CFO Of Trump Organization May Influence Outcome Of Criminal Probe 1

CFO Of Trump Organization May Influence Outcome Of Criminal Probe


Monica Alba reports that Allen Weisselberg, CFO of the Trump Organization, may play a crucial role in Trump's criminal investigation.
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    1. @Hunter Roberts The case went from civil to criminal for the same reason it’s even a case. A liberal AG that admitted they had no grounds to start an investigation and are looking for a crime instead of one being committed.

    1. @spicy peach I don’t think Trump is a man. I’ve never seen a man wear that much make up or cry victim as much as Trump. I’m pretty sure he’s trans.

    2. @spicy peach
      With his businesses down by 40%.
      Hotels in Canada permanently closed.
      According to Forbes Trump has lost a third of his wealth.
      Deutsche Bank and the PGA pulling their financing.
      With thirty plus lawsuits pending.
      That’s not the sign of a great man.

    3. @spicy peach … Jabba the Trump is responsible for at least 400 thousand American deaths by doing absolutely nothing, and lying his brains out during a pandemic…

    1. Tommi swami is going to make an easy prediction here ‘’it’s all Alan‘s fault. Says the entire Trump family’’

    2. That’s why they went after the CFO’s children and told them either you testify or we lock up your children

    1. I’d bet he’s not even worried about anything or anyone because he’s still so mad at being banned from Twitter.

    2. @86 commies -Yeah and Trump’s NY mobster bros, Manafort and Stone rode it out gangster style and never flipped on the boss -because they knew they would get a corrupt pardon – and they did. Teflon Don the NY crime boss can’t pardon anyone, anymore. Have a nice day…

    1. @Bluebirds Somehow, Jennifer Weisselberg is not a liar. She knew too much, but she is not a liar because she knew that the Trump Organization is a criminal enterprise just like the Gambino Family crime syndicate. The Gambino Family crime syndicate with their “Cosa Nostra”.

    1. @Rob Atwood Omg… Dying . They just might now that they know blue lives only matter to him when they’re useful to him. “They were hugging and kissing the cops.” yep. Chess pieces for his game. And when they didn’t suit his purpose any longer he blamed them. He’s a bad hombre indeed.

    2. Oooh i forgot about that one thats good no wonder trumpers dont come to msnbc that much slobber knocker comments like that

    1. Baby Cheesus and Flintstone aren’t in charge any more, they’d have to shell out money for an assassin.

  1. I’m sure the empty halls of Maralago are filled with the smell of old Big Macs and the sounds of a Stable Genius ranting to no one about witch hunts and whether they can Epstein his former CFO.

    1. The dump should be called Mar-a-Lardo, in honor of the fat putz who waddles around the empty rooms.

    1. Trump had so much confidence in himself, that I bet not once did he tried to clear up his bad business deals.

    1. The only reason he has a family is so they will take the hits … He will rat them out as quickly he would eat them if he had to

  2. The stress on 73 year Allen W. has to be enormous!! He is getting pressure from the Feds, his family, and maybe from Trump. I hope he doesn’t have a stroke or heart attack!!

    1. trump will lie! that’s why none of his lawyers would allow trump to testify at his impeachment trials

  3. I hope they threaten Allen Weisselberg with a 20 year sentence, and then offer him a plea deal. He will tell it on everybody, including Trump!

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