Truth Tracker: The optics of the Liberals' indoor rally 1

Truth Tracker: The optics of the Liberals’ indoor rally


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole is blasting the Liberals for hosting an indoor rally in Brampton, Ont. Richard Madan has the facts.

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  1. I have voted for Liberal in the past but I cannot vote for Trudeau because of the pattern of picking on women (Raybould, Philpot, Chavez, and Rose Knight to name a few). The indoor rally just shows Trudeau doesn’t care about the health of Canadians.

    1. @Jumbo Me ppc are nothing more than liberal paid stooges to sabotage the vote, they’ll only be happy when they see trudildeau back in power

  2. Corrupto is so shaken by the number of protesters and hecklers throwing an indoor super spreader event seemed the safer bet

  3. police should have been there with batons out and pepper spray ready, like they have for other gatherings..gotta love when rules only apply, sometimes

    1. Where are the police regarding protesters at Hospitals when it is within the laws for them to intervene? Gotta love it when the Liberals get blamed for all that ills Canada… it fits in with the message of the Party you will end up voting for.

    2. @Ted Poplawski What an inspiring retort, Your degree really serves you well, your teachers must be proud.
      Did your degree come in 1 or 2 plies?

    1. @Ron Mang none of that matters, just like Chretien, covid only affects you if you believe in it. Those old dudes are fully informed and know there ‘s almost nothing to worry about.

    2. @14goldmedals “covid only affects you if you believe in it ” — ambiguous on so many levels…. It’s not true and not untrue – The half-empty glass analysis instead of ” it’s true and not true”. It’s clever until you read the next sentence and realize it wasn’t intended to be clever… Death will affect you whether you believe in it or not.

  4. “The Optics” call a spade a spade, it’s not a responsible move given all the lecturing we are getting around distancing and size of gatherings. Trudeau makes me sad and I hope Canada votes him out.

  5. History has shown he can do exactly as he likes without any repercussions whatsoever so why would anybody expect this to end any differently?

    1. @Simple Jahk He’s more polished than Trump, but both of them seem like they’re made of teflon. How many serious scandals have both of them survived?

  6. I’ve never hated a politician until now. He’s on a mission to destroy the working class. Anyone who votes for him hates Canada.

  7. Now that they say they have a “Truth Tracker”, their information is solid …

    Solid like Montezuma’s Revenge

  8. Nurses and doctors can’t protest outside hospitals, but Trudeu and the Liberals can hold mass gatherings inside…What? Why can’t we see past our partisanship, to say this is wrong?

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