‘Women at my age can look good’: Martha Stewart on landing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover

During an appearance on NBC's "TODAY," Martha Stewart spoke about being the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model at the age of 81.
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  1. My wife is in her late 70s.
    I haven’t looked at another woman in over 40 years.

  2. Every time I see her I see someone that went to jail for insider training. I also can’t help but to recall her in that South Park episode with the turkey.

  3. I find women in the 18-28 age range with gorgeous bodies to be the thing I find most attractive… Just saying😁

    1. @okd I think of all the people she hurt , all to benefit herself. Have a good think about that.

    2. @Brett Wilkinson that’s why we have prisons so that people can pay for their mistakes. When they pay, they come back into society, and hopefully contribute again. We don’t want people to go into prison and never contribute again to society. She has contributed to the betterment of mankind after she paid her dues. It’s cruel to ask more than that. PS: I hope you come back and see this, and respond. It was wrong of me to say you were inhuman to have your perspective.

  4. “Don’t be afraid of anything” ! even going to prison for stock fraud. She’s quite the hypocrite.

  5. It use to be you knew when somebody was rich by their car they drove for the house they live in nowadays, is if they look young you know they have money no matter what age.

  6. Yeah, Martha had facelifts botox and fillers . Yep, she’s not afraid of all the plastic surgeries. Plus I’m sure they’re using filters and photo shopping to make her look acceptable.

  7. As a sixty-two-year-old man I approve of this message, be secure in your mind regardless of others thoughts they’re worthless

  8. she such an inspiration. showing what the real “loving ourself” is, because we are unique and beautifulas they way we are

    1. I doubt what you’re looking at is how nature intended her to be. Plenty of cosmetic surgery I suspect.

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