CDC releases guidance for people fully vaccinated against Covid-19

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky released new highly anticipated guidelines for people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 during a White House coronavirus task force briefing.


    1. @Tania Rosen you mean signing up for an experimental vaccine in which many have died from and many others injured, and the rest will know in time the probable consequences? There have been few animal trials, none of which are published. If you’re healthy, and under 50 there is absolutely no need. A rushed an emergency approved never before successful and safe coronavirus or mRNA vaccine is NOT equal to a rubella or measles vaccine my friend. Don’t call us anti vaxers simply for not wishing to sign up for a study with no liability for damages, should they occur.

    2. @Code Name Really now? All 50 states and 30,000 cities all “locked down” and “wore masks”?

      I can walk into any store right now and nobody is wearing a mask. The only store people wear them sometimes is a grocery store.

      Lockdowns are a lie, nobody cared, nothing happened.

    1. @blackman listening So what you’re saying is, you know how to use Google, but you’re not very good at connecting dots.

    2. @blackman listening I agree with s lot of this, but not all. I appreciate some of these links you shared. I just read one with some very useful info, regarding EEO. Thanks. The blood guilt-drenched, God-hated persons of deception and bloodshed (Psalm 5:5,6) Vaccine Regimists and their cohorts already have the spiritual marking of 666 stamped all over them – marking them as Satan’s slaves and hordes, fit for punishment from God, on His Armageddon Day, soon. (Romans 1:18-32; Jude 7,10,14,15; Revelation chapter 13 indeed; Psalm 37:10)

  1. In the good old days we blew the candles out on a birthday cake and then all of us ate that cake. Man we were wild!!!

    1. The number of unaccompanied migrant children detained along the southern US border has tripled in the last two weeks to more than 3,250, the New York Times reported on Tuesday. These children are filling the same Customs and Border Patrol facilities that Biden himself called “inhumane” during his 2020 campaign, and the “overflow shelters” opened by the Biden administration are nearing capacity.

    1. CNN and CDC can shove their Guidelines up their A ss. Along with their Masks and their Toxic Injections!

  2. Reporter: “you could see in her face the relief and happiness”

    Was she watching the same CDC video we did?

    1. Simple. The MSM will TELL you a LIE right in front of your face and for some.. they actually believe it. You know what you saw. That lady didn’t look happy 😆

    2. @ThreePhaseHigh Democrats won’t get the vaccine? Aren’t they the ones pushing for everyone to get it? And aren’t they the ones that get antsy when they realize you don’t want to get it?

    3. @Matthew Dancz there is nothing bias about it. Just the facts actually there are better emojis for Biden🥦🥬🥒🍅🧅🍌🥕

  3. sometimes when i feel dumb i click on these videos and go to the comments and then I suddenly feel a lot better about myself

  4. They have no choice but to start saying it’s ok people( most ) have figured out it’s been a control and political game.Peole are waking up big time to the lies

  5. 00:30. *”Vaccinated people may get the virus with lesser symptoms, still not sure if it can be transmitted”* but fully vaccinated people can mingle… Riiight?…. peep the dislikes. You guys are doing a horrible job at communicating…

  6. We thought we would never cure the common cold and here we have it. No more cold or flu. Corona cured it.

    1. @Laura Reed Are you saying that the cold/ flu was just diagnosed as covid19 instead of what it really was?


  7. So I can see my family again!?!?! Thank you CNN I haven’t seen a soul in 1 year. Been stocking up on diapers and worth the investment!!! The gov’t has too much control peeps.

    1. Ive been looked up in my room trying to make a difference and save the planet!!!! Anytime I see anyone not wearing a mask I run up to them at full speed and get right in their face so I can tell them how they are acting so selfishly and ARE LITERARILY KILLING GRANDMA!

    2. @aren bonyadi :-))))) LmAo!!! I’m sorry! Let me be serious! OKAY… O.K. I’m READY TO BE SERIOUS NOW!

  8. Why do they need more new data regarding this new vaccine? never mind, I forgot that it’s still going through the human testing phase. Carry on and good luck to all guinea pigs.

    1. People are fighting tooth and nail to get the vaccine, and I am sitting here like “Let me know how the side effects are?”

    2. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion, you can’t change the world no matter how hard you tried!!

  9. Going to report the thousand of people who died from the vaccine, or are you just going to tell us we can have some of our freedoms back if comply to never ending goal post chaning?

    1. If you do the math, you will see that about 0.0018% of people who got the vaccine died. If you do the math, you will see that 1.8% of people who get the virus die.

      That means that the virus is 1000 times deadlier than the vaccine. I dunno about u but I’d take the path that is proven to be statistically safer.

    2. People use the same argument against every single vaccine. They point to the fact that these vaccines can cause death in certain individuals, but they fail to point out that the diseases which the vaccines prevent causes death in the majority of individuals.

      Obviously covid isn’t as dangerous as other diseases in history, such as smallpox, but still taking the vaccine is safer than contracting the virus.

    3. @Paul Song but we haven’t seen how many people take the vax then get the wild version of the virus and die yet. Immunologists have been warning that in animal trials for sars-cov-1 they found that all of the animals died from what they called a cytokine storm when vaccinated then introduced to a wild strain of the virus. It created an overload in the immune response. We also haven’t seen if anyone can get pregnant and carry a child to term after getting the vax yet.

    4. You’re right almost 2000 people have died after taking the vaccine (experimental injection) in just a few short months but of course now they are saying it’s because of pre existing conditions. Imagine that… pre existing conditions didn’t matter for COVID-19 but it does for the experimental injection.

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