Secretary Blinken Travels To Egypt, Jordan Amid Palestinian Protests 1

Secretary Blinken Travels To Egypt, Jordan Amid Palestinian Protests


Andrea Mitchell joins Kasie Hunt to report from Jerusalem, as Secretary of State Antony Blinken continues to work to shore up the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, with visits today to key partners in Egypt and Jordan. But while the Secretary makes his diplomatic push, tensions remain on the ground, with a flood of protests in East Jerusalem against the potential eviction of hundreds of Palestinians from their homes.
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  1. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is on it today! Great job Andrea Mitchell and Kasey Hunt of MSNSC! Good job ladies! Yup! It’s about time …we did not escalate this!

  2. When asked where she sees herself in two years, Kamala Harris said, “I’m 56 now and in two years I see myself at 58”.

    1. @Hermann Goring “Goldberg” I have nothing against the Jewish people, but I have everything against Israel. Spread your hate and racism somewhere else.

    2. @John Smith Oh gee…sorry to “offended” you. After all you graduated with a 3.74 GPA!!!

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson I doubt you have the ability to offend me. You are not that strong. Have a good day.

  3. I feel it is time for mommy bird (America) to kick baby bird out of the nest and let it stew in its own muck.

  4. Great job Andrea! Holy smokes you are right for this assessment! A mild mannered reporter on a mission in Jerusalem today. Made my day today… so a big thanks. From southern Colorado!

  5. Nice to have actual diplomats and not TR45H sycophants. Also, I love Cairo this time of year. Lovely place.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson I didn’t even know there was a Cairo, west Virginia, how quaint. I’ve worked in Cairo, Egypt. It’s a lovely place. And I don’t eat pork rinds. How gauche. My chef is laughing over afternoon coffee with me. We’ll be in Luxor next year.

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson lovely. We can fight Putin and that butcher Assad with the Syrian resistance.

    3. @Benjamin Berlinsky better blinken than that fatazz pompeo. At least he knows about armaments. I like it that we have nice missiles.

    4. @Sarah F. 4.1 what a disgusting admission. So you like when the CIA drops missiles on brown kids? What happened to you “liberals” now embracing the MIC?

    5. @Benjamin Berlinsky Contrary to popular myth, the world does not revolve around activities in the United States. Bibi’s in trouble, and had his own reasons for instigating chaos to take the heat off his own scandals.

  6. My respect for Andrea Mitchell just went up a few notches – for traveling to a hot spot at 74 (let alone her hostage value) and getting out on the streets instead of the usual plain vanilla he said/she said corporate media schtick. Likewise Blinken. At least they’re going there. It’s a start.

    1. Wow. Imagine that. A US Sec’y of State who travels. You sure have set your bar pretty low

    2. Egypt is not as crazy as one might think. We have a U.S. airbase outside of Cairo near Heliopolis.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson I didn’t set that bar, nor any others that have come out of DC in recent years. BTW, are you really Chevy Chase?

    4. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson OOps! Got my Kevin Kline A Fish Called Wanda mixed up with my Chevy Chase Fletch characters. It happens at my age.

    1. Democratic leadership is helping America recover from the worst excesses of the Trump administration.

    1. Egypt and jordan didnt laugh nor ignore and he was recieved with open arms he is representing the U.S so why would we treat him wrong?

  7. Israel treats the occupied territory like the Germans treated my occupied country. After each action of the resistance, they killed civilians in revenge. They also called the resistance terrorists. We had one advantage, the Germans did not confiscate our territory and populated it with Germans.

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