Chauvin Jury Took 11 Hours To Reach A Verdict. Here's What History Says That May Mean | Deadline 1

Chauvin Jury Took 11 Hours To Reach A Verdict. Here’s What History Says That May Mean | Deadline


MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber details how long it took the jury in the Derek Chauvin murder trial to reach a verdict, 11 hours, and what history tells us about what it may mean. Aired on 04/20/2021.
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Chauvin Jury Took 11 Hours To Reach A Verdict. Here's What History Says That May Mean | Deadline


    1. @Don Wong what did you expect? For him to put up a fight in a courtroom? He knows he’s doomed for life with something that’s easily preventable

    2. @Don Wong I figured you were smart enough to know that they will fake his death while in custody before letting him abscond… come on read the conspiracy newsletter!

  1. Justice served! It shouldn’t feel like such a major victory or cause for celebration, it should be expected

    1. We’ll see when these other 3 ofcr guilty of Floyd’s death are trued. We’ll see when Daunte’s trial begins. Along way to go for accountability and justice.
      It just shouldn’t be so hard to attain accountability and justice for the African American community.

    2. @Mayginski because youtube doesn’t censor names even though they should because I’ve seen Kkk white klansman, N word this and that , antisemitic names homophobic and islamophobic names

    1. @The mighty Hanz Explain. Do you mean specifically that the jury caved to the mob? How? What evidence do you have?

    2. @The mighty Hanz What evidence do you have that those words from Rep. Waters changed the minds of a single juror? just because her emotions got the best of her, doesn’t mean the process was altered. I would wager even a sequestered jury would come to the same conclusion.

    3. @The mighty Hanz I don’t know that you could call that inciting violence without condemning Drumpf thousands of times.

  2. A Tribute in Memory of Mr. George Floyd

    Don’t close the door please let the light shine in.
    Whispering sounds that echo off the walls.
    Straps laced too tightly no room for me to move.
    A blinding glance confuses me.

    Words can’t express the pain of false bravado.
    Piercing stares from the tormented few.
    All sides suffering
    Can’t take this life no more.
    Nothing to chance for a man to break free.

    I only need one eye to be open.
    One ear to listen to what I’m trying to say.
    Just take a moment to come inside and stand with me.
    Everyday’s a nightmare
    I need someone to come save me.

    As I lay distressed pleading please help me mama.
    I see no beacon my life’s growing dim.
    Robbed of tomorrow can’t help those who were chosen.
    It’s up to you where we go from here.

    If I could rise I’d speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
    Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
    There will be no tomorrow if we don’t unite to be free.

    The violence that follows will only fuel their hate.
    Take the path that carries your voice of change.
    Let’s lay to rest and and put an end to this shame.
    Be the hope your children need you to be.

    If I could rise I’d speak up for my freedom with every breath I take that God has given me.
    Come take a chance and take a stand in harmony.
    Everyday’s a nightmare I need someone to come stand for me.

    There will be no tomorrow if we don’t unite to be free.

    Rest in Peace Mr. George Floyd

    Watch “Tribute to Mr. George Floyd” on my Humble Driver YouTube Channel

    1. @Nasty Woman 1979 and he was arrested nine times between that. What a model citizen. True pillar of the community.

    1. this is MSNBCs worst day. they just lost millions of dollars in potential ad revenue from the riots they were hoping for and dog whistling for, like MSNBC contributor Maxine Walters. Thanks.

    2. If you are not a part of a solution, then you are part of the problem. Justice was done today, Americans joined together to make a difference. You can try and do the same

    1. @joe woodchuck Right!! Weed out all the bad one’s!! Better training at these academies that train these people and more minorities on the force…

    1. @Toni Velvaldi There’s a place called the George Floyd square in Minneapolis and no drugs is mentioned on it. You should visit it.

    2. @jay bee probably not because I’m not black, I have a habit of obeying the cops and not thinking for a second that I’m in control of the situation

    3. @Kiab Vaj I’m not sure what you are calling the law. It is against the law to murder. But you are not determined guilty until you are proven so in a court of law and by a jury of your peers. But if you murder someone and you get acquitted someone still lost their life. And that’s bad for them. As far as I’m concerned the whole system needs an overhaul. Every day from Monday to Friday Courts across the US rake in millions of bucks in fines. It’s a racket. When cops take the law into their own hands they are making a mockery of the Justice system. But all that aside laws become laws to protect citizens and to keep the peace.

  3. Unanimous consent:
    Guilty on all charges.
    The judge also revoked his bail and now is in custody until sentencing

    1. @Ran Kat oh really? so politicians threatening jurors that if there isn’t a guilty verdict cities will burn isn’t deserving of a mistrial at least lmao

    2. @Toni Velvaldi You obviously believe the jury heard those words. They did not.

      You are using a falsehood to promote a lie in which to justify your disappointment of your inherent racism not being satisfied.

      You truly are a lost soul.

      I feel sorry for you.

  4. Am so happy so see the crowd releifed of this murder trail it has been a strain and burden on the minds of so many people. Thank you to everyone and their support to George Floyd family.

    1. this is MSNBCs worst day. they just lost millions of dollars in potential ad revenue from the riots they were hoping for and dog whistling for, like MSNBC contributor Maxine Walters. I’ve never seen them or depressed. Thanks.

    2. @MilkCow Another person who has no idea why corporations exist. No wonder we’re 27th in education.

  5. This whole thing has been so sad. I wish I could feel elated in knowing there has been justice, but the pain of belonging to the human race and knowing how flawed we are as a species has torn my heart. I can only hope this will have the effect of changing the toxic culture of abuse of power in policing.

  6. George Floyd, you can rest in peace your world wide family of all colors has fought for you until the end. Rest my brother rest.

    1. @Chad Yo your people, as in people that think like you. Stop trying to find what you haven’t lost. Shoo fly

    2. @Chad Yo why are you responding to a comment that didn’t @ you? Using a burner account is for weak minds. Bye sir

  7. I did not expect to cry when I learned they found him guilty. I had all but convinced myself they were going to have a mistrial. JUSTICE FOR GEORGE!!!

    1. @FENTANYL FLOYD Simply incorrect and you know it.

      His respiratory rate wasn’t indicative of a fentanyl overdose.

      Tell your lies and alt-right propaganda to someone who cares.

    2. @Eh Thomas The medical examiner ruled it a homicide and the jury found Chauvin guilty on all three counts.

      How does it feel to be defending a murderer?

    3. @Colin Sankey YEAH… IT WAS. That reggin was foaming from the mouth while standing by the police car.

      That reggin said he couldn’t breathe before being put on the ground.

    4. @Colin Sankey A second person, Angela Williams, died after suffering a heart attack while fleeing from the shooting. Her death was ruled a homicide (which legally means only that the death was as a direct result of the actions of another and does not imply guilt or responsibility on anyone’s part).[13]

  8. Omg I’m so happy for his family and to see black and white and other race out there together showing support and justice its so beautiful to see people all over the world come together to show justice and respect it made me cry I just love this thank you God.

    1. Glad for the outcome. Justice. Now all the white supremacists can leave my state of Minnesota.

    2. @Dustin Duvall-Black please don’t forget that many state legislatures are also passing laws that give them the right to toss votes once they are made, thus the ability to do exactly what Trump was trying to do after he lost. This is really serious.

    3. @Rian Draegon It is a very serious situation. Talk about an actual case of the “fox guarding the hen house”. Eliminating a non-partisan committee or an elected/appointed Secretary of State to oversee the vote counting process, but instead turning it over to a pack of deranged Trumpist GOP members (see also: Georgia) to “decide” is a ticket for disaster.

      Talk about the reality of an actual rigged, fraudulent election, vs. the imaginary one Trump created and fomented because he couldn’t handle the fact he lost to “sleepy Joe”.

    1. @My Pet Crow … I’m guessing your a lost soul. Or your just stuck on stupid. Either way God has a plan for you. Good luck on that.

    1. Not bad really for 3 charges. You have to consider what each of those charges entails and they all have to agree. I’ll take 11 hours and the judge revoked his bail! It was a good day!

  9. Dr Tobin nailed Chauvin. His testimony and explanation made it impossible for any other outcome. I think it’s sad for everyone involved in this case. Common sense by any one of the other officers involved would surely have prevented all this.

  10. Derek you have provided years of service, thank you. It is now time for you to begin a new role. Let us all hope that Derek meets some great new friends that welcome and value him as one of their own. Derek, Thank you for your service, good luck and good bye.

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