1. “Behold, I have created the blacksmith Who blows the coals in the fire, Who brings forth an instrument for his work; And I have created the spoiler to destroy

    1. @Brand you forgot about the 10,314 killed by drunk drivers last year. A loaded driver kills more then a loaded gun, as it would seem.

    2. What is with you guys with obesity. I really don’t get it. I guess you don’t like guys like Jackie Gleeson.

  2. Our founding fathers knew about guns like these even back then. The puckle gun was invented 70 years before the 2A was written

    1. If someone wants to make that argument, there is surviving documentation allowing a privateer to arm his ship with cannons so we should be also allowed cannons.

    2. @Frankie Bruan
      We already are allowed cannons. You can buy or build them, completely legal. They’re just not very practical in a world where semiautomatic .308 rifles are dirt cheap.

    3. @Nameless Progressive Clone don’t you like posts like this? You always get those people who never even held a gun before, trying to tell you what should and shouldn’t be done.

    1. @Don’t Inject The Kool Aid Yes I can. it takes me about 2.5 seconds to open it, grab and ready to fire.

    2. @Don’t Inject The Kool Aid I suppose you keep it loaded too, tough guy? I hope your kids don’t find it. I hope if someone breaks into your house, steals your gun, and uses it to steal or kill, that law enforcement prosecutes you for negligence.

    3. @Don’t Inject The Kool Aid Hey, don’t try and straw man me lmao! Literally I have always believed that our elections were legit, so good try there?

      Also, didn’t Hillary concede the race right away despite those “conspiracies”? Now let’s look at Trump, who literally DIDN’T AND STILL HAS NOT CONCEDED the race despite MONTHS of investigation that all prove how legit our election was. Whether or not some people found error with the 2016 election doesn’t make it not legit, just like what happened with our 2020 election… Unless if you’re willing to say that the 2016 election deserved to be questioned? If you can admit that the 2016 election was legit and anyone who thought otherwise was dumb and foolish, what’s so hard about admitting the same for the 2020 election? XD

    4. @DeskAgent Amen brother!!! Literally you are the solution! Any conservative hearing about “gun rights” scream about how the government is going to take away their guns–which just isn’t true–but then some liberals actually want that which is also dumb! The best solution is to have responsibile, provably able-minded people like you have easy access to guns, but make it harder for lunatic people like “Don’t Inject The Kool Aid” to get one. Guns do have a level of security that can be good for the right people, but obviously not everyone should be able to just walk into the store and purchase them.

  3. Oh, goodie! Now the Biden administration decides to give more ammo to fun deregister who think the government of coming to confiscate all of the funds. So much cognitive disconnect, so little time.

    1. Do people remember which president asked a favor to release 5,000 Taliban members from prison? Even had a so-called peace talk with the leader of the Taliban the same leader of the Taliban that will soon be president of Afghanistan all done without informing the Afghan government. I think it was the previous president.

    2. Biden and his administration think the 2nd amendment is for hunting. Listen to Biden, Everytime he talks about the second amendment he will say ” you don’t need 15 shots for a deer”. Hummmmm why does he say that? Please I want to hear from a democratic or liberal. You all voted for this guy it’s time to start explaining why everything is costing more, why you have the terrorist Taliban pulling security at the airport and now trying to take gun rights away? Answer all 3 questions or don’t even comment.

  4. The population in North-Korea don’t have weapon’s. Only the state has weapon. It work for the state not so much the people.

    1. I think this analogy is as far off as the US is from North Korea. In the most basic idea of government, security always lies on government, not the people. You protect yourself by voting the right people who value that, who wants to create a safe society where (for example) you can leave your door or car unlocked and not even worry about it.

      Security should not apply to only you, it should apply to everyone too. The idea of a democratic state turning against it’s own people can only happen if people like you take justice and law enforcement in your own hands.

    2. @yo ming they banned semiautomatic weapons and increased restrictions on other guns, but some guns are legal there

    3. @dyan tebrinke people kill people. Not sure what a gun has to do with it. If a criminal wants to kill he will do it some other way. You can’t compare our two countries at all. Have you ever been to Chicago? NYC? NYC is bigger and has millions more people than your whole country. So tell me again how you compare the US to the Netherlands?

    4. @yo ming ya, and the Australians are being completely strong armed by the government. Looks like you don’t get it kid.

  5. Most of the gun violence comes from people who aren’t licensed to carry.
    Most of the people killed are by a handgun.

  6. Government: “Right we’ve only got a third of the population going mental against us at the moment over the Covid-19 sh*t so does anyone have any gasoline for the fire?…yes director?…”

  7. Are these guns running around and shooting themselves? I had no idea that guns could walk, talk and shoot people all on their own.

    1. We have mandated seat belt laws across the country which reduces deaths by thousands, if not millions. We also have strict safety standards for car production to increase survival in the event of a crash. It’s not an all or nothing initiative (that’s false reasoning), it’s about reduction.

  8. Does this segment start with them saying they need tougher penalties for people that actually commit crimes with guns if not then they don’t care about the issue

  9. I obtained my CWP when I turned 21, and I NEVER leave home without it to protect myself, my family & friends against the bad people of the country (the Dems & Libs).

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