1. As an RN I cannot help but to be concerned about the long term safety and the length of efficacy this vaccine will provide. When it comes to any medication we must ask ourselves “does the benefit outweigh the risk?” I am split on my own answer on a personal level. It is a personal decision to receive, but it totality, it can affect the health of those around us. I am conflicted.

    1. Thank you for all you and your colleagues are doing! Healthcare & 1st responders have gone above and beyond their call of duty this year of pain and sheer suffering. I totally RESPECT your questions.
      I think we all have a lot of questions. I don’t completely trust a rushed vaccine and will be wearing my mask (sadly) probably well after I get the Vaccine.
      Wishing you the Best & Stay Strong!

    2. THANK YOU! Im certain other nurses and doctors have similar concerns but are afraid of speaking out with good reason.

    3. There is a doctor who stated she approved the vaccine for 18 year olds and older but not for 16 and 17 year olds due to undetermined long term effects.


    1. You do NOT want that virus. PLEASE Be Safe & Stay Strong.
      You know I also feel like 2020 has been a wasted year. Not much progress and yeah, a whole lot of precautions and upending our whole lives for a Result we can’t measure by many standards:
      I will say this-
      I don’t want the Virus.
      I don’t want to get it or give it anyone and if I can at the very least say I have accomplished that -then it is all worth it.
      Best wishes & Stay Strong!

    2. @tek merion The stupidity from people like you would be reaching comical levels if it wasn’t a massive detriment to everyone else around you. MAGA, right?

    1. Agree! Steve Scalise, one of Trump’s Republicans, is a TRAITOR and Anti-American involved in the attempted COUP by Trump.

    2. No, he is trying to make the state gov. Follow their own rules, or the state Constitution. They’re exhausting all options, including secession to avoid a 2nd revolutionary war.
      All those gun nuts that everyone is so afraid of are mostly CONSERVATIVE/CONSTITUTIONALISTS that have been stockpiling guns and ammo for years because they were afraid Obama and Clinton were going to try and take them away. They are the preppers that have been stockpiling food, water, guns, and ammo as well as training with those firearms.

  3. That was the whole basis of this “pandemic”..Create a phony baloney epidemic..spread panic, fear, doubt, bad news..and presto! We have a vaccine ready to get this under control! Pfizer, one of the biggest losers of any industry, behind it all of course! And who is directing the circus? Politicians! Oh yeah, no need to worry, they are on top of it…lol!! This country is a pathetic joke, makes the Three Stooges look like a tragedy.

    1. @Sandpiper 20 anyone with a brain can look out for long term side effects 6 months after getting a new vaccine.
      You don’t have to be an “expert” 🙄

    2. @Sandpiper 20 The companies are so confident in their vaccine that they are all protected from any side effects .. so go ahead get it..muhaha. even they don’t know what will happen and you can’t sue them ..

  4. USA Today’s news editor would make a lousy secretary. “There’s an emergency meeting scheduled….” No title. No subject. Just a little vague panic for your nerves.

  5. The 14th Amendment forbids reactionaries from participating in rebellions to overthrow the regime or to rebel into parliament. He called trump the fascist dictator.

    corruption and tax evasion.

    His lawyers, Cyrus Vance, said that the public accusations of President Trump’s misconduct “piled up like a mountain.”

    Trump and his businesses. Trump on charges of tax fraud and tax evasion for more than 10 years.

    Trump spread covid to many people in the white house and Trump killed many Americans.

    Perhaps the sentence Trump is first is more suitable (than the sentence 

    of America first with Trump)

    Trump is taking care of Christmas. And the people take care of their own lives.

    The evil king


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  7. Get the vaccine guys.. for a pandemic that doesn’t exist and for symptoms you just don’t have.. muhahaha roll up your sleeves and let the juices run thru your viens and blood .The companies are so confident in their vaccine that they are protected from you suing them for any side effects.. so go ahead .it will take 5 seconds..5 seconds that will change your life forever..muhahaha

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