Chasten Buttigieg on FL teacher under investigation for showing Disney movie with gay character

Chasten Buttigieg speaks to CNN’s Erin Burnett about Jenna Barbee, a fifth-grade teacher who says she is being investigated by the Florida Department of Education after she showed her students “Strange World,” a 2022 animated Disney movie featuring a character who is biracial and gay. #CNN #News


  1. Just a few years ago, I would’ve never imagined this would happen in any US state. These are stories you hear abroad from countries living under dictators

    1. I’ve never seen so many New York and California license plates before. Leftugees continue to move to Florida. In droves.

    2. ​@aurora_occidentalis Or you just haven’t been paying attention. That’s the frequency illusion bias, which is a fallacy.

  2. They came for the books and I did nothing.
    They came for the school curriculum and I did nothing.
    They came for the Teachers and I did nothing.
    They came for the Doctors and I did nothing.
    They came for the LGBTQ and I did nothing.
    Then they came for me and there was nobody left to do anything.

    1. Nice update to the poem. Who knows what else we will have to add to the list going forward.

  3. Permission slips to watch Disney???!! What’s happening? If I had $$ I’d help with the best Lawyers for her. Re. Damn. Diculous.

    1. Disney’s trash now. They ruined star wars. They ruined marvel. Now they’re ruining their own animation.


  5. This is a warning to anyone who is thinking about going into education. Please don’t!
    I was a teacher for 33 years. Things have changed so much that I don’t hesitate to tell you: run away from it as fast as you can. There are plenty of other jobs out there that won’t destroy your faith in humanity.

    1. Many teachers are leaving rather than “Affirm” in MN affirming is the same as mandated Reporting. To not affirm a questioning adolescent can bring charges. A child’s parent that won’t affirm, the child can be removed from the home immediately. This is new MN state law. If your kids are in a MN public school, you need to be close to the teacher, and questioning what that school is doing about the issue, don’t get blind sided one day when Sarah comes home and says she thinks she’s a boy….

    2. @LJ That’s called respecting their human rights and individual dignity. We don’t shame people for who they are, we affirm and validate their choices. How is that an issue?

  6. Instructor Jenna is “accepting”. Do we understand what she is saying? I believe she is saying she supports her STUDENTS. Teachers interact with their students DAILY. They KNOW their students. She is saying to her students: I see and support you. Hopefully, it will help students feel they are seen and heard and not feel ostracized. We have seen what happens when students feel alone. It does not end well for our communities😢

    1. Florida is going to see a sharp increase in child suicides given the attempts to drive a wedge between the children and the teacher. I couldn’t work in a place like that.

    2. I hear what you’re saying and agree kids should have a safe place in schools. However, this teacher is showing the movie because of the topic as a whole and not the subject in a two minute span. Not to say one can’t let kids be open with how they feel from it.

      Just the fact that the movie she picked (because it’s fun and kid friendly) has this two minute part, parents went in an uproar about it. That’s saying something about how prejudice they are. I feel sorry for the kids having to go through all that and not even knowing why.

  7. What will my child do when they find out different people exist. Disney will be hearing from my lawyer

    What will my child do when they find out different people exist. Disney will be hearing from my lawyer.

  8. To European observers of this case and similar ones, it appears bizarre that any school would want to entirely ignore roughly five to 10 percent of its pupils. Presumably, some kids in that school have gay parents, family friends, relatives, or neighbours.🤔🤷‍♂️

    1. @Mark Cicero where does it say it’s a crime. If you say ‘The Bible’ then your argument is already flawed because of the supposed separation of Church and State

  9. I’ve been watching straight people kiss, fall in love, and be cute together in kids movies my entire life. Changing it to gay characters doesn’t suddenly make it sexual and detrimental to children.

    1. ​@Donna Barnett in any movie.

      Affection such as a hug or a kiss or a comment about wanting a relationship is not the same as an invitation to intercourse. It’s an important distinction people start learning as kids when they see displays of affection that are non sexual and don’t lead to anything sexual as well as a range of non sexual relationships.

      I’m sorry for you if those around taught you to believe differently.

  10. It is crucial to create an inclusive learning environment where all students feel represented and accepted. By investigating and interrogating the students, the authorities are inadvertently causing harm and confusion, undermining the purpose of education.

    1. Why don’t you guys start private schools that do exactly that? Then people can pay for this all inclusive learning. Oh wait, they get that when they get overcharged for bs earn nothing degrees in college and have to pray for the government to bail out their student loans with the taxes of the very people that work hard while they’re learning how to not adult…

  11. I’ve seen that movie. It’s exceptional! It involves bodily functions, environmental issues, and the reconciliation of parents. I think that ONE parent is completely wrong and an obnoxious individual

    1. How? When the comment wasn’t even a major part of the movie. how? Have you watched the movie to say that it’s inappropriate? Or do you just care that the character just happens to be gay, when a majority of media that’s consumed shows a heterosexual point of view. Would you have said it crossed a line if they had said they had a crush on a girl? Tell me what makes it inappropriate

  12. Big brother is watching you everywhere ,including in your own bedroom .That’s Florida these days .If George Orwell was still alive ,he would had plenty of material to write a sequel to 1984 .

  13. I graduated high school in 97 in Canada. We had many gay & bi individuals in my school. It wasn’t a big deal, more avoided then hated. Everyone was just able to be who they were.
    It’s unbelievable to me how backwards the world has gone. It’s become so hateful. Does someone being gay, bi, a different nationality or colour than yourself affect your everyday life?? Does them existing make it so you can’t exist?
    The only thing I can think of is that it makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re afraid! You’re afraid of what if someone you love comes out as gay or transgender. It’s all about fear.

  14. I’d say she has a case worthy of being taken to the Supreme Court , once there, it can be ruled on by members of the same cult that’s harassing her

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