Chauvin’s Mother Speaks Out For The First Time: ‘My Son Is A Good Man’ 1

Chauvin’s Mother Speaks Out For The First Time: ‘My Son Is A Good Man’


Derek Chauvin’s mother Carolyn Pawlenty gave an emotional statement at her son’s sentencing, stating she maintains her belief in his innocence in the death of George Floyd.
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  1. If her son was a good man he would have listened to a man saying he couldn’t breath. His actions isn’t what a good man does. Her judgment is askew.

    1. @Crocket Hillar ie Lol and as stated in this trial, he was completely subdued by the time he was saying he couldn’t breathe. Once the subject is subdued they are supposed to be turned on the side, then sat up, as explained by Chauvin’s own training supervisor

    2. @Crocket Hillar ie I know Fentanyl Floyd was a thug!! Still didn’t give the police the right to do that.

    3. @Frail Bones Biden Got anything new? You post the same stupid $hit to everyone. Go back under your bridge…troll

  2. My son is a good man. And will make an excellent INMATE. Sounds like she really loved him has to read her own words.

  3. A “Big Heart”? what a bunch of crock! his mom clearly did not watch that horrific phone footage

    1. She did but these types of people always make it about them no wonder he is a murderer because she supported his bad behavior as a child .

    1. Kanvaros – I already said he didn’t deserve what happened to him.
      I understand you want to paint me as a bad guy in your head, but you need to calm down sweetheart.

  4. With all due respect, a good man doesn’t murder someone for no other reason than because he’s on a power trip and thinks he’ll get away with it.

    1. According to her, he was always good when Derek was at her house. He never put his neck on any black man on her linoleum floor.

    2. @gracie santana good job! I got my second Pfizer in May and I’m feeling better than ever, finally feel safe too!

    3. @Billy Zee
      Good for you Billy Zee! I too was so happy to get my vaccines. My first
      was in Feb. & Mar. I agree I feel protected & comfortable not using a
      mask. Take care Billy Zee & Godspeed.

    4. @gracie santana I’m still double masking because of all the unmasked/unvaccinated trumpanzees out there. The news says that they are responsible for the new, far more deadly variants of covid out there that have in fact killed many people who have not been and have been vaccinated for covid. Besides, I’m still making up as a political symbol of rebellion against white supremacy!

  5. This woman raised her son to be a bad person. No her son is not a good man. In fact he is an evil!

  6. Derek dedicated 19 years of his life abusing those he thought of as worthless, and thus he has earned his fate.

    1. @Bat Boy oh, yeah, he definitely loved Floyd to death. His actions clearly state his hatred. You can defend his words but not his actions.

    2. @Ray Quinonez – Please don’t continue down this road. I find my bias really rising up against this “black privilege” of “everyone is a racist” hysteria.

  7. It was a whole lot of selfishness. No mention of the victim at all. No acceptance of responsibility whatsoever. She certainly did not help him with that judge.

  8. Let this woman go to the Floyd home, sit with the family and watch what he did to Mr. Floyd.

    1. In a group home. Ethics, HIPAA, Accountability, compitance, were among the many requirements why can’t we have requirements for our Government Leaders?

    1. And why did he punch a 14 year old black boy in the jaw. The kid was in his own home. Had no weapon. Was no threat.

  9. Much of his career is public and the video speaks for itself. He’s the worse kind of criminal because he abused the exceptional power given to him.

  10. Yea lady if he was a good man he wouldn’t be sitting where he is and BOTH George and he could be home right now

    1. It would have been nice if she offered her condolences to the Floyd family. I bet he did call in on his days off to see if they needed help, he LOVED that power trip, couldn’t get enough!

  11. Did she seriously just get up and whine, “poor me & my feelings” about her son, who just killed a man?

  12. Being “good” around your friends and family don’t mean you’re “good” in public or with the power you’re entrusted

  13. Your son was a bully with a badge, which is the worst kind of human. He was trusted with authority, and he routinely abused it. Did it make him feel good to go home at night after behaving like this?

    1. She didn’t once mention the Floyd family and their loss. If this was her favourite son, I’d hate to see what the others are like !!?

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