    1. @Verified Celebrity I I don’t need your tips thank you, I have done well and retired early in my fifties. Not everyone is in the position to buy a house even some folk that are not lazy and are not on drugs. NB is primarily poor because it is a company province controlled by a family ; has been for decades. 

      As for your suggestion of extermination; I suggest you get some help.

      Have the last word, you’re too despicable.

    1. @Papwithanhatchet The effective treatment that was denied in order to bring in Emergency Use Jabs. Without it’s denial, the jabs would NOT BE POSSIBLE. The treatment that has already saved tens of thousands of lives. The treatment that reduced Corona death rates by 20 FOLD in the African nations that used it. The treatment that reduced Corona cases & death rates by 20 FOLD in any Indian province that used it. The effective treatment that makes every nation’s leader who bans it’s use, a genocidal maniac. That treatment.

  1. Anyone who forcesMe to perform a medical procedure on myself is committing a crime, I take that as a threat and will defend myself at any means necessary! Keep your opinion to yourself!

    1. As long as the law doesn’t criminalize these politicians, they can do whatever the hell they want and you can’t do anything about it..

  2. The “solution” is the early treatment options that your government has been denying to Canadians. You should be in prison.

    1. @M. A. The same drugs that half the third world countries are having great success with yet even talking about it here gets doctors “investigated”. But by all means…. keep taking those boosters.

  3. This ‘Journalist’ wants to be a dictator. Saw him on other news and he was putting words in people’s mouths. What a Fn joke.

  4. ” We continue tightening restrictions”. What did he mean? Depriving the population from an access to food and health care?

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