CDC On Delta Covid Spike: 'We Are Not Out Of The Woods' 1

CDC On Delta Covid Spike: ‘We Are Not Out Of The Woods’


Dr. Vin Gupta reacts to the new warnings coming out of the CDC and the pressures on the Biden White House to deal with the rise in Covid cases due to the spread of the Delta variant. 
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    1. @HobbsO How can you seriously say or believe that? People haven’t even been vaccinated for a year yet! There is NO way you can determine what the side effects of the “vaccine” are yet

    2. @Justin Bartys What? How is somebody not getting a vaccine affect somebody who has a vaccine? Seriously what?

    3. @MyNameIsJeff1 111
      That is true Florida has 6.1% difference in elderly (above the age of 65)people compared to California. Still doesn’t make the deaths justifiable. Also it is a known fact that New York handled the Covid-19 horribly. Also there’s not need to call anyone dumd it’s just bad taste.

    1. @B Kx 187 million people with 1 dose. I would say we can begin to understand it now. You’re narrative of “unknown” and “purely experimental” is laughable.

    2. @Midnightsun24c turks., usually takes 3 to 5 years to get a traditional vaccine approved because it is not about quantity but over all time . But hey get the jab. I prefer to be a part of control group.

    3. @dolandlydia mRNA is not a traditional vaccine. The platform has been in the works for years. Obviously not specifically the covid vax but it doesn’t take that long to establish whether it has a good safety profile or not. I’ll admit it was fast so I waited a few months for more people to get it before I did. Luckily I didn’t grow two heads or hear bill gates voice in my head so I think I’ll be fine lol.

    4. @Midnightsun24c It’s interactive with messenger RNA, I would rather not split hairs over the semantics.

      People don’t know what the long-term issues might be.

    5. @Wyrd Blogger I suppose me and hundreds of millions of people around the world will find out for you.

    1. The good doctor fell to mention that some of the breakthrough cases are causing hospitalizations and deaths.

    1. Mike I agree with you that Trump is the rightful president & biden 🤡 & Harris 🤡 belong in the circus 🤡🤡🤡

    2. Mike Dingle Barry said he enjoyed the story about Biden, Cornpop, & hairy legs 🤣😂😜😜😜🤣

    1. 83000 people packed together like sardines for the bucks victory. Money always defeats a virus.

  1. Is Gupta an actor or a doctor? I remember him playing a news reporter in that movie Contagion.

    1. @SOILFIT
      They’re probably asking for a time machine so they’d go back & loose weight.

    2. @SOILFIT
      Try hydroxachloroquin, even the cdc and fda agree it works now that joe is in office.

    3. @SOILFIT If you are old, fat, or generally unhealthy get the shot.

      If you are fit with no underlying disease you’ll 99.8% be fine.

      Do you people even look at the data? Everything you need to know is on the CDC website.

    1. @Maxell No he meant Lambada varient. Followed by the Macarana variant. All the TikTok nurses are practicing their dance moves.

    1. I’m tired of bein’ the victim of shame
      They’re throwin’ me in a class with a bad name
      I can’t believe this is the land from which I came

    2. If the vaccine is safe by all means get it. It’s your choice. Let me make my choice. It’s not that ppl are dumb. But ppl are waking up to the reality politicians are not to be trusted. You’re gona tell me there was not one case for influenza from 2020 til now? Think

    3. @Terje Oseberg I work in a defense plant. The people that I know that was diagnosed with covid had sniffles, cough, a fever and then fine. I know 2 people hospitalized with the vaccine. On came down with guillian barre syndrome. He is out work until December. Another guy in hospital for several days. Then there is a gentleman who has to get his liver monitored on regular basis. His blood has been effected. He is very concerned about health now. He was pressured into getting the jab. He regrets it immensely. So do call people stupid because they do not want the jab. All 3 knew immafter the jab it was a very poor decision on thier part.

  2. I’ve been out of the woods and sipping mai tais on the beach. You should try not living in perpetual state instituted fear.

  3. I love the woods. Why would I want to leave it for a stinking concrete jungle? Oh, you didn’t mean that kind of woods?

  4. Didn’t this “reporter” survive enemy attack, while he was in a chopper, trying to bring us the “news”?

    1. @james mcgreevey How many times have you lied on national tv to boost your image and make you look tough? Humiliating yourself and embarrassing your employer who are also famous liars who have no shame. The thing about this piece of crap was is he wanted to inject himself into this attack so he was a part of the story. This one is a lowlife and not to be believed. Just perfect for MSLSD.

    2. @corryjookit oh ya. The democrat governor and democrat mayor of New Orleans (who went to jail for stealing relief money from the storm) and city government blew it because they had a few days to plan and get people out but let them get flooded. And I also remember the main storm hit Pascagoula Mississippi and the weaker part of the storm got Louisiana on the back side. A lot of people blew it on that one.

    1. @The Heavens so says the Troll with TDS, bravo! Encore! Encore!
      “the Heavens will not welcome you” – me

  5. “Covid! Covid! Covid! Covid!”
    (Set it to the twilight zone music neh-neh neh-neh neh-neh neh-neh!)

    1. It would be better for us to stop Karen’s like you than “illegals”. Y’all are the bigger issue.

  6. *Just a reminder:* CDC defines “covid hospitalization” as ANY hospitalization with a positive test result … including car crashes, etc.

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