1. Exactly Bill Clinton flew on the lolita express to Epsteins island 26 times. Trump took one picture with the guy. The prosecutor working on Epsteins case said out of all the people working in D.C Trump was the only one who helped him.

  1. Trump
    on Epstein, “he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of
    them are on the young side”

    1. “On the young side” like 18 to 23. Trump likes young women between that age like every other straight guy, at least he doesn’t virtue signal to feminism to hide it. I would be more worried if I was Bill Clinton…

  2. Alex Acosta has to be thrown into prison for giving Epstein such a cushy deal. They should also look into Acosta’s finances after he made the deal to see if he started getting rich.

  3. What does Trump have to do with this? The bigger connection is Bill Clinton when all this was going down 10 years ago.

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